Thursday, 6 August 2009

Trip to Werrington 06-08-2009


42Bucknall, New Finney Gardens (adj)‎Werrington PO (opp)31Scraggs

It was a Friday afternoon in the school holidays so we decide to take Matthew out for a meal. We decided to go to the New Finney Gardens as it had a beer garden, and was on a busy bus route. I remember the meals being 2 for one and with there being 3 of us it didn't work out as well as we hoped. Whilst we ate Matthew took photographs of many of the passing buses and when we find them we'll post them here... After the meal we walked to the nearest bus stop and waited for the Scraggs #31 service to Werrington. When the bus turned up it was Scraggs 42.

Scraggs 42 on a different occasion... (Mark)

We did the bus up ash bank, around the estate and we got off outside the post office in Werrington, where mum met us to take us home... Mark