Sunday, 31 July 2011

Trip to York 31-07-2011


MIB 978Brunswick Street, NewcastleSt George's Field Coachpark, YorkCharterCopelands Tours
G336 CSGYork Clifford's TowerYork Clifford's TowerTourYork Pullman
G336 CSGYork Clifford's TowerYork railway stationTourYork Pullman
E313 MSGYork, Nunnery Lane car park (opp)York Clifford's Tower (opp)TourYork Pullman
G337 CSGYork, Stonebow Stop BYork Clifford's Tower (opp)TourYork Pullman
MIB 978St George's Field Coachpark, YorkBrunswick Street, NewcastleCharterCopelands Tours

Earlier this week we decided to book on our 2nd Copeland's Tours trip of the year so far to York. Preparation for the trip included printing section of the York bus map and printing out a load of First York Timetables along with Arriva service 415. I had looked up the price of the York Pullman City Tour, but I initial dismissed this as not an option. As it was a longer trip we decide to do this coach from it's last scheduled pickup of Newcastle. As we were unable to park in Brunswick Street, I dropped everybody off and put the car in the Vue car park for the day. Of course, as soon as i left a space became available in the street! Matthew enjoyed watching a procession of coaches and bus coming down the street for the few minutes we had to wait before our coach turned up at around 08:50. When the bus turned up it was not the one Matthew wants most desperately to travel on, but it was required... MIB 978. the route from Newcastle was A34,A500,M6 and then M62 After around an hour on the road, we stopped at the Birch Service station on the M62. here we stopped for a quick toilet stop and we visited the shop where Matthew purchased the latest issue of 'Buses'. When we went to the toilet we used our RADAR key as always to access what we thought was the disabled toilets. I could hear voices from the other side so I slowly opened the door. What the door actually was, was a shorter route to the toilets. When mum came around to the toilet from the other side I don't think she saw the funny side... We got to the toilet proper and used the key again. after the toilet stop Matthew photographed our trusty steed before we boarded the coach for the rest of the journey.

Copeland's tour MIB 978 in Birch services (Matt)

We continued out journey West, and as the coach climbed up the bank on Saddleworth Moor, I'm sure we slowed to around 30mph! Over the other side and we continued at a better speed. Joining the A1(M) then A64 and A19. We arrived at the St. George's field coach park at around 11:45. On the way in we passed a pub called the Mason's Arms a I suggested we ate there. We sat outside on a table where Matthew could see the buses go past and i went in to see a menu. Due to the food being not stuff Matthew liked and the fact that most main meals were £8 plus, we decided to just get 2 plates of chips to share and 3 drinks. A portion of chips cost £3.25 and the food and drink altogether cost £11.30! Whilst we waited for the food, Matthew took a few pictures.

York Pullman double decker M209 VSX on Fishergate (Matt)

After eating we had to make a decision on what to do. Mum wasn't feel very well, and was concerned with how far she was going to have to walk to get there. I had said we should have walked out of town towards the next bus stop to catch something inbound, but as the decision seemed counter intuitive, we ended up walking into town. It was a warm humid day with hazy sunshine and the walk was hard going. We got as far as Clifford's Tower, where we were struggling to read the York bus map whilst walking and keep Matthew happy. The map consists of coloured numbers by the stops and it was hard to try and work out where buses were actually going in relation to where we were and what buses stopped at the nearest stop. As mum was really struggling today we made the decision to do the York Pullman city tour. There was a bus at the stop G336 CSG, so we got the tickets and boarded the bus.

York Pullman City Tour G336 CSG in Tower Street (Matt)

Unusually, Matthew wanted to sit downstairs and we had to persuade him to go upstairs and sit in the open air. Having not been to York since the early 80's apart from one brief visit to Railtrack to remove a giant camera, doing the tour bus was a good thing. we spent over an hour on the first tour bus doing one complete circuit and then getting off at the railway station. We left mum on the bus so she could go further round towards the shops. As we got off Matthew photographed the tour bus as it pulled off into the distance.

After over a complete circuit, we see G336 CSG pull away from the railway station (Matt)

After we got off by the railway station we decided to have a walk around and take a few bus pictures. We decided to walk towards the wall and along Station Road. As we passed under the city wall, we saw a First Volvo double decker on a lay over.

First Yorkshire N&W 30960 on a layover off Station Road from it's X4 duties (Matt)

We carried on a short way along Station Road and then got on the wall where it is level with the road. We then walked along the wall towards Nunnery Lane taking some pictures off the wall of buses as we went.

Yorkshire Traction 705 taken off the wall on Station Road (Matt)

When got off the wall in nunnery lane, We used the facilities in the car park and then crossed the road to catch the next tour bus. Whilst we waited we saw several other York Pullman buses on the 44 service, a coach and also a Routemaster! The next tour bus was E313 MSG. Matthew was a little surprised and didn't get a good picture here. we sat downstars on this bus for a short while. As we learned from the last run the bus stops in St. Leonards Place for a good 10-15 minutes, we got off for a drink and to take pictures.

Deadly rivals! York Pullman City Tour E313 MSG stands alongside City Sightseeing Tours 4010 off St Leonards Place (Matt)

Back on the bus we went upstairs in the covered section. It was warm, but at least we weren't in direct sunlight. We called mum to see where she was. She hadn't done to much with her feeling ill and was now waiting in front of Clifford's Tower, so we decided to do the bus around to their to meet her. When we got off. we had about an hour and 30 minutes before the coach was leaving. I thought it would be a good idea to get some food before the return journey and to see if we could get one more bus. mum was the only person that knew where Greggs was as she had been before. Matthew was dragging me out in front and I didn't now where I was going. he ended up dragging me down Spurriergate. I eventually got him to stop and we head back towards the Tower and then we saw a sign for a place called Chico's. We didn't find Chico's, but we did find sandwich shop opposite Tesco Express where we did get a rice crispy slice and a Shortbread caramel slice and some pop. I decided to go up towards The Stonebow, which is somewhere I knew I could get the Tour bus from. it just so happened to be where Greggs was and we were able to get some sausage rolls too! Whilst waiting for the tour bus, we saw Volvo B6 40571 on a #12 service.

First Volvo B6 40571 on a #12 to Acomb Park (Matt)

A few minutes later, required G337 CSG turned up, and we had amanged to get all 3 tour buses out today.

Our last tour bus of the day G337 CSG in the Stonebown (Matt)

We got off by Clifford's Tower again, and then started to walk back toward the coach park. As we went we saw several buses including a Scraggs (of Stoke) minibus.

Scraggs VT 9389 in York (Matt)

He also photographed Volvo double decker 30965...

First Yorkshire N&W 30965 on a #4 University service (Matt)

We go back to the coach a little early, so we decide to sit down on the bank of the Ouse and eat our sausage rolls before returning to the coach. We set off a fraction before 17:00 On the journey back, we hit traffic outside York, but by the time we were back on the A1(M) we had a clear run. We stop at Birch services again. Where the were a couple of Mayne coaches parked up.

Mayne 53 in Birch Services (Matt)

Mayne 54 in Birch Services (Matt)

We were back in Newcastle around 20:00 and we walked back to the Vue car park. After dropping Uncle Dave home. We got home around 20:40. today was a good trip and we could have done thing differently, but I think we made the best decision considering we couldn't remember the City or work out which buses went where within the City. If we return again any time soon we will have a much better idea about which buses to catch in this strange City. more of Matthew's photographs from this day can be found here...Mark

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Trip to Tunstall 28-07-2011


14Church Steet, StokeHanley BS41D & G
4998Hanley BSSmallthorne, Hadfield Green (adj)61Wardle Transport
2962Smallthorne, Hadfield Green (adj)Sneyd Green, Berwick Arms (opp)61Wardle Transport
4607Sneyd Green, Berwick Arms (opp)Tunstall, Asda Superstore (adj)61Wardle Transport
40149Tunstall, Woodland Street stop CNewcastle BS99First Potteries
66841Newcastle BSClayton Village, Beechwood Close(opp)72First Potteries

It's the first day of the college holidays, and we promised Matthew a local trip out after we had finished our meeting social services. We planned on trying to get a couple of the Wardle Transport double deckers which now work the #61 Hanley - Tunstall service. As we had not had any dinner we gave Matthew a couple of choices where to eat dinner. matthew chose to eat his dinner in Stoke. this would be good because then we could catch a #41 to Hanley. With step entranced bus D&G 6 & 12 regularly working on this service we would have a reasonable chance of riding on one of these beasts! Dinner was a breakfast at the London Grill. We sat on one of the table they now place outside, and Matthew watched buses on the #21 and #21A such as 60079 and 40745. After dinner we walked onto church Street to catch a #41 First bus we saw was D&G 30 on a #41 but it was heading towards Newcastle not Hanley.

D&G 30 on a #41 to Clayton (Matt)

We only had to wait another 5 or so minute before D&G 14 turned up on the Hanley bound service.

D&G 14 on a #41 to Hanley (Matt)

We got on the bus and immediately notice the very strange moquette design on the Marshall bodied Dennis Dart. When we arrived in Hanley and the bus emptied, Matthew photographed the inside of this strange bus.

Unusual moquette in D&G 14 (Matt)

After arriving, we immediately went on the balcony to watch the buses coming in and out of the bus station. Arriva Midlands 2703 was on the #164 service. There were quite a few Ex Chester Scanias working on local services such as the #21 and then another #41 heading toward Clayton appeared, which was D&G 116.

D&G 116 on a #41 to Clayton (Matt)

At this point we only had 10 minutes to wait for the half hourly service to Tunstall. Wardle Transport double decker 4998 was parked up and we thought that this might be the bus that was going to work the 14;30 departure. about 14:25 the double decker drivered up and then went round the block to come onto stand. Matthew took a picture off the balcony as the bus pulled up.

Wardle Transport 4998 about to work the #61 Tunstall (Matt)

We left the balcony and went down into the bus station to catch the bus. We booked to Tunstall and went upstairs. We sat a couple of seats behind the stairs on the right hand side as the front seats were already taken. As we left Hanley I looked at the timetable to see where we were going to pass other buses on the #61 service. I worked out we should pass a bus just outside Hanley and as I looked this up we passed Northern Counties double decker 4607. Further consultation of the timetable revealed that we could go to Smallthorne, catch another 61 back to Sneyd Green and we be able to catch 4607 up to Tunstall on the following service. When we got to smallthorne we got off the bus and matthew took another picture of 4998 pretty much where he used to stand every afternoon after school back when we used to live around the corner!

Wardle Transport 4998 in Smallthorne (Matt)

We crossed the road and we had about 7-8 minute to wait for the return service. we were hoping for another double decker but instead we got required Optare Versa 2962.

Wardle Transport 2962 in Smallthorne on a #61 to Hanley (Matt)

We did the short trip to Berwick Road and then waited for 4607 to appear. As we hoped 4607 appeared from around the corner. we went straight upstairs and we were able to get the front seats this time. Matthew took a picture of the upper decker from his front seat vantage point.

Wardle Transport 4607 upper deck (Matt)

We did this Tunstall via Smallthorne, The Bradley retirement village, Chell heath and then into Tunstall via Furlong Road. We passed 4998 in Chell Heath and Matthew got a nice picture! When we got to Tunstall, Matthew photographed the lower deck as we left the bus at Tunstall.

Wardle Transport 4607 lower deck (Matt)

Outside he also got a nice picture of the outside too...

Wardle Transport 4607 in Tunstall (Matt)

When we got to Tunstall Matthew seen keen to catch a different bus back. I thought he would want to catch a #20 or #20A into Hanley. We turned down 65732 on a 20A as we thought it was a bit new. The next bus was a 99 to Newcastle. I should have realised that he would want to do this one as he is a big fan of First PMT's ALX200's. The bus appeared and it was required 40149.

First Potteries 40149 on a #99 to Newcastle (Matt)

Another quiet journey, and when we arrived in Newcastle Matthew photographed the empty inside of 40149.

Inside 40149 (Matt)

Now is where the fun starts! Newcastle is a very difficult place to take Matthew as it is very narrow, very crowded and there is lots of choice. Given the choice of about 4 different buses to catch he was pointing at one and running towards another. One bus that I thought he would want to catch is Ex chester Dart 40137 on a #22 to Longton. he went towards it but only wanted to photograph the inside through the front windows.

Inside Ex Chester 40137

Matthew eventually chose 66841 on a #72 Clayton, This was unusual as we had been on this bus earlier this week! I think the choice was made mainly on the people aboard the bus as when we did finally get on it he had to say hello to 3 different people. We sat down and as we were about to leave we saw a First PMT 30034 pulled into the bus station. It was displaying X39 so it was probably having a driver change before running empty to Alton Towers to pick up passengers. Matthew was keen to do this bus and I'm sure we will do so at some point in the near future. We booked this bus to the nearest point to our house and then I called mum to come and pick us up. As the bus emptied out Matthew photographed the empty bus behind us.

Rear seats of 66841 (Matt)

We had about 15 minutes on the bus and then we got off on Ferndown Drive South. Matthew photographed the bus as disappeared into the distance.

66841 powers away into the distance on Ferndown Drive South (Matt)

We sat on Northwood lane for a few minutes and then mum appeared. There was a slight delay as she was in Matalan when I called her up! Stanways F39 ENF is a beast of a bus. We did the short car journey home and then prepared for this evenings European football game and for bangers and mash for tea... Mark

Monday, 25 July 2011

Trip to Stoke 25-07-2011


40154Waterside Drive, Shepley GroveStoke railway station23First Potteries
66847Stoke railway stationChurch Street, Stoke25First Potteries
66841Church Street, StokeStoke railway station25First Potteries
2931Stoke railway stationStanley Matthews Way, Hem Heath500Wardle Transport

Matthew has been away with respite, so I decided to take him out tonight to ride a few buses. I had seen 40379 earlier and because of the time I had assumed it was going to be on the 23A evening diagram. The bus was not required, but it had been a while since we had been on this bus. We walked to the stop in Newstead, and from he stop you could see a factory which had been on fire early that evening. When an ALX200 turned the corner we were most surprised! With only 3 AG allocated ALX200 to choose from, it turned out to be 40154. This was another bus that was not required, but we had been nearly 3 years since we last went on this bus too! As it pulled up at the stop, Matthew got a good picture...

40154 in Newstead (Matt)

We did the journey to Stoke which was relatively uneventful. There was a man on the bus who wanted to go to Dresden, but was not aware that this bus was only going to Newstead as most evening service don't go to Longton. He was advised to get off in Fenton and catch the #26. Just after he was dropped of we passed a Marshall bodied Dart on a #26, so that would have worked out quite well for him. As we got of we looked across the road to see 1 person at the stop. We must have missed the #25 Keele... Matthew took a picture of the bus we had traveled down on.

40154 outside Stoke railway station (Matt)

After we took the picture, we saw the #25 Keele so we ran across the road to catch it. It was required Volvo 66847 with the silver 'W'. We did the short trip into Stoke town centre and we did not pass the #25 hanley. As we got off to take the picture of 66847, 66841 pulled up on the opposite side of the road and Matthew took a snap picture. In the end we weren't able to get a picture of 66847.

Here's one he took earlier...66847 as seen on the 10th July (Matt)

66841 in Stoke (Matt)

We crossed the road and were just able to get on it. When we got back to the station Matthew was able to get another better picture using his timer to holder the camera steadier.

66841 outside Stoke railway station (Matt)

Round the back of the north Staffs hotel was a national holidays coach which Matthew was able to get a picture of by using a post to steady his camera and using his timer again. It did take a couple of attempt to get a shot with no car in front of it. after we sat and waited for the #500. Tonight it was another Solo, 2931 (BU54 ALL) which we had been on a few week previously on the #58. We did the journey now in darkness. Matthew photographed some of the passenger notices inside the bus. What he did not photograph was the 3" high Spongebob Squarepants sticker under the handrail next to the ticket machine! . It's the little details like this that make buses so individual. We got off on Stanley Matthews Way and then crossed the road to photographed the bus before it's return.

Wardle Transport Solo 2931 (BU54 ALL) on Stanley Matthews Way (Matt)

After taking a few pictures with the aid of posts and timers we set off on the long walk home...Mark.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Trip to Uttoxeter 16-07-2011


40145Ladybank Grove, BlurtonLongton BS22First Potteries
60004Longton BSBlythe Bridge, Black Cock Inn PH (adj)6AFirst Potteries
116Blythe Bridge, High School (adj)High Street, Tean7D&G
61237High Street, TeanHigh Street, Cheadle32First Potteries
61531High Street, CheadleUttoxeter BS32AFirst Potteries
2200Uttoxeter BSLambert Road4Arriva Midlands
2200Lambert RoadUttoxeter BS4Arriva Midlands
61160Uttoxeter BSWerrington PO32AFirst Potteries

Today was a very strange day. We had originally planned to go to Crewe today, but the weather was quite bad until gone 13:00. Just after we had given up on going out today, 40145 was on a Newcastle - Longton service the sun came out. Matthew had indicated that he wanted to visit the Co-operative food store in Blythe bridge to get a photograph of the store. So we decided to just go for a drive and then maybe get something to eat. On the way out we followed 60004 on a 6A service. We went to the store in Blythe bridge, and Matthew went in to photograph a few products. When we came out Matthew photographed the left had end of the store as there were a few people hanging around outside the door. We then got in the and drove. We went to Tean on D&G 116 where Matthew photographed the co-op store from the bus and as we reached the outskirts of Cheadle we parked and he photographed another Co-op. 61237 He then directed us towards Uttoxeter. As we arrived in the town we saw 61531 on a 32A (although it was displaying 34a). We also passed Copelands Tours MIB 236 and Bennetts A18 BNT.

Copelands Tours MIB 236 on the outskirts of Uttoxeter (Matt)

Bennetts A18 BNT on the outskirts of Uttoxeter (Matt)

When we reached Uttoxeter we in the bus station and we walked through the shopping precinct where he was able to get a few more shop photographs. when we got to he bus station there was a flurry of activity. we had already seen Wardles Transport Dart 2404 parked up. When we got to the bus station it was working off on the #428 to Lichfield.

Wardle Transport 2404 on the #428 Lichfield service (Matt)

Just a few minutes later Arriva Midlands Dart 2200 appeared on the #4 town circular. we were going to catch this but we heard the driver tell somebody that it was only going to Tesco.

Arriva Midlands 2200 on the Tesco part of the #4 Town circular (Matt)

We decided to let this bus go and catch it 10 minutes later when it works the Outer Circle part of the service. The Arriva Midlands 2207 appeared and Matthew was keen to do this too. We didn't really have time to do one of these buses out and back and mum didn't know the route. he took a picture and we went back to the stop to do the circular.

Arriva Midlands 2207 on a #1 to Burton (Matt)

The circular bus reappeared and right behind it was Trent Barton X227 WRA on the Ashbourne service. Matthew let everyone else board the circular so he could get a shot of this bus. Also seen but not photographed was Wardle Transport 2410 on the 402 to Burton.

Trent Barton X227 WRA on the Ashbourne service (Matt)

We boarded the bus and found a seat near the rear. This is a really friendly time and people were pleased to see Matthew take an interest in the bus. When we reached the half way point was able to leave Matthew in his seat whilst I booked tickets for the return journey into town. The bus came into the bus station with just us on it and Matthew got a picture of the empty bus at this point.

Inside 2200 (Matt)

As we got of the bus Matthew spotted 61160 in the bus station.

61160 on 32A to Hanley (Matt)

After get a picture of this bus Matthew slightly reluctantly went before mum drove us home. 61160 did the 32A toards werrington. back to the car. We had a quick sausage roll break Perhaps not as good as the planned Crewe trip, but at least Matthew was able to pick up another new bus... (Mark)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Trip to Stoke 14-07-2011


T131 SGABlurtonAbbey HultonCharterZ carz
T131 SGAAbbey HultonBlurtonCharterZ carz
40171Waterside Drive, Shepley GroveStoke railway station23First Potteries
66838Stoke railway stationCauldon College (adj)25First Potteries
2406Cauldon College (opp)Stanley Matthews Way, Hem Heath500Wardle Transport

Today Matthew unusual had T131 SGA to college and back. Matthew was really pleased with this bus turning up on his transport!

Matthew went to Hanley earlier to open a new account, and he was really well behaved so I decided to treat him to a quick trip later. I went out just before 20:00 to see what was on the 23A diagram. It was required 40171... Just after 20:30, we went out and walked the short distance to Newstead to catch the 23 to Stoke station. The bus was due at around 20:52, but it did not turn up until around 21:00. We did the bus to the station as per usual and Matthew took a shot as it disappeared into the distance...

40171 heads towards to Hanley on a #23 service (Matt)

Due to our slight lateness we were unable to do the #25 into Stoke. So I hatched a plan to do the #25 towards Hanley as far as the College in order to pick up the #500 there. We had about 5 minutes to wait and before long required 66838 appeared. As we got on the bus Matthew decided to say hello to a lady on the bus. As he went to wave at her, the man sitting in the seat in front visibly flinched as he thought Matthew was going to punch him. When he realised what was happening he did smile as I apologised for Matthew scaring him! We sat down as we did the bus about 1/2 a mile up the road. Matthew got a shot as it accelerated away...

66838 also Hanley bound outside Cauldon College (Matt)

I did a 84268 text to see when the bus was due. We had about 4 minutes for the 500. When a Dart came over the hill I was surprised. Having seen Solos and Versas on this service, it was nice to see another new type. Originally i though it was M113, but as it got closer we saw it was 2406, which we had been on from Middleport to Hanley back in 2009. Matthew got a shot as it approached.

Wardle Transport 2406 on College Road (Matt)

The bus was lightly loaded and the journey was quiet. After we had dropped the other passengers of at Sainsbury's and we were crossing the A500, a Z carz minibus appeared behind us. The driver must have recognised Matthew as he gave him a thumbs up as he tried to take a picture out of the rear window. We got off near the end of Stanley Matthews way and then waited for the bus to return to the starting point of the return journey where Matthew got a picture.

2406 at Journeys end (Matt)

As we crossed the road to walk home, we saw the bus in the sunset and took another picture. He used the upright of the crossing to steady his camera.

2406 about to work off into the sunset... (Matt)

We then went back home for a bottle of Aldi shandy before bedtime.... Mark

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Trip on the last Sunday #164 10-07-2011


40373Ladybank Grove, BlurtonStoke railway station23First Potteries
61143Signal Radio, Stoke RoadCampbell Place, Stoke21First Potteries
66845Church Street, StokeNewcastle bus station25First Potteries
2902Newcastle bus stationHanley bus station164Arriva Midlands
61556Hanley bus stationLongton transport interchange6BFirst Potteries

As Matthew hadn't been out much this month and today was the last running of the Sunday 164, I decided to take him out today to try and get a ride on this service. The original plan was to catch the 14:00 Newcastle - Longton #22 bus to Longton, catch a 6B to Hanley in order to meet the 164 in Hanley bus station. The bus was due through Blurton at 14:22 so we set off to the bus stop on Trentham Road just before 14:10. After waiting for 25 minutes for this bus, we had to assume that this bus had broken down or the driver was unable to complete this turn. So we followed the route through Blurton to the Ladybank Grove stop. the next #23 bus was due at 14:54 so we waited here for the Hanley bus. As we waited it started to rain so the coats cam out of the bag. The #23 turned up at around 15:00 with dud 40373 for power.

40373 in Blurton on the #23 to Hanley (Matt)

At this point the #22 still hadn't come past in either direction so I can only assume that this leg of the diagram did not run. The reason the #23 was running late is because there was a young girl trying to dodge paying her fare. As her mother got off the bus the young girl miraculously found her ticket, which must have been a 'week student' ticket. When asked to produce a student cards she couldn't. The mum came back on to the bus to see if there was a problem and the driver ascertained that the ticket belonged to her. The younger girl was asked to pay the fare of get off the bus! As a result of this action the bus was 10 minutes late when it left Ladybank Grove. Our plan B was to got to Stoke station (15:12) and to pick up the 164 outside Signal Radio (15:20). As we got off the bus matthew took a quick picture.

40373 outside Stoke railway station (Matt)

We jogged the 400 or so yards to the Signal Radio stop on Stoke Road. As the bus had been made late by the fare dodger we weren't able to make this bus. We saw 40022 on a 21A and we let this go, hoping that the #164 still might turn up. it soon came apparent that we had definitely missed the bus so I used the '84268' system to find the next bus time. There was a #21 at 15:46. I thought that this might make the #22 in Trent Vale, which we could catch up to Newcastle (we'll call this plan 'C'...). The bus turned up and it was ex Chester 61143 which was required.

61143 outside Signal Radio (Matt)

When the bus stopped at the lights over the A500 it vibrated quite a bit! As this bus was also a couple of minutes late, and it was also a bit shaky, I decide to get off in stoke to head towards Newcastle from there. With service #25, #26 and #41, there bound to be something to get us up to Newcaslte for 16:50. When we got off I consulted to bus stop timetables. there was a #25 at 16:22 which should get us to Newcastle with plenty of time to meet the 164 (Plan 'D'). Whilst we waited we were able to take some pictures.

60063 on a Hanley bound #26 (Matt)

D&G 91 on a #41 to Hanley (Matt)

After around 20 minutes and a few buses later, required 66845 turned up on the #25...

First Potteries 66845 on a #25 to Keele (Matt)

When we got to Newcastle we saw Scraggs 80 on the 16:30 to Longtom. It would seem that plan 'D' actually worked and we would finally catch up with the #164. Matthew then got another picture of 66845.

66845 in Newcastle bus station (Matt)

We also saw 40019 on the #72 Clayton and then D&G 41 on the #85 Crewe service...

D&G 41 on #85 Crewe (Matt)

Another bus we saw whilst waiting was D&G 106 on the 94A to Audley.

D&G 106 on a #94A to Audley (Matt)

Shortly after that we eventually saw what we had been waiting for. Arriva Midlands 2902 on the last Northbound Sunday #164 service.

Last Northbound #164; 2902 in Newcastle bus station (Matt)

As we got on Matthew tried to do something that he shouldn't and nearly got us in to trouble. Luckily the driver ignored his bad behaviour. When we got to Hanley he tried to do the same thing again! needless to say he won't be going on a Arriva Midlands bus in Hanley on a Sunday again (unless the timetable changes...). When we got off we were able to take another picture of this beast.

Last Southbound #164; 2902 in Hanley bus station (Matt)

At this point i gave Matthew a choice of a few buses he could catch. he could have done a 21A to Trentham, a #25 to stoke or a 6B to Longton. Matthew choice to do 61556 on the 6B. We left the balcony and waited for the driver to return to this bus.

61556 on a #6B to Blythe Bridge (Matt)

At Longton we were able to get a few more pictures before mum picked us up. 60011 was on a #26...

60011 on a #26 (Matt)

We got another picture of ex Chester 61556...

61556 continues to Blythe Bridge (Matt)

Another ex Chester bus also turned up which Matthew got a picture of...

61554 in Longton transport interchange (Matt)

Also old-school Scania 60073 starting to look it's age...

60073 in Longton transport interchange (Matt)

Shortly after this mum turned up to rescue us. We went home and had Pizza for tea... Mark