Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Trip to North Wales - 31-08-2010


MIB 268Longton Hall RoadSeaquarium, RhylCharterCopelands Tours
3999Seaquarium, RhylPrestatyn BS120Arriva NW&W
3987Prestatyn BSPensarn120Arriva NW&W
2642PensarnLlandudno12Arriva NW&W
2644LlandudnoRhyl BS12Arriva NW&W
MIB 268Seaquarium, RhylLongton Hall RoadCharterCopelands Tours

Copelands Tours MIB 268 in Chester services (Matt)

From Chester services we took the coastal route as opposed to the A55. we reached Rhyl at around 11:00.

Arriva NW&W 7539 in Prestatyn bus station (Matt)

Arriva NW&W shortly after arrival in Rhyl bus station (Matt)

Arriva NW&W 2296 in Rhyl bus station (Matt)

After we got back into Rhyl bus station, we all walked up to the Seaquarium to where the coach was parked. We had time to have something to eat and to use the facilities before we got back on the coach home. On the return journey, as we reached the outskirts of Chester we hit traffic, the driver put it to the vote as to whether we stayed on course or tried to go around the jam. The passengers voted to go around the jam, and so we took the A51 back to the edge of Nantwich, taking this route meant we were able to see Snugbury's hay bale meerkat! at the edge of Nantwich we got onto the A500. When we reached the M6, we saw that the A500 was blocked and so we had to go south along the M6 to the next junction...2 diversions in 1 day! We eventually got to Longton Hall Road just as it was going dark.

Details to follow...

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Trip to East Angla Day 3 - 26-08-2010


37567Norwich BSKlngs Lynn BSX1First Eastern Counties
43470Klngs Lynn BSGaywood Tesco40First Eastern Counties
43472Gaywood TescoKlngs Lynn BS40First Eastern Counties
65525Klngs Lynn BSSouth Wootton New Inn41AFirst Eastern Counties
30886South Wootton New InnKlngs Lynn BS41AFirst Eastern Counties
42429Klngs Lynn BSLoke Road44First Eastern Counties
43449Loke RoadKlngs Lynn BS44First Eastern Counties

Matthew had a day doing bus around Kings Lynn before retuning home.

Later, spent most of this day traveling home. However, When we spotted this coach in a lay-by near King Lynn, we decide that this would be the perfect place to stop for a late breakfast (Mark)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Trip to East Angla Day 2 - 25-08-2010


69426Bury Road P&RIpswich Cattlemarket BS801First Eastern Counties
32492Ipswich Cattlemarket BSRushmere Hospital (nr)66First Eastern Counties
65590Rushmere Hospital (nr)Ipswich Cattlemarket BS64First Eastern Counties
69429Ipswich Cattlemarket BSBury Road P&R801First Eastern Counties
37567Norwich BSGreat Yarmouth BSX1First Eastern Counties
46375Great Yarmouth BSGorleston5First Eastern Counties
34112GorlestonGreat Yarmouth BS1First Eastern Counties
37563Great Yarmouth BSNorwich BSX1First Eastern Counties

Another busy day... We set off towards Ipswich just before 10, stopping just south of Norwich in a lay-by for hot food. It took around an hour to get to the Bury Road park & ride where we parked up and waited for thr next bus. waiting for time was First Eastern Counties 69426 which we duly caught to Ipswich. It cost £3 for all of us to travel on this return fare.

69426 at Bury Road Park & Ride (Matt)

When we arrived in Ipswich we alighted adjacent to the old cattlemarket bus station. Mum went off to do some shopping and we went around the bus station with Matthew taking pictures. The best bus in the first stint in the bus station was 42431 which was parked up between duties.

First Eastern Counties 42431 in the old Cattlemarket bus station Ipswich (Matt)

Aftera short while thinking about what to do next, Volvo ALX400 double decker 32492 appeared in the bus station and we decided to do that. Due to where we were standing when the bus came in and the close proximity of the stands to the buses, Matthew was unable to get a picture. We did this bus to a stop just past a large roundabout near Rushmere hospital. we crossed the road and waited at the bus stop situated on the roundabout. After a short while Scania 65590 appeared on a #64 service and we decided to do this back to the Cattlemarket bus station.

65590 near Ipswich Hospital (Matt)

On the return journey we passed Ipswich's other bus station. On return we met up with mum and had some chips. We then stood and took some picture for a while, eventually returning to the Bury Road P&R on 69429.

69429 adjacent to the old cattlemarket bus station in Ipswich (Matt)

We then drove north back to Norwich, with a run to Yarmouth planned for later in the afternoon. when we got to Norwich we had originally planned to go to the Bell near the castle to eat and watch buses. but where we had parked was on the other side of Norwich. Having been in one place and not being able to find anything that Matthew would eat, we eventually went to the outdoor market and had a bacon sandwich! After eating we walked to the main bus station and waited for an X1 service to take us to Yarmouth. The next Yarmouth bound X1 was worked by 37567.

37567 in Norwich bus station (Matt)

The journey was fairly uneventful, there seemed to be delays on the long straight road across the broads that take you into Yarmouth as we were waiting in standing traffic for quite a while. By the time we qot there in late afternoon it had started raining. Almost as soon as we got there, 46375 pulled into the bus station and we decided to do it.

46375 in Yarmouth bus station (Matt)

It was quite full, but we managed to get a seat near the back. We did the bus across the river and a couple of miles to Gorlestown town. We got off and crossed the road, already there was double decker 34112 which we jumped on and did straight back. After we got back into the bus station we had about 30 taking pictures before we went to the appropriate stand to wait for the X1 back to Norwich. After a short delay, 37563 appeared on the Peterborough bound X1. the bus was reasonably well filled and as we left Yarmouth the rain came down heavily! For most of the return journey we could not see where we were or where we were going and the sky was virtually black. We called up mum to come and meet us near the bus station. Eventually we arrived in Norwich and Matthew managed to get this picture of our bus in Norwich bus station.

37563 in Norwich bus station (Matt)

We walked over to where mum had parked and we drove back to the holiday let. We spent the evening looking out our pictures and a couple of days later uploading them to Flickr...Mark

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Trip to East Angla Day 1 - 24-08-2010


TIW 9962Stamford BSDuddington180Mark Bland
FAZ 2784DuddingtonStamford BS180Mark Bland
42Stamford BSKetton12Kimes
4KettonStamford BS12Kimes
149Stamford BSPeterborough BS201Delaine
37563Peterborough BSNorwich BSX1First Eastern Counties

We set off around 10:00 and went via the A50, A453 and then A606. We decide to stop at Stamford. it quite a busy town and we ended up stopping well outside. I was sent into town to see if i could find a space closer and i ended up near the railway station, which is just a short walk across a green into the town centre. I directed mum back into town and to the railway station where we parked up and walked in town. we had a toilet stop and then we decide to eat in the cafe by the bus station so that Matthew was close to the bus action. It is safe to say that Matthew quite likes Mark Blands fleet and would love to visit Stamford again. After dinner we had around 30 minutes in the bus station taking picture before we set off again towards Norwich.

Kimes YAZ 4142 in Stamford bus station (Matt)

I need the toilet around Kings Lynn so I pulled into town to try and find a toilet. It too me nearly an hour because the signs in this town are poor to say the least! Matthew in the mean time had been to a local paper shop for a magazine and had chosen a tractor magazine! Eventually we set off again and as we reached the outskirts of Norwich we stopped for supplies. Some of the famous Aldi lager shandy was purchased,as well as some other thing from the co-op across the road. As mum shopped, Matthew took a couple of pictures of the local buses

First Eastern Counties 33167 heads out of Norwich (Matt)

We then set off to the holiday let where we settled in the night where Matthew looked at and then uploaded his days pictures to Flickr...Mark

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Trip to Leek 17-08-2010


L809 CJFLeek BSLeek Haregate165Clowes Coaches
L809 CJFLeek HaregateLeek BS165Clowes Coaches
M129 YCMLeek BSMacclesfield Business Park108Clowes Coaches

Matthew had decided last week that he wanted to visit Leek as he hadn't been there since last December. Matthew hadn't been on a Clowes Coaches bus for over a year and we had seen that they had a new minibus on Andrew Rowland's fotopic site. The original plan was to go to Biddulph to pick up the Tuesdays Congleton - Leek. Followed by a ride on a couple of other Clowes Coaches buses. we set off at around 13:30 an arrived in Biddulph around 14:10. Due to there being major roadworks in Biddulph town centre, we decided to abandon this move. I had thought we could have picked up the bus at Norton, but mum persuaded Matthew we would be better off going straight to Leek and not catch the #195. We drove from Biddulph to Leek via Biddulph Moor and Brown Edge. Just as we arrived in the car park adjacent to Leek bus station, we spotted a Clowes Coaches bus. We knew it had to be a new bus because it was not an Alexander bodied bus and had a prominent roller blind display box. We leapt out quickly and Matthew took the two pictures below.

Matthew's first glimpse of Clowes Coasches new bus L809 CJF on Leek town service #165. (Matt)

Clowes Coasches new bus L809 CJF on Leek town service #165. (Matt)

After we had worked out that the bus was on a Leek Town service, I had discussed with Matthew if we should do this bus to Haregate and back into town on a First PMT bus. We got on the bus and left mum behind, I told her we shouldn't be more than 30 minutes...When we got to Haregate, Matthew decided he wanted to stay on the bus and do the full circuit, so when the next passengers were dropped off, I went and told the driver, flashed the pass and told her to make sure recorded the journey to make sure Clowes got paid for the journey. We arrived back at the bus station at approximately 15:35.

The next planned move was to do the 108 to Rushton Spencer. This time mum was going to travel on the bus with Matthew, and I was going to follow behind in the car and pick them up. After doing the Rushton Spencer move, we were going to return to Leek so Matthew could do the Cheadle bus. We
had approximately 30 minutes to wait for the Rushton Spencer bus, so we had a quick drink and toilet stop. After the toilet stop matthew nearly decided to break the plans by doing the 493 brown edge bus, which on this occasion was D&G 95.

Clowes Coaches M129 YCM enters Leek bus station on service #108 from Ashbourne - Macclesfield. (Matt)

Details to follow...

Friday, 13 August 2010

Trip to Rudyard Lake 13-08-2010

Bus From To Service Operator

FJ10 BJY John St, Hanley Rudyard Lake Charter Aiming High
FJ10 BJY Rudyard Lake John St, Hanley Charter Aiming High

This was a trip organised by Aiming High. Parents were instruct to meet on John Street and the bus would depart around 10:00. Whilst we were waiting Matthew took some bus picture on Lichfield Street, until the bus turned up and we legged it round the corner so Matthew could board the bus

Aiming High FJ10 BJY to Rudyard Lake (Matt)

Apparently Matthew had been relatively well behaved and really enjoyed himself!

We walked back up to the bus station, met with mum and went back to the car for sausage rolls...


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Trip on the #41 12-08-2010


32Church Street, StokePenkhull Ambulance station (adj)41D&G

Originally had this day booked off so we could take Matthew further afield, but an appointment with a healthcare worker and the torrential rain put pay to this! We changed the plans to take Matthew out for dinner in Blurton, the new cafe on Finstock, but by the time we were all ready it was 15:00 and the cafe had closed. So we gave Matthew a choice of Longton or Stoke to go and eat in a cafe. Matthew chose Stoke.

In Stoke we took Matthew to the London Grill, an old favorite of his from our Sunday shopping days. The cafe has a good view of Campbell Place and you can see the frequent aervices #21/21A out of the window. Whilst eating dinner there were a good selection of Dennis Darts & Solos's on the #21A and a Dart and Wright/Scania's on the #21. At this point I realised that I hadn't got my phone and if Matthew were to catch a bus we would need to make definate plans.

We tried to persuade Matthew to catch a #21 to Trentham, but we just missed one coming out of the cafe. When we got to the stop, Matthew dragged us past and into Church Street. He considered catching the Plum towards Stoke Station, but this pulled off before we could get to it. Right behind it was D&G 32 on the #41 Westbury Park service, an interesting double doored Dennis Dart SLF and a long time target ride of Matthews. As I didn't know the route precisely. we arranged that mum would ride on the bus and I would meet them. We quickly tried to tell each other where we would meet but we misunderstood the answers to each others questions and this lead to a bizarre misunderstanding!

D&G 32 in Harpfields Road on the #41 to Westbury Park (Matt)

I drove to the hospital via Harsthill and Newcastle. There were roadworks in Hartshill and this delayed me slightly. As I entered the hospital I passed D&G 32, but because the bus was in shade I couldn't see if they were still on the bus. I drove around the part of the hospital I expected them to be and I could not find them. I decided to drive back to Newcastle in case Matthew had stayed on the bus. I drove around the outside of the bus station but still no sign. I then decide to drive back to the hospital and still could not see them. As I drove in to the hospital, I thought I'd heard Matthew. So I decided to park up find a public telephone and phone mum on her mobile.

"where are you..?"
"Child Development Centre..."
"Huh! I thought you'd said you would get off where we go for his appointments...?"
"I thought you'd said by the Maternity ward...?"
"I said City General was were the Maternity ward was..."
"Ohh...well I don't know the route of the bus, I got off by the hopital..."
"The bus goes through the hospital"
"Oh...Anyway, come and fetch me!"

Five minutes later I'd driven through the hospital nad picked them up. The journey home was a heated discussion of how I should always have my mobile phone...


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Trip on the X81 04-08-2010


IIB 7460Hanley BSCoal Pit Hill, TalkeX81RS Travel

Today we decided to take Matthew out for dinner and then take him on a bus. As it was a Friday I thought he would enjoy a trip on the X81 service from Hanley. we decided to have diner in the Cauldwell Tavern in Talke. he had a carvery meal here and he enjoyed it thoroughly. After the meal we drove down to Hanley bus station where we waited for the X1 service. Matthew too a few pictures from the balcony whilst we wait time. Double decker bus 30038 bus was parked up, presumable ready to work dupe #32 services for the extra traffic from Alton towers. After a short wait RS travel coach IIB 7460 moved on stand ready to work the service.

RS Travel IIB 7460 moves onto stand to work the 14:45 X81 to Winsford (Matt)

We got on this bus which was really crowded, the seals had blown in a few of the windows and the air was turned on. It was a very hot and humid journey up to coal Pitt Hill.

RS Travel IIB 7460 departs Coal Pit Hill, Talke for Winsford on the wfO X81 Hanley - Winsford. (Mark)

When we got off mum came and picked us up and we returned home for the evening...Mark

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Trip to the Gladstone running day - 01-08-2010


MMM120Gladstone pottery MuseumStoke Station7First PMT (Preserved)
SAD801Stoke StationGladstone pottery Museum7 (relief)First PMT (Preserved)
766Longton, St James ChurchHanley BS6BPMT (Preserved)
DRN116Gladstone pottery MuseumFoxfield Railway104Arriva London (Preserved)
DRN116Foxfield RailwayLongton, St James Church104Arriva London (Preserved)

Last Saturday the better half bumped into her dad whilst shopping in Tesco. 'Grandad Dave' told her about a rare visit in town of her aunt Barbara from South Wales, so he told us he would ring us when he knew the details of the visit and arrange to go for a meal. A day or two later he rang and told us the meal would be on Sunday 1st of August, probably in the 'toby inn' in Trentham. It wasn't until after the arrangements had been made that we realised that the meal clashed with the Gladstone running day... Drat. In order to make sure we could attend the meal and give Matthew a good day out we decide that it would be good to go to the rally early, break the day up with the said meal and then go back to the rally for a final trip out later. This was easier said than done as Matthew likes to lie in at weekends and would not usually be up before dinner time.

Matthew was persuaded to go bed around midnight, and surprisingly we had cajoled him out of bed by 10:00. We picked up uncle Dave and were on site by around 10:45. Programme purchased, we quickly worked out a move to get the buses that Matthew wanted, which were MMM120 and DRN 116. The planned move was to first do MMM120 to Stoke station and return, we would then work out the best move in which we could get DRN116 and get to the 'toby inn' by around 13:00.

MMM120 at Gladstone pottery museum early on (Matt)
Matthew had a quick scout around the Nottingham Transport sales bus, and purchased a DVD and then we stood by the entrance to catch Mercedes Minibus MMM120 on the 11:00 to Station. The bus filled, but was not standing room (luckily). We set off for Stoke station, via The Strand, King Street, City Road and Leek Road. Having seen this bus many times before, I had not realised that this bus did not have any opening windows. It was quite warm in here on this mild Summers day...

MMM120 at Stoke station (Matt)
When we arrived at the station, the driver called back to say there were no addition passengers waiting for the bus back to Gladstone. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it) the relief bus had already set off and was on its way. After sitting at the station a few minutes, Optare Delta SAD801 pulled up behind us. The driver of our minibus asked if anyone wanted to catch the following bus behind. The bus pretty much emptied out instantaneously. Matthew was very pleased to get the bonus ride on this bus having ridden on 3 Delta's the previous week. Return route on the Delta was via Stoke Road,A500,City Road,A50 link and then A50. When we got back we had a wlk around and took a few pictures. Matthew took a picture of DRN 116 prior to its departure to Foxfield.

DRN 116 at the Gladstone Pottery Museum (Matt)
Just before time we walked onto Uttoxeter Road to wait for DRN 116. On this particular turn was lead up with another bus. It was Beresford liveried PYM 106F. As we waited for the bus we saw the Baresfords bus approach and then go straight past us. This was quickly followed by DRN 116 which also went past and failed to stop! Matthew did however get a picture as it went by.

DRN 116 on Uttoxeter Road
At this point we had to change our plans. We decided to do a trip to Hanley and mum would follow us down and get us back to Trentham for the meal. The next Hanley bus was PMT Atlantean 766 which we surprising did for the very first time, considering its been in preservation for nearly 30 years! Matthew got a picture of the beast in Hanley bus station.

766 in Hanley bus station
We jumped into the car and headed to the Toby Inn in Trentham. We had our meal with mum's dad and brothers and sisters before heading back to Longton to pick up DRN 116 on a later to Run to Foxfield. We got on the bus at the site as the driver (Rob) was getting ready to go. He explained that earlier he didn't know the route to Foxfield and was following the driver in the Berresfords bus, so when he didn't stop he had to carry on as he didn't want to get lost. So we had the bus for an extra 1/4 of a mile or so from the museum onto Uttoxeter Road. When we got to Foxfield we got off and we had a wander around for a few minutes before getting back on DRN 116 for the return journey. When we got back it was time to go home. We drove home and Matthew had a look at his newly acquired pictures and DVDs before settling down for the evening. He then had his bath before going to bed...Mark