Saturday, 22 January 2011

Trip to Ellesmere Port / Chester 22-01-2011


3002Ellesmere Port BSChester BS401Arriva NW&W
30077Chester BSDickson Drive (Via Plas Newton)51First Potteries
40013Dickson DriveChester BS51First Potteries

Set off just before 12:00 today. The roads were fairly clear, and we arrived in Ellesmere Port around 13:00. Had our dinner in the market as usual and then had around 10 minutes in the bus station. The #401's were mainly Cadets today, but our bus turned up the ultra-modern VDL 3002. A swift and fairly uneventful journey to Chester followed. With Northgate closed for gas works, the bus was divert via the ring road.

3002 in Chester bus station. (Mark)

Apart form some services not serving the bus station, there were no unusual sightings. There has been a new traffic island built in the bus station and presumably when the works are completed, there will be extra bus shelters built. The usual spot where we stand was a bit stinky today, so after a while we moved to a staircase a bit further towards the ring road. This provided quite a good vantage point for taking photographs of buses travelling in either direction.

Avon 307 approaches Chester bus station. (Matt)

A few pictures later, the first and only double decker of the day turned up 30077...

30077 approaches Chester bus station prior to working the #51 Plas Newton. (Matt)

40013 on Dickson Drive on the #51 to Chester. (Matt)

40013 after returning from Plas Newton. (Matt)

We to the bus station, met with mum and went back to the car for sausage rolls...

Monday, 17 January 2011

Trip to Abbey Hulton 17-01-2011



T408 JUXWolstantonAbbey HultonCharterZ Carz
40751Abbey HultonHanley BS5First Potteries
40167Hanley BSNewcastle BS17First Potteries
65034Newcastle BSHanley BS101First Potteries
40751Hanley BSAbbey Hulton5First Potteries
T408 JUXAbbey HultonBlurtonCharterZ Carz

Originally respite this day booked off so we could take Matthew further afield, but an appointment with a 40167 and the torrential rain put pay to this! We changed the plans to take Matthew out for dinner in ,the new cafe on it was 08:00 and the Jackson's Nursery, but by the time we were all ready M420 UEH.

M420 UEH at Wolstanton on the way to Jackson's Nursery (Matt)

T408 JUX A regular trip for Matthew, he wanted to record it on his blog. LDV minibus with a high roof 40136 is an Ex Chester Dennis Dart. A500 A52 Newhouse Road. 40179 Plaxton bodied Dennis Dart. Mercedes 814D Scraggs 57 31 Werrington - Newcastle. GN53 EZT Blackfriars minibus
Coach today. PUI 5556 Mercedes minibus 56 Scraggs also on a #31.

Scraggs blue Buses Mercedes minibus PUI 5556 Hanley (Mark)

40751 was on a #5 Abbey Hulton to Hanley. 40167 was on a #17 Hanley - Newcastle via Wolstanton. 65034 was on it's usual #101 Stafford - Hanley service. 40751 was still working #5 Abbey hulton services later in the day. Copelands Tours MIB 104 MIB 236 MIB 246 MIB 279 MIB 293 MIB 864 are some of his favorite coaches.

T408 JUX A regular trip for Matthew, he wanted to record it on his blog. LDV minibus with a high roof ...Mark

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Trip to Bury 08-01-2011


34260Bury BSTram Stop, Radcliffe524First Manchester
60213Tram Stop, RadcliffeBury BS524First Manchester
34263Bury BSUnsworth, Parr Lane/Castlebrook High School137First Manchester
66880Unsworth, Hollins Lane/Parr LaneBury BS137First Manchester
40342Bury BSWalshaw War Memorial510First Manchester
40355Walshaw War MemorialBury BS510First Manchester

This trip was organised to replace the canceled coach trip that Matthew was meant to be on today. We set off at around 11:30, and the journey was uneventful. On the way into town we past double decker 34260 on a service 472 Ramsbottom circular. On arrival, we parked in front of the library, and as always first thing to do is to get something to eat. We ate in a cafe on the corner of Haymarket Street and Broad street. Matthew had Chips, Cheese and beans on a barm. Whilst waiting for the food, Matthew used the facilities. As often is the case he photographed the sink manufacturer.

Shires sink (Matt)

It was a huge portion of chips and he was not able to finishes it! After dinner, we went to the bus station to see what was working. As we arrived, 34260 came back in after its run out. So we went to stand next to this bus thinking it would work the circular again.

34260 in Bury bus station (Matt)

Drivers appeared, sat in the drivers seat and then disappeared again. I think the driver or even a controller decided that the bus would be better on a different route. A driver appeared and jumped in and then drove off! About 2 or 3 minutes later it re-appeared and went onto a different stand, the display was set to 524, a service which we had done before, so we decided that we would do the same move as we did last time to Radcliffe. We eventually got on and were able to get the front seats upstairs. A few minutes later we alighted in Radcliffe.

34260 disappears towards Bolton on a service #524 bus in Radcliffe (Matt)

Last time we did this move we had to wait a considerable time to catch a bus back. This time I think the service was running closer to time. A few minutes later long single decker 60213 appeared in the distance.

60213 approaches on the #524 to Bury (Matt)

We quickly sat down, and realised that the seats on these buses are just a uncomfortable as the Mercedes single decker we rode on on out last visit to Bury! luckily it was only a 10-15 minute journey. On arrival back, we didn't have to wait very long for another 'First' double decker. This time it was 34263 on a 137 Manchester service. Another move we have done before, we decided to catch this double decker to Unsworth

Inside the top deck of 34263 (Matt)

34263 departs South from Unsworth (Matt)

On arrival at Unsworth, we basically had to run across the road so we could catch the next bus straight back. The bus was modern single decker 66880, from the same batch of buses that were transfered to Newcastle to work on the Keele services.

66880 in Unsworth (Matt)

On arrival back we stood at the end of the bus station so Matthew could take some pictures. I had checked the timetable to see if there was a 510 due, which tended to be short Bolton based single deckers. I worked out there was one due in 5 minutes, and almost as soon as we stood at the end of the bus station, Dennis dart 40342 appeared from round the corner.

40342 approaches Bury bus station from Bolton (Matt)

We walked down to the stop and boarded to bus. After a quick journey of about 10 minutes we alighted at Walshaw.

40342 disappears into the sunset in Walshaw (Matt)

Another short wait later, we literally crossed the road and waited for 2 minutes before the return bus appeared, Dennis Dart 40355.

40355 arrives in Walshaw from Bolton (Matt)

As often is the case, Matthew wanted to photograph the interior. I told him to wait until we arrived in Bury and then he could photograph the bus empty.

Back at Bury bus station, Matt takes a picture of the empty 40355 (Matt)

Matthew was then able to take a few more picture before we departed for home. We Decided to have a quick drink in the Knowsley pub and a toilet stop before went left. after that we went back to the car for sausage rolls and sandwiches. Just as we were setting off, we were passed by the interesting Almin Travel minibus L402 BBC. We followed the bus back to the junction of the M66, I believe it was heading for Heywood. As mention before, I would love to know what service this was on as I believe Matthew would love to ride on this bus. All in all a good trip, with the only downside being that we forgot to remind Matthew to set his camera to take 'big' pictures...(Mark)