Monday, 31 May 2010

Trip to Birkenhead 31-05-2010

Bus From To Service Operator

706 Birkenhead BS Houghton Road 216 Ace Travel
701 Houghton Road Birkenhead BS 217 Ace Travel
4416 Birkenhead BS King's Parade, New Brighton 411 Arriva North West & Wales
3011 King's Parade, New Brighton Birkenhead BS 410 Arriva North West & Wales

Today we went to Birkenhead to try and travel on a couple of Ace travel buses. Matthew had seen these in Birkenhead bus station and he had expressed a wish to travel on them. So we printed up a couple of relevant timetables and headed off! We arrived around dinner time and then had dinner somewhere as per usual. mum went off shopping and we headed to the bus station. the #216/217 services are circular which run in opposite directions. The first to turn up was Ace travel 706 on the #216 service. Matthew got a picture and then we boarded the bus.

Ace travel 706 in Birkenhead bus station (Matthew)

We worked out we could go to Houghton Road for a short wait and then we could catch the #217 back to Birkenhead in the opposite direction. When we got off the bus we thought we might have miscalculated and so we ran onto Arrowe park road. whilst we were there we spotted Pulsar 3010.

Arriva North West & Wales 3010 near Arrow Park Hospital (Matthew)

having figured out where we went wrong we walked back to Houghton Road and waited for the return bus. After a short wait Ace travel Solo 701 went up Houghton Road before turning around at which point we got on the bus.

Ace travel 701 in Houghton Road, Woodchurch. (Matthew)

We did the bus back to Birkenhead at which point we decided to do a trip out to New Brighton and back. the bus out was Enviro 400 4416 which Matthew was able to get a picture of at New Brighton.

4416 in King's Parade New Brighton after arriving from Birkenhead (Matthew)

After a short wait we did out first Pulsar 3011 which we did back to Birkenhead bus station

3011 in King's Parade, New Brighton (Matthew)

back at birkenhead, Matthew got a few more picture including 61142 in Birkenhead bus station.

61142 in Birkenhead bus station (Matthew)

We then met up with mum and returned home to Stoke...Mark

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Trip to the POPS rally 09-05-2010


JBF 169NWedgwoodStone, Crown Street10Ex Turner's
A506 FSSStone, Crown StreetWedgwood10Ex Glovers
C221 WAJWedgwoodStone, Crown Street10Stanways
H801 GREStone, Crown StreetWedgwood10Ex First PMT

It's the main local bus rally of the year, so it stands to reason Matthew wants to be here. After a quick car journey to the site, we proceed to look at the program to see which buses he wants to catch, and work out how we can fit them in. A quick look at the program reveals the Glovers Dennis Lancet was leaving for Stone at 13:00. We do the stalls, and then sit and have dinner on a grass bank were Matthew could photograph the buses as they did the shuttle services.

Beresford's bus at Wedgwood (Matthew)

We went down to the bus stops at around 12:40, but Matthew was getting restless with regard to going on the next bus (PMT 801 due off at 14:00). As a filler, we did Turner's 10 to Stone, and waited for the Glovers bus on it's return.

Turners bus 10 (JBF 169N) leaves Stone for Wedgwood. (Matthew)

After a short lay-over at stone, the Glovers Lancet appeared and we did this back to Wedgwood.

Glover Dennis Lancet A506 FSS at Stone (Matthew)

When we returned to Wedgwood, it was looking like PMT 801 would not start! Due off at the same time was a bus provided by Reliance Bus Works. This was a Dennis Dominator (C221 WAJ). We boarded this bus as we need to distract Matthew so he didn't get too upset. As we sat on the top deck awaiting time to leave, it appeared they had started 801. Since we were now settled on the double decker, the plan was to get off at stone and swap onto 801 for the return. We got off at stone and let the double decker go.

C221 WAJ at Stone (Matthew).

The next bus that turned up was a half cab single decker which we contemplated catching due to 801's non appearance. Just as we were about to give up, 801 appeared much to everybodies relief! Also on board was Matthews favourite DVD producer Dave Spencer of PMP videos fame.

First PMT 801 (H801GRE) at Stone (Matthew)

So Matthew had a short ride on 801 back to Wedgwood. After this there was just time for him to buy £22.50's worth of photographs before returning to the car...

Also of note which I guess he will want to catch next time is this Ex Northern Ireland Leyland Tiger

NXI 4619 at Wedgwood (Matthew).


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Trip to Newcastle-under-Lyme 05-05-2010


65036Hanley BSNewcastle BS101First Potteries
66850Newcastle BSHanley BS29First Potteries

Matthew was taken out today by two workers from his potential new respite place. They took him for a teatime visit to the respite house, and then on 2 bus journey's. Matthew told me which buses he travelled on and which places he had them between by typing them into the Google search box, and I worked out which services they must have been on. Had we know he was going out on the bus he would have had his camera with him! It' seems like a good start at this new place...fingers crossed for the future...


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Trip to Birkenhead 03-05-2010


2460Birkenhead BSKing's Parade, New Brighton410Arriva North West & Wales
2460King's Parade, New BrightonBirkenhead BS410Arriva North West & Wales
2461Birkenhead BSKing's Parade, New Brighton410Arriva North West & Wales
4412King's Parade, New BrightonWoodside BS411Arriva North West & Wales
4412Woodside BS‎Birkenhead BS411Arriva North West & Wales

A bank holiday Monday trip... Didn't know quite what to expect today with it being a Sunday service, so we thought we would play thing by ear. When we got to Birkenhead, first order of the day was to find somewhere to get something to eat! The usual burger van in the corner of the market was closed, as was the rest of the market. Just around the corner we found a cafe that was open called Platters. We all ate here, it wasn't to bad... Next on to the bus station. Whilst mum went shopping, we stood with Matthew whilst he took some pictures.

First PMT 60172 in Birkenhead bus station. (Matthew)

Avon 107 approaches Birkenhead bus station. (Matthew)

We also had a look to see what was working. There only seemed to be 3 different types of Arriva bus out today. Enviro Trdent 2 double deckers,VDL's and Goldfish bowls. So we decide to ride on the older buses. We worked out that an easy out and back trip would be to catch the 410 to New Brighton. Sure enough 2460 appeared on the next New Brighton service, so we purchased our day rovers and off we went...

2460 approached birkenhead bus station (Matthew)

The bus was surprisingly full for a bank holiday, fuller than buses we are used to catching anyway. We made our way to the back of the bus, it was hot and crowded indeed....

2460 in New Brighton (Matthew)

On arrival we asked Matthew which bus he wanted to catch back. He opted to get straight back on 2460 back to Birkenhead. The was another child on the bus who appeared to be autistic with his mother on this bus. She asked us if Matthew went to the same school as her son and we explained that we were not from round here. Matthew and the boy seem to make an instant connection as if they knew of each other shared interest in transport! at Birkenhead bus station we said our goodbye's and went our separate ways...
We had already decided that we would go back to New Brighton on the next service. Whilst waiting we also noticed service 411 New Brighton went past the bus station in one direction and appeared back 10 minutes later. We surmised correctly that bus was going to the Woodhead ferry terminal. Next bus to New Brighton in was 2461. So once again we got on, and once again it was crowded!

2461 in New Brighton (Matthew)

This time we persuaded Matthew not to get straight back on the bus. I looked up the move on the 411, taking in Woodhead bus station for the first time. After Matthew gave us the run around in the nearby park / tennis courts, we caught back a double decker 4412.

4412 heads a Liverpool bound bus in New Brighton (Matthew)

4412 took us down the East coast of the Wirral, via Seacombe and then into Woodhead bus terminal. We didn't get up very quickly, and the bus didn't stop...So we decided to go back to the main bus station! When we got back in we retired back to the car to a waiting supply of sausage rolls...