Monday, 29 April 2013

Trip to Abbey Hulton 29-04-2013


1434BlurtonBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
1321Bucknall Newhouse RoadBlurtonCharterWardle Transport

Today Matthew was going to college. His usual bus had broken down on Friday, so we wondered what might be on his college run today. He got up a little after 07:30 and then got dressed ready for college. The bus turned up around 08:10 and we saw immediately it wasn't his usual bus. It turned out to be required Wardle Transport 1434.

Wardle Transport 1434 in Blurton
The bus set off through Blurton and into the Hollybush estate to pick up a few other people. The us ten headed through heron Cross into Fenton. The bus went along manor Street and then turned left onto Victoria Road. At joiners square the bus turned right onto the A52. At Limekiln lights the bus turned right again following the A52 into Bucknall. The bus turned left onto newhouse road and then into college. Some of the other kids did a coach to Shrewsbury. For dinner Matthew had Fish Fingers and chips with cake for afters. After afternoon lessons he went out to see what was going to take him home. They had repaired his usual bus and it appeared to take him home. It was Wardle transport 1321. The bus went along Newhouse Road to Abbey Hulton and and then back along leek Road to Joiners Square. the bus went up Victoria Road and then right into Manor Street. The bus crossed through Fenton and into heron Cross. Te bus turned into the Hollybush estate to drop off a few other people before returning him home around 16:00. I did him some toast to keep hi going and when mum came home she gave him the chocolate fudge cake that she promised him for Monday. For a late tea he had herbed new potatoes with chicken and barbeque sauce. For after he had another piece of fudge cake. he then chilled out and used his computer until bedtime around 23;00...Mark

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Trip to Southport 27-04-2013


2142Kew P&RSouthport, Lord Street stop HCPR2Arriva NW&W
7652Southport, London Street (Stop HB)Hillside, o/s Alma Court46Arriva NW&W
7652Hillside, opp Leybourne AvenueSouthport, London Street (Stop HE)43Arriva NW&W
2343Southport, London Street (Stop HA)Ainsdale, adj Woodvale Road44Arriva NW&W
7655Ainsdale, opp Woodvale RoadSouthport, Bold Street (Stop FA)44Arriva NW&W
3088Southport, Bold Street (Stop FA)Crossens, on Preston New Road49Arriva NW&W
MX04 VMECrossens, on Preston New RoadSouthport, Monument (Stop CF)40Cumfybus
2142Southport, Lord Street stop HCKew P&R SouthportPR2Arriva NW&W

Today we decided to go to Southport on the off chance that we dropped on another Palatine II, or to pick up a new Dart or two. We didn't do any research other than to check the weather (sunny intervals and 10'). Matthew got up around 09:45, and had breakfast of toast and orange juice. we set off around 11:45 onto the A5035 and past the hem Heath pub. We turned into Stanley Matthews Way passing Z Carz T408 JUX and went onto the A50. As we traveled down we passed City Buses and coaches minibus LV02 ODL. We got on the A500 and traveled North to the M6. The motorway was reasonably clear and we made quite good time up to the M58. We did the M58 west to the A570 and then we headed North West towards Ormskirk. There was heavy traffic in Ormskirk and we saw Arriva NW&W 4100 and 4104 on the Southport Wigan service. We stopped in Morrison's and after going to the toilet Matthew had a breakfast followed by a lemon meringue pie for afters. Afterwards we set off along the a570 and parked up at the Kew park and ride site around 14:00. Matthew went to the toilet and mum got the parking and park and ride tickets. The was already there and waiting an it was required Arriva NW&W 2142.

Arriva NW&W 2142 in Kew
We got on the bus and sat down. There were a few people on the bus today, probably the most we have seen on a PR2 service. The bus wound up through the streets and then we appeared in town on London Street. We got up and Matthew took a picture of the inside of this bus, which is the last of the 4 Enviro 200 buses we required.

Inside Arriva NW&W 2142
We got off the bus and headed down London Street to the railway station. On the way we saw Arriva NW&W 2728 on a #300 to Liverpool.

Arriva NW&W 2728 in Southport
We went into the station and bought our Saveaway tickets and then walked back to the bus stops on Hoghton Street. As we didn't have any gen as to what was out today, we decided to start on the #43/46's service to try and pick up a required Dart or two. We saw that there was a Carr Lane bound #46 due so we waited at the stop. We could see a Marshall Dart in the distance. As it got closer we could see it was dud Arriva NW&W 7652.

Arriva NW&W 7652 in Southport
We got on the bus and it was empty, so Matthew took a picture of the inside of the bus too.

Inside Arriva NW&W 7652
We sat down near the back of the bus. The last time we did this Dart was back in April 2012 on a PR2 service back to Kew. After turning in Eastbank Street, Te bus then turned onto Cemetery Road and onto Eastbourne Road. We passed Arriva NW&W 7673 on the PR2 service. The bus then turned onto Kew Road and Guildford Road. As we went along we passed 7639 on a #46. We also passed required Arriva NW&W 2343 on a #42 to crossens. We the went right into Carr Lane where the bus terminated. The bus went to the nearby roundabout and then came back to Carr Lane to work the next #43. As we got off we had just missed 7654 going back on a #46. I asked Matthew if he wanted to do a #49 or to do 7652 back to Southport on 7652. Matthew chose to do 7652 again. We set off back to Southport and we passed 7651 on a #43. We decided to get of on Hoghton Street so we could cross the road and go to the #42/44 stop. This worked out very well as almost as soon as we got off 7652 we could see Arriva 2343 (the only Plaxton Dart at Southport) approaching in the distance. the bus got closer and Matthew got a picture of this beast.

Arriva NW&W 2343 in Southport
Unlike 7652, this bus was quite full and it filled up even more as we passed through town. The bus has quite an odd route as it heads towards Kew running parallel to Scarisbrick New Road, It then heads west past the hospital and Dobbies garden Centre. Around here we passed 7637 heading North. we then joined up with the #43/6 route at guildford Road. We went through Ansdale and the Roads look familiar around Woodvale so we decided to get off there. We crossed the road and we looked at the timetable. The next service scheduled to stop was a northbound #44, Although a #49 paused there on it way up. We then saw a Marshall Dart on a #44 and a Pulsar II on the following #47. We flagged down the Dart and it was dud 7655.

Arriva NW&W 7655 in Woodvale
As we headed North we made arrangements to meet mum in Southport for an ice cream. This was a bus we had also last traveled on in July 2012. We passed Arriva NW&W 7648 on a South bound #44 on Town Lane. We went back up Scarisbrick New road and then parallel before rejoining the road at the roundabout of Eastbank Street. At the end of eastbank Street as we waited at the traffic lights we spotted a Godson coach parked up and he got a picture through the bus window.

Godson FN04 FSV in Southport
We turned right into Lord Street and I realised that we were in the wrong lane to go onto London Street. Surprisingly (to us) the bus stopped on lord Street right by where mum was waiting. We walked up a block to where the ice cram place was and Matthew used the toilet. We had vanilla ices and Matthew ate most of mine too. When we had finished we walked over to the stop to wait for a bus. We let required Cumfybus MX04 VME go on the #40 as we thought we could pick up a new Arriva Pulsar II on a #47 or #49. When the bus arrived on the #49 it was dud 3088.

Arriva NW&W 3088 in Southport
We sat down near the back on this busy service. The seat I sat in was wet which is already worrying on a warm sunny day. I moved over and we carried on North through Churchtown. A few minutes later we arrived at the roundabout and Matthew photographed the inside of 3088 before we got off it.

Inside Arriva NW&W 3088
We went to the toilet and in the process missed Stagecoach 15469 on the southbound #2. We also saw Rigby's coach VOI 2331 heading North.

Rigby's VOI 2331 in Crossens
We let the next #42 go as it was Arriva NW&W 2343. The next bus due was going to be a Cumfybus on the #40 service. We saw the bus approaching and as we have never been on one of these and we had a Saveaway we decided to do this. It was of course required MX04 VME that we saw go North earlier in the day.

Cumfybus MX04 VME in Crossens
We got on the bus and Matthew was trying to beep the horn. The driver ended up doing it for him! He told us tat the bus was going the long way around and we told him that we didn't mind. He then got a picture inside the empty MX04 VME.

Inside Cumfybus MX04 VME
We sat down to enjoy the journey which was very windey. We kept heading out towards the coast and then back inland to the main road taking in every estate down the coast. We crossed over the #2 route seeing stagecoach 18358 on a Preston bound service. We went passed the golf course and we skipped along the promenade before turning onto Lord Street. We got off the bus by the monument and then walked to meet mum on London Street. It was now 17:30 and the next PR2 was due at 17:42. Whilst we waited we saw Arriva NW&W 7652 go by and then Alfa BU13 ZTT too.

Alfa BU13 ZTT in Southport
This was followed by Arriva 7654 on a Northbound #43 service. A few minutes later the PR2 turned up and it was Arriva NW&W 2142 again. We did the bus back down to the Kew park and ride site and when we git there Matthew photographed the inside of this bus again.

Inside Arriva NW&W 2142
After a quick toilet stop we set off towards home. Mum hadn't been able to get any sausage rolls so we stopped at Macdonalds on the roundabout of the A570. Matthew had a chicken nugget meal and whilst we ate we saw Arriva NW&W 4100 and 4104 again. 4100 sounded like a lawnmower! After eating we set off along the A570. Just before we got to the M58 we passed Mercedes minibus SN05 FXF. We got onto the motorway and made good progress. There were a few rain showers as we traveled down the Southbound M6 and we got the the A500 around 19:30. As we headed south we passed Z Carz UK04 BUS going North. We carried onto to the A50 and the to Longton to see what was on the depot. at the depot were mercedes minibus BV51 BNO and we also saw the Scania coach D104 XAN

Z Carz D104 XAN in Longton
The depot was crowded but the bus weren't in very good position to get good photographs. On the end of the row was green Iveco HX51 HRU.

Z Carz HX51 HRU in Longton
We headed down Longton Hall Road and into Blurton. We saw first potteries 41512 on a #23A to Newstead. We got home at 1950. We had chicken and potatoes for tea followed by millionaire shortbread. He then chilled out on his computer before going to be around 00:00...Mark

Friday, 26 April 2013

Trip to Abbey Hulton 26-04-2013


1321BlurtonBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
1321Bucknall Newhouse RoadMeaford drive, BlurtonCharterWardle Transport
2541Meaford drive, BlurtonBlurtonCharterWardle Transport

today Matthew was at college. He got up at 07:30 and waited for his transport It was his usual bus Wardle Transport 1321.

Wardle Transport 1321 in Blurton
They headed through blurton stopping a few times in the estate to pick up some others. Then they headed to Heron Cross. The bus headed into Fenton and onto Manor Street. They then turned left on Victoria Road. At Joiners Square they turned right onto the A52. They did this to Bucknall and then into college. He had hs day at college stopping for dinner. Dinner was Burger and chips and beans with cake for afters. After a session in the gym and after going to the toilet, at the end of the college day his usual bus came to pick him up and it was Wardle transport 1321. The bus went back out onto the A52 and to Joiners Square. They then went up Victoria Road to Manor Street. They went through fenton to Heron Cross. They dropped some people off and then they stopped on Meaford Drive. The bus had broken down! They had to wait for 30 minutes for a bus to appear from the depot to rescue them. Unusually it wasn't out of the Wardle Transport welfare fleet it was one of the services buses, required 2541. Te bus picked them up and continued through Blurton. When they got back he rushed into the house to get his camera so he could get a picture of this rare occurrence.

Wardle Transport 2541 in Blurton
We then went straight out for tea at the black Lion. They headed towards Barlaston and picked up mums friend. They then returned to Blurton and onto the A5035. They then went passed the hem Heath pub and onto the northbound A34. They went to trent vale and stopped at the pub. matthew had his usual sausages with chips egg bacon and beans with breaded and butter. Whist there we saw 65001/003/035 on #101 services, and also happy Days 223 going South on the A34.

Happy Days Coaches 223 in Trent Vale
After he had finished his main he had toffee sponge pudding with ice cream. They left the pub around 18:15 and headed South down the A34. The turned at the A5035 and then headed into Blurton. They dropped mums friend of in Blurton and then returned home. He got home around 18:45. He then chilled out on his computer. He later had a drink of dandelion and burdock and then went to bed around 00:00...Mark

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Trip to Wigan 20-04-2013


19521Wigan BSHindley Green, Atherton Road/Hindley Green (Stop B)32Stagecoach Manchester
22406Hindley Green, Atherton Road/Hindley Green (Stop A)Wigan BS598Stagecoach Manchester
29Wigan BSHullet Close, Appley Bridge635South Lancs Travel
55Woodhook Road, Appley BridgeWigan BS635South Lancs Travel
4064Wigan BSPemberton, o/s House 563 Ormskirk Road/Enfield Street‎385Arriva NW&W
3048Pemberton, o/s House 563 Ormskirk Road/Enfield Street‎Wigan BS395Arriva NW&W

Today we decided to go to Wigan. We left the decision until quite late in the week this time and we hd given him a choice of going to Oswestry to ride on the Tanat Valley Leyland Tiger Cub YRC 194 at the Cambrian Railways Heritage & Classic vehicle extravaganza. or going to wigan, but Matthew chose Wigan today. no research was done for today's trip other then to check the weather (sunny 14'...positively tropical!) and to see where Wigan were playing football (away at West Ham). Matthew got up just before 10:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. After getting ready we st off around 11:30 to get LPG from Etruria. We went along the A5035 and turned into Stanley Matthew Way past the Hem Heath pub. We joined the Westbound A50 and then the Northbound A500 coming off at Shelton New Road to get the LPG. There was a bit of a wait here as a Winnebago had turned up and blocked the yard. Whilst we waited we saw 3 buses on the #34/34A service. First we saw First Potteries Scania 65730 which is normal a allocation for this service, then we saw Dart 40145 which is little rarer. This was followed by required aging Olympian 30031! Asked Matthew if he still wanted to go to Wigan and he said yes. We got onto the Westbound A53 and then onto the Northbound A500. The motorway was fairly clear, and we got up to the A49 just after 13:00. There was some traffic on the A49, and we parked up around 13:20. We walked to the cafe passed the bus station, where we saw Tyrers X582 USC on football duties.

Tyrers X582 USC in Wigan bus station
After taking the picture we carried on walking to the Courtyard Cafe. Matthew had a small breakfast washed down with Coke, and afterwards he had chocolate fudge cake with custard.

Chocolate fudge cake in custard...
We finished our food just before 14:00, and we walked to the bus station to see what we could catch. We saw Arriva NW&W Dart 7644 in the distance on a #360 to Warrington. and then we spotted Stagecoach Manchester 19521 on a #32 service. We decided to do this so Matthew took a picture of the bus.

Stagecoach Manchester 19521 in Wigan bus station
We crossed the crossing and got on the bus. We booked our system was bus tickets and then went upstairs. It was virtually empty so Matthew took his empty bus picture.

Inside Stagecoach Manchester 19521
We set off towards Ince-in-Makerfield and then towards Hindley. We got chatting to a lady at the front of the bus and she thought Matthew was lovely. I think if she could have taken him home she would have done! We went around the estates in Castle Hill and then we headed into Hindley Green. We decided to get off here as we had done before and to wait for the next #32 or #598 to Wigan. We crossed the road and walked back to the stop. We just missed a #598 so we sat down at the stop to wait for the next bus. Whilst we waited Matthew drank a can of Coke.There was a #594 to Leigh due first though. The bus turned up and it was Jim Stones Enviro 200 BUS 1N.

Jim Stones BUS 1N in Hindley Green
There was a #598 due a couple of minutes later and sure enough Stagecoach Manchester 22406 appeared from around the corner.

Stagecoach Manchester 22406 in Hindley Green
We got on the bus and sat down near the back. The bus was quite well filled, but it seem to empty out as we headed into Wigan. The bus took a more direct route into Wigan avoiding the estates. We passed Stagecoach Manchester 22145 on a Leigh bound #598. As we traveled back mum text us the devastating new that Greggs in Wigan had closed! When we got to wigan the last few people got off the bus and Matthew took his empty bus picture.

Inside Stagecoach Manchester 22406
We got off and we saw Arriva 4101 arrive into the bus station.

Arriva NW&W 4101 in Wigan bus station
Arriva NW&W is a bus we have been on before. We did did up to Pemberton on the Last day of First in December 2012. We decided to go to the toilet at this point, and as we walked back through the bus station, Matthew we spotted former D&G Scania 29 on the #635 to Appley Bridge. We got on the bus and asked the driver which direction the bus was going in. He couldn't really tell me but he said that the ticket was valid throughout so we got on and sat down near the back. I looked in my bag to find a Wigan bus map but I think I must have left it on Stagecoach Manchester 19521. I asked some lads which direction we were going and I was able to work out we were going just over the M6 north of Orrell! They also told us there was a 15 minute frequency, so we decided to stay on until the end. We went through a place called Shevington which is appropriate seeing as the bus was once based in Crewe. We crossed the M6 and then a few minutes later the driver informed us we had arrived at the end. We got up and Matthew took a picture inside this unusual vehicle.

Inside South Lancs Travel 29
We got off and he took a picture of the outside too.

South Lancs Travel 29 in Appley Bridge
We decided to go do a bit of shopping whilst we were here. We walled down to the Spar shop and Matthew had a Galaxy Caramel and a can of Coke and some small bottles of pop too. We came out of the shop and we saw A South Lancs Travel bus approaching. It was required South Lancs travel 55.

South Lancs Travel 55 in Appley Bridge
We got onto the empty bus and Matthew immediately got a picture of the inside of this bus, with it unusual Grey and Yellow seating.

Inside South Lancs Travel 55
We sat down and started to head back into Wigan. We passed Holmeswood YJ56 AUF on a #3A service which looked familiar. Further research revealed that we had passed through Appley Bridge before on that same service and the same bus back in August 2012! We carried on back into town passing South Lancs Travel 30 which was the third bus on #635's. We got back into Wigan and we went to the bottom of the bus station to take bus pictures. One of the first buses we saw was required Arriva NW&W 2705 on a #320 service.

Arriva NW&W 2705 leaves Wigan bus station
We also saw Stagecoach Manchester 22157 on a #540 service.

Stagecoach Manchester 22157 in Wigan bus station
A few minutes later required Arriva NW&W 4064 appeared on #385 to Southport.

Arriva NW&W 4064 in Wigan bus station
We decided to do this up to Pemberton. We headed past Wigan North Western railway station ad down the A49. We then turned on to Ormskirk Road. Just past the half way house and before the traffic lights, we got of the bus. The bus pulled of quickly, but it stopped at the lights and Matthew got a picture of it.

Arriva NW&W 4064 in Pemberton
We crossed the road and waited at the inbound stop. I asked Matthew if he wanted to catch Arriva or Stagecoach and he chose Arriva. Luckily it was an Arriva bus that was due next. It was a #395 from Ormskirk. We saw Arriva NW&W 3026 was on the #395 to Ormskirk. We didn't have to wait too long before our bus appeared and it was required Arriva NW&W 3048.

Arriva NW&W 3048 in Pemberton
The was reasonably well loaded and we sat down near the back. We headed back down Ormskirk Road and then into Wigan on the A49. When we got back the bus emptied and Matthew got a picture of the inside of this bus.

Inside Arriva NW&W 3048
When we got off we saw required Arriva NW&W 7640 arrive and then it disappeared again! We met up with mum and then we walked back the long way to the car so that we could photograph some of the buses. We walked passed the row of stabled buses in the bus station and Arriva Solo SR 710 was parked up here.

Arriva NW&W 710 in Wigan bus station
We carried on around taking pictures. Today they were mainly stagecoach vehicles and then we walked up Dorning Street. Whilst we were there we saw Wigan Buses SN56 AXD departing on a #630 to Platt Bridge. We got back to the car and mum had managed to source sausage rolls from an alternative shop. Matthew seemed to enjoy then, so it seems that we may now be switching to Pound Bakery for our pastry needs. It had a meat and potato pasty and it was very nice. We added a touch of oil to the car engine and we set off home. We went down Frog Lane passed the Wigan Coachways depot where we saw Volvo N213 TDU. We then headed around Wigan Pier and then onto the Southbound A49. We then headed onto the Southbound M6. It took us a while today before we picked up the signal for Radio Stoke, but when we did we heard that Stoke had beaten QPR away by two goals to nil. It also seems that Port Vale are all but promoted to the First division unless they ship loads of goals. The matrix sign were saying that the M6 was closed between junction 15 and 14. We had wondered if this would cause the motorway to back up beyond junction 16, but it did not have that much of an effect. We came off onto the Southbound A500 and then we did the A50 to Longton so we could check out Z Carz. We didn't see any coaches today but there were plenty of the taxi fleet. At the rear we could see T131 SGA, HX51 HRU and YN03 HJC. The first one of the taxi fleet at the front was X599 WDY.

Z Carz X599 WDY in Longton
Next was BU04 GYW.

Z Carz BU04 GYW in Longton
This was followed by PN06 DNN.

Z Carz PN06 DNN in Longton
Last of the taxi fleet was YE52 UZX.

Z Carz YE52 UZX in Longton
We were then surprised to seen a new minibus in the fleet. It was W221 CDN complete with some nice purple Z Carz decals.

Z Carz W221 CDN in Longton
We turned into Willow Row to see if there was anything by the actual depot. We were pleased to find another new arrival, UK04 BUS which had been running with Clowes Coaches fairly recently.

Z Carz UK04 BUS in Longton
We then headed down Longton Hall Road. We saw 40143 on a Newcastle bound #22. At the bottom of the road was First Potteries 53830 on the evening #23 service followed by 41492 which was finishing for the evening. Just before we got home we saw 40137 on the Longton bound #22. We got in the house at 18:30. We looked at our pictures from today and then we had a late tea of bangers and mash. Later he had a slice of toffee cheesecake and he chilled out on his computer before bedtime at just after 00:00...Mark

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Trip to Abbey Hulton 18-04-2013


1321BlurtonBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
MIB 246Bucknall Newhouse RoadAdventure PlaygroundCharterCopeland's Tours
MIB 246Adventure PlaygroundBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterCopeland's Tours
1647Bucknall Newhouse RoadBlurtonCharterWardle Transport

Today Matthew was going to college and then to the adventure playground, He got up around 07:30 amd got dressed and waited for the bus to appear. It was Wardle Transport 1321.

Wardle Transport 1321 in Blurton
The bus set off through Blurton to Heron Cross. After a quick stop in the Hollybush estate they carried on through heron cross to Fenton. The bus went along Manor Street and onto Victoria Road. The bus then went to Leek Road and then turned right towards Bucknall. The bus then went onto Newhouse Road and then to college. After registration they went to the adventure playground. the coach that turned up today was Copeland's Tours MIB 246. The bus set off towards the a52 passing Z carz W591 YBN on the way. the coach then went up to and around Hanley on the ring road past Tesco. They then headed to Newcastle down the A53 through Etruria. They they went into the adventure plyground. After a hectic session they headed back to college. They got back onto copeland's tours MIB 246 and off they went. having headed into and through Newcastle They headed up the A34 passed the First garage. First Volvo Citybus 38125 was near he front of the depot. They then went up the A34 to Talke and back into kidsgrove. they then headed out to Packmoor and onto High Lane. They did this back to Hanley and the around the ring Road to Bucknall New Road. They went down limekiln bank and onto the A52. hey then turned at Newhouse Road and back into college. For dinner matthew had Chips and beans with cake for afters. After having swimming in the afternoon Matthew went out to get his bus home and it was Wardle transport 1647. The bus set off to Abbey hulton and then onto Leek Road. At Joiner Square the bus turned right on Vitcoria Road. The bus then went along Manor Street. The bus headed through Fenton and over the railway to Heron Cross. They went into the Hollybush estate again and then headed back home. For tea Matthew had herb potatoes and turkey with Cheesecake for afters. He chilled out on his computer then until bedtime just after 23:00...Mark

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Trip to Hanley 13-04-2013


1647BenitleeHanleyCharterWardle Transport
1647HanleyBentileeCharterWardle Transport

Today Matthew was in respite. We had arranged for a PA to help take him out, and they decided to take him to Hanley. Matthew was awake up at 03:45 in the morning! At 09:00 he got up, had a wash and then had Toast for breakfast. At 10:00 the PA turned up and they had arranged for him to go on a Wardle Transport minibus which was Wardle Transport 1647. we set off down Dividy Road and in into Buckanll. They then traveled up Bucknall New Road and into Hanley. When they got there they visited the new bus station so he could see a few buses. One such bus was Wardle Transport 4687.

Wardle Transport 4687 in Hanley
A few minutes later we saw First Potteries 41502 on a #23 service.

First Potteries 41502 in Hanley
After seeing a few buses they walked down to the Potteries museum and art gallery.

The Potteries museum and art gallery
Inside the museum he spotted this bronze statue of a soldier.

Statue in the museum
He went to the toilet first and then they started to go around the museum. One of the exhibits was for Reginald Mitchell and the Spitfire.

a Spitfire in the museum
They then went into the natural history section where there were stuffed animals which you find in the local area. One of the animals was an Australian Wallaby. Some of these escaped into the wild some years ago and used to be seen in the Roaches.

a Wallaby in the museum
There are also birds of prey too. One of the birds was a Buzzard, which seem to be becoming moor common in these here parts.

A Buzzard in the museum
They went through the pottery exhibition ans also a street scene from the past. Tey must have come back through the Reginald Mitchell section as he took a picture of a Merlin engine from a Spitfire.

A Spitfire engine in the museum
When they had finished in the museum they walked up to MacDonalds for dinner. Matthew had a burger, fries and a drink of Coke. After that they walled up to the Potteries shopping centre and had a walk around there too.

Monsoon in the Potteries Shopping Centre
They walked back to the bus station and Matthew took a few more pictures until the bus returned to collect them. One of the buses we was First Potteries 41493.

First Potteries 41493 in Hanley
A few minutes later they back to minibus Wardle Transport 1647 which turned up to pick him up and they got on it. They set off around Hanley and then down Bucknall New Road. we passed Wardle Transport 3415 on the inbound #118 service. They got back to Bentilee around 14:00. Later Matthew went out for at the new Florence. They went Along Dividy road to Anchor Road. They then went down to Longton and along Lightwood Road. He had A All Day Big Breakfast washed down with Coke. For afters he had Chocolate Fudge Cake with ice cream. They set off back along Lightwood road and then around Longton. we went passed Z carz today depot we saw LDV minibus T408 JUX & DS51 ZJT, VW S973 OVP, Iveco HX51 HRU, DAF minicoach W344 WNS and Mercedes minibus CE02 LYX. we then went along Willow Row was Ford DL03 HHU. and onto the upper road of the A50. They crossed the A50 and then they passed the bus station and onto Anchor Road. They then went up Anchor Road and they stopped at Adderley Greens shop for a can of Coke and a Galaxy Caramel. They carried on up Anchor road and then they Turned onto Dividy Road and back to the respite place. Afterwards they went back where he watched the telly, used his computer and then had a bath. He had toast fur supper and then he chilled out before bedtime...Mark