Sunday, 27 May 2012

Trip to Leigh / Golborne 26-05-2012


1057Leigh BSNewton Road, Hesketh Meadow Lane‎34Arriva NW&W
66932Newton Road, Hesketh Meadow Lane‎Golborne, o/s House 11 Church Street/Manor Street600First Manchester
2565Golborne, o/s House 11 Church Street/Manor StreetNewton le Willows, nr Lowton Old Station360Arriva NW&W
1054Newton le Willows, nr Lowton Old StationLeigh BS34Arriva NW&W
31941Leigh BSPlatt Bridge, Warrington Road/Millers Lane (N-bound)658First Manchester
40387Platt Bridge, Warrington Road/Millers Lane (S-bound)Leigh BS658First Manchester
2274Leigh BSLane Head, Newton Road/Travellers Rest (SW-bound)34Arriva NW&W
2211Lane Head, Newton Road/Travellers Rest (NE-bound)Leigh BS34Arriva NW&W

Today Matthew decided we were going to Leigh. He point to the destination of one of the buses he had photographed last week. Research for this trip was fairly sparse. Other than look for the direction to get there, checking where we could find toilets and it there was a travel shop in the bus station vary little was done. We packed the Wigan South bus map and a few bottle of pop for emergency rations. Afterall, it was a very hot and sunny day. We set off a little early than lately at around 11:15, but we had to make a few stops before we left town. We stopped at a garage to put some air in the tyres, we picked up uncle Dave, and then we got some LPG from near the Festival Park. We then traveled along the A53 and then Northwards on the A500 until the last lay-by before the M6. We stopped for bacon and sausage sandwiches which we ate in the car. As we ate the sandwich we could see that the Northbound M6 was looking very busy, in fact almost at a stand. I was considering what to do for the best. Radio Stoke had said there were no problems which was a little worrying. We left the lay-by around 12:30, and i was still wondering what to do for the best. As we went around the roundabout I remembered the road to Alsager just before the M6 North slip road and so we went in that direction. After going into Alsager I followed direction for Sandbach, traveling along the A533 and the the A534 to get back on the M6 at the next junction. After that slight detour we were back on track. We came off the motorway and onto the A579. We did a short stretch of the Eastbound A580 and then into Leigh along the A572, passing an Arriva NW&W ALX200 Dart heading out of town. There was a bit of traffic in the town centre and we had to queue for a few minutes on Spinning Jenny way. We parked adjacent to the shopping centre before saying goodbye to mum and walking down to the bus station. As we entered the bus station Matthew got a picture of 31926 on an unidentified service.

First Manchester 31926
After a quick toilet stop and a visit to the travel shop for time tables, the first thing of interest we saw was required Arriva NW&W Scania 1057 on a 34 service.

Arriva NW&W 1057 about to work to St Helens
We waited by stop M for the bus to come around. whilst we waited i worked out that the ALX200 dart would be back at 16:20. Eventually just before 14:00 it did. Matthew then took a picture of the inside of this bus.

Inside 1057...
We tried to book a System One bus only ticket but as this is a St Helens bus and driver he wasn't sure how to do one. He let us all on for free as we were going to be buying one anyway. We were hoping to go on this bus beyond the A580, but as this was the first time on this bus I got up to early. As we went south we passed a Wright bodied bus and then another Dart. We got off and Matthew got another picture.

1057 in Lowton
We then waited for another bus. I decided the best move would be to catch a First Manchester bus as we would definitely be able to get system one tickets on this bus. We had already seen a modern decker go out on a #600 so with a bit of luck perhaps we would get another one. When the bus appeared it was a Volvo single decker. As it got closer we could see it was First Manchester 66932 would almost certainly be required.

First Manchester 66932 in Lowton
Whilst on the bus, I consulted the map and realised we could do this onto the #360 route, and then get the #360 to meet the #34 at the edge of Newton-le-Willows. When the #600 we were on turned towards Golborne onto the route of the #360 we got off. almost immediately behind 66932 was an Arriva bus. It was required 2688.

Arriva NW&W 2688 in Golborne
We got on and asked if we could go to the junction to meet the #34 ans he said yes, but not on this bus as it was only going to Golborne. In the excitement we forgot to check if it was going to Warrington! He said there would be another on in approximately 10 minutes ans so we let it go. We decided to use the time to visit a shop to get some pop and lottery tickets. We returned to the stop and eventually we could see a bus in the distance. it looked like an Icarus bodied bus and as it got closer we could see that it was. It was almost certainly going to be required as we had only been on one if this type before. Closer inspection revealed required Arriva NW&W 2565.

Arriva NW&W 2565 in Golborne
Off we went, through Golborne and across the A580. We passed Arriva NW&W 2560 which had it's hazards on, presumable broken down. at the junction with newton road we got off the bus and Matthew got another picture.

2565 on the edge of Newton-le-Willows
When we got off we had around 5 minutes to wait. Required Arriva NW&W Scania 1050 went passed going towards St Helens. Pretty much on time, we saw another Scania approaching from the distance. I was almost certainly going to be required with 1057 being out of the way for a while, and the only other one of this type we had been on before being 1053. As it approached we could see it was required 1054.

Arriva NW&W 1054 on the edge of Newton-le-Willows
We headed back to Leigh further familiarising ourselves with the route. When we got back into the bus station Matthew photographed the inside of the bus empty.

Inside 1054
As we got back we just missed First Manchester 31926 again, this time we saw it was on a #658 service. I went to get a timetable for this and whilst I was in the office 31941 appeared, the one we went on last week. Matthew decided he wanted to do this anyway and so we went to wait on stand G for the bus to come around. A few minutes later 31941 appeared on stand and we got on.

Inside First Manchester 31941
We went onto the top deck sitting near the front, and almost immediately regretted it! There are no opening windows near the front of the top deck and it was roasting hot. We set off to the north and we started drinking pop from emergency supplies to try and keep cool. We decided to go to Platt Bridge, somewhere we had been on last weeks trip. The journey to Platt Bridge was quite nice apart from the heat. The journey between Tamar and Platt Bridge is mainly through countryside and you can see for miles from the top deck. We eventually touched down in Paltt Bridge and crossed the Road for a return service. We gave matthew the choice of doing the #360 or the #658 service. When the next bus on the #360 was big and Wright bodied, Matthew turned it down. The following bus was required First Manchester 40387 on the #658.

First Manchester 40387 in Platt Bridge
We got on and sat near the back. There were numerous open windows and this journey was much cooler than the one before on 31941. The journey back was swift, but we didn't pass 31926 at any poit so it must have been wigan side of us. When we got it was nearly 16:10 and we had forgotten about the ALX200 Dart. It appeared and it was required 2274 and so when asked Matthew said yes to doing this bus.

Arriva NW&W 2274 in Leigh bus station
We got on first and Matthew photographed the inside of the bus.

Inside 2274
This time we planned on going to near the A580 junction. As we got to that area Matthew seemed reluctant to get off, ducking down in his seat. We got off a few stops later outside a pub, which had a beer garden at the front.

2274 by the Travellers Rest
Matthew seemed to want to use the toilet and so we decided to stop at the pub for a quick drink. We must have passed a bus which we didn't see, and then we saw 1057 heading towards Leigh. We guessed the next one towards Leigh would be the unidentified Plaxton Dart we saw earlier. After a quick toilet stop we ordered 2 drinks as uncle Dave didn't want one. We quickly had our drinks and waited to take a picture of the St Helens bound bus. It was required Arriva NW&W 2492. Matthew wasn't quick enough to react to get a picture of this bus. Uncle Dave was that hot and bothered he had my ice cubes, and then we crossed the road to catch the bus back. As predicted it was a Plaxton bodied Dart. As it got closer we could see it was required 2211. The picture was hard to take here as we were looking into the sun. When we got to Leigh, Matthew took a picture inside this bus.

Inside Arriva NW&W 2211
It was now time to go albeit taking a few pictures. 31926 made another reappearance on the #658 but we didn't have time to do it now.

First Manchester 31926 in Leigh bus station
Matthew also got a picture of 2211 after it had emptied out and ran around the bus station. We also saw First Manchester 60154 too.

Arriva NW&W 2211 in Leigh bus station
We also spotted Network Warrington 17 on a #19 to Warrington.

Network Warrington 17 in Leigh bus station
We then head back to the car. Mum had moved the car to a shady part of the car park which was a really welcome sight. We tucked into sausage rolls and had a drink before we set off with mum driving. We set off towards the M6 via The A572 and the A580. I told her to go the wrong way after seeing a really confusing sign at the edge of the A580 which appeared to point left. After doing a very small triangle we were back on the A580 propper and heading towards the M6. Matthew was getting a bit fidgity in the back so we decided to Stop at Sandbach service for a quick toilet and shop stop. We had some lollies and Matthew had a couple of truck magazines. We came off the M6 at junction 15 and when on the A500 Matthew directed us down the A34 past the First Newcastle depot. We then did a circle of Newcastle on way system before heading toward festival park on the A53. I decided to take us between Etruria and Shelton on Etruscan Street, but it was blocked by a fire engine with Matthew found amusing. We headed back Along the A53 and then south on the A500. We went to the A50 then back home along Stanley Matthews Way. We got home a little after 19:00...Mark

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Trip to Newcastle 24-05-2012


1450Heron CrossBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
40751Bucknall Newhouse RoadHanley BS5First Potteries
30029Hanley BSNewcastle BS34AFirst Potteries
40143Newcastle BSBiddulph High Street99First Potteries
40143Biddulph BSNewcastle BS99First Potteries
2260Newcastle BSBradwell Hospital35Wardle Transport
2301Bradwell HospitalNewcastle BS35Wardle Transport
40148Newcastle BSBlurton Ladybank Grove22First Potteries

Today Matthew was in respite, and was going to college at least at the start of the day. Matthew got up around 07:00 and would have been redy for his transport to college at 08:00. It was his usual bus Wardle Transport 1450.

Wardle transport 1450 in Heron Cross
He would have arrived at college around 09:00. Today after 09:00 he went out for a bit of a trip around the Newcastle area. The first bus he had was First Potteries 40751 on the #5 to Hanley. They travelled through Bucknall and up Limekiln Bank. They got to Hanley around 10:00. After around an hour in Hanley, they spotted First Potteries 30029 on a #34 service. This was done through Festival park and up through Basford along the A53. This was done to Newcastle bus station where he got off. For dinner Matthew went to Morrisons in Newcastle. Matthew had a breakfast and the a lemon meringue for afters. Whilst in Morrisons they visited the toilets. Around 13:00 they saw 40143 was seen on a #99 to Biddulph. They travelled out through Wolstatnton to Porthill. They they went down through Longport and up to Tunstall. From Tunstall they traveled along the A527 to Biddulph. Matthew wanted to do this so he did this all the way to Biddulph and back the opposite way they came. In Newcastle Matthew saw 2260 on a #35 service. They did this to Bradwell. The return #35 was 2301 which he did back to Newcastle. as it was getting late, Matthew did a #22 homeward, which was First Potteries 40148. This was done South along the A34 to the hospital. They then went along Hilton Road and reapeared on the A34. After passing under the A500 they went through Hanford and Trentham. They Joined the A5035 which they did to Blurton. After he got back home we went out to MacDonalds for tea...Mark.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tirp to Jacksons Nurserry 22-05-2012


1450Heron CrossAbbey HultonCharterWardle Transport
CN59 AEWAbbey HultonJacksons NurseryCharterBlackfriars
CN59 AEWJacksons NurseryAbbey hultonCharterBlackfriars
1450Bucknall Newhouse RoadHeathcote Street,SaxonfieldsCharterWardle Transport
1623Heathcote Street,SaxonfieldsHeron CrossCharterWardle Transport

Today Matthew was going on a trip to Jacksons Nursery from college. He was in respite in Heron Cross today. He would have gotten up around 07:00 in the morning with Kerry Holdcroft and then waited for his transport to college. On the he went before to Birkenhead. we saw Wardle Transport 4776 on a X50 to Derby. On the he had been to Nantwich from Sandbach via Crewe. He would like to go to be Northampton soon. The bus came around 08:00 and we was his usual Wardle Transport 1450.

Wardle Transport 1450 in Heron Cross
we got on would have gotten to college around 09:00. Today we Blackfriars CN59 AEW we got on we set off went to Jackson Nursery we got off. Whilst there he would have had a meal and a drink of coke followed by a cake. He then would have come back to college. Back at college we set off around 15:00 on his usual college transport and this was Wardle Transport Mercedes minibus 1450. we got On the way back we set off via Bucknall. saw Z Carz T131 SGA around Limekiln Bank. we then went along Dividy Road. On Dividy Road we saw First PMT 61243 on a #26 service. Bentilee past the Esso petrol station Adderley Green, First Aderley green garage. we saw First PMT 40779 on a service #1. to Heathcote Street,Saxonfields we got off transferred from his usual bus which outing was Wardle Transport 1450 Mercedes minibus and onto another bus which we was Wardle Transport 1623 we got on which has 16 seats. we set off liked the interior of this bus other bus. we saw First PMT 61235 on a service #1 to Hanley. we then carried on along Longley Road and King Street. In Fenton we saw Wardle Transport 2245 on a #50 service. we got off to Heron Cross Wardle Transport 1623 around 16:00. Whilst in respite picture of Wardle Transport 1626.

Wardle Transport 1626 in Heron Cross
He then had a tea and then settled down for the evening. Matthew visited one of the neighbours house too. we saw Z Carz YJ61 GYZ outside the respite unit. He then had a bath and used the toilet. He had some toast and orange juice before bedtime...Mark

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Trip to Wigan 19-05-2012


31941Wigan BSPemberton, o/s House 563 Ormskirk Road/Enfield Street‎628First Manchester
2715Pemberton, Ormskirk Road/Enfield Street (W-bound)Orrell Post, Orrell Road/Orrell Council Offices (Stop D)395Arriva NW&W
3083Orrell Post, Orrell Road/Orrell Post (Stop C)Pemberton, Ellesmere Road/Halfway House (E-bound)385Arriva NW&W
60146Pemberton, Ellesmere Road/Halfway House (E-bound)Wigan BS628First Manchester
2562Wigan BSAbram, Warrington Road/School Street (S-bound)360Arriva NW&W
2997Abram, Warrington Road/School Street (N-bound)Wigan BS360Arriva NW&W
4103Wigan BSPemberton, Ormskirk Road/Enfield Street (W-bound)375Arriva NW&W
60149Pemberton, o/s House 563 Ormskirk Road/Enfield Street‎Wigan BS628First Manchester

Today we finally got to go to Wigan. We had planned on going on the 5th of May, but a late running Aiming High trip that morning (due to an accident on the A500) had forced us to temporarily postpone this trip and go to Nantwich intead. The 12th was the Wardle running day and so we rescheduled for today. Research had been to get the 2 TfGM maps for Wigan, as well as to get hold of a few choice timetables. Matthew got up around 11:00 today. We set off a little after 12:00. It was an overcast afternoon, and it was even trying to rain as we left. We filled up with LPG at Longport before continuing north along the A500. the roads were fairly quite and we did the M6 and then the A49 into Wigan. We parked on a street near the bus station arriving around 13:30. First thing as always is to find a cafe to eat. We found a place called Mr Chippy, a small cafe just around the corner form the bus station. Matthew had a breakfast, as well as helping his mum eat hers! We finished eating around 14:15 then walked to the bus station. The first thing we saw of interest in the bus station was required First Manchester 31941. It was just going off service and Matthew got a picture.

First Manchester 31941 lays over Between 621's and 628's
We deiced to wait around for a short while to see if it was going to work again. It was displaying 628 Kitt Green on the display so we looked up the stop for this service and waited there. There was already a Excel on stop P which left promptly. The next one was due off 12 minutes later at 14:42. Just before 14:42 did indeed move onto stop P and then we boarded the bus. We went upstairs and Matthew got a picture of the upper saloon.

Inside First Manchester 31941
Off we went, heading South West out of Wigan along Wallgate. Just after the big roundabout we turned to the right onto Ormskirk Road passing Arriva NW&W 4101 on an inbound service from Southport. I asked Matthew if he wanted to do this bus later and he said yes. I looked at the Wigan South map and worked out if we got off as the bus was returning back along Ormskirk Road and then crossed over, we could catch 4101 as it went out of town. We did 31941 around the estates and it was a pleasant journey, much better than when we did 31930 out of Bury. We got off as planned as the bus rounded the corner onto the A577. Matthew got another picture of this fine beast.

31941 in Pemberton
We crossed the road to wait for the 385. We consulted the bus stop timetable and we saw we had about 15 minutes to wait for the 385, so as another Arriva bus approached, I asked Matthew if he wanted to do this bus and he said yes. We flagged it down and Matthew got a picture of Arriva 2715.

Arriva NW&W 2715 in Pemberton
We got on the bus and looked at the fleet number as we sat down. It was required Arriva NW&W 2715! We decided to do this to Orrell, and if we got a bus quickly enough then maybe we could still get back for Arriva NW&W 4101. the bus journey to Orrell was swift. We got off and Matthew got another picture.

2715 in Orrell
We crossed the road and waited at the stop. Almost immediately a bus turned up and it was required Arriva NW&W 3083 from Southport depot. Matthew got a picture as it approached.

Arriva NW&W 3083 in Orrell
We got on the bus and set off towards Wigan. just as we were about to get up we passed 4101. we decided to get off anyway, as we could do a 628 back into Wigan which would almost certainly be required, rather than travel any further on this rather new bus. we got off and Matthew got another picture.

3083 by the Halfway House
So we waited for the #628, which we knew would almost certainly be an Excel and therefore a required bus. a few minutes later we saw an excel approaching in the distance. as it got closer we saw it was required First Manchester 60146.

First Manchester 60146 by the Halfway House
We got on and headed for the back. The Excels have mainly orange and red checked seats, which are very bright. The back seat is warm from the engine and they smell like a proper bus. we did this short journey back to Wigan bus station and Matthew took a picture of the inside of this interesting bus.

Inside 60146
We now had a few minutes to regroup and think about our next move. I decided to take Matthew to the toilet whilst we had the chance. Whilst he was in there, I saw a strange looking bus at the other end of the bus station. I thought hat it might be an Ikarus bodied DAF on the 360 to Warrington, so when Matthew came out I asked if he wanted to do that bus and he said yes. As we got closer it was confirmed as required Arriva NW&W 2562. We got on this bus and booked to Platt Bridge. It was quite full and we had to sit near the back as these were the only available seats. We set off around the bus station and as we were heading back up the bus cut out! it was soon restarted and of we went. As we traveled down we passed Arriva NW&W 2556. The bus did empty out a little as we went towards Platt Bridge, but it was still quite full as we got off. Matthew wasn't able to get a good picture of the front of 2562, but he took one of the rear as it went.

Arriva NW&W 2562 disappearing towards Warrington
We crossed the road and looked at the timetable. There was a bus due almost immediately, and it turned up and was required Arriva NW&W 2997, just transferred from Manchester. we got on to a completely empty bus. On the journey up one person did get on and then got off again before we reached Wigan. When we got into the bus station Matthew took a picture of the inside of the empty bus.

Inside Arriva NW&W 2997
At this point we knew we would only have time for one more quick out and back run before the 17:00 rush. Within a few minutes required 4103 came into the bus station and we knew Matthew would want to do it.

Arriva NW&W 4103 in Wigan bus station
It wasn't due out for around 15 minutes, and so we decided to stand and take picture for 10 minutes. One such picture was First Manchester 40391 on a service to Leigh.

First Manchester 40391 in Wigan bus station
We also saw First Manchester 40064 at this point too. We saw First Manchester 40390 here too. After a few minutes we saw 4103 move of from its stabling point to go onto stand U so we headed off to the stop. We boarded the bus and Matthew go a picture of the empty upper saloon on this bus.

Inside Arriva NW&W 4103
And so off we went. The plan was to do this to Pemberton, and catch one of 352/375/385/395 or 628 back. s we left town we passed the car and mum was reading awaiting our return. We got talking to another passenger about Matthew travels and when we got to the edge of Pemberton we got off 4103 and Matthew got another picture of this bus.

Arriva NW&W 4103 in Pemberton
Behind us was a Dennis coach. It was Hartley's P509 NBP. We crossed the road to wait for a return bus. It wasn't long before we saw an Arrive bus approaching. It was something new looking so we let it go and decided to wait for another Excel on a #628. After a few minutes we saw an Excel turn the corner. It was required 60149.

First Manchester 60149 in Pemberton
Same as before we sat at the back. The bus was warm and had the same real bus smell as the other Excel. When we got back Matthew photographed the inside of this bus too.

Inside 60149
when we got off Matthew had a quick wander round and said hello to a few people. As we walked back to the car past the stabled buses, we noticed there were further stabled buses on the street below. so e walked back to the car the long way, taking picture of Excels and other buses as we went. one bus we saw was Arriva NW&W 2800.

Arriva NW&W 2800 in Wigan
We then walked back to the car and met mum who was waiting with sausage rolls. As we left Wigan I got a little lost. As I could see the DW stadium to my left I worked out I was heading North West. i turned left at the next big junction and then when I saw the DW stadium close up I knew we were heading towards the big roundabout near Wallgate. We got back onto the A49 and headed south until we reached the M6. As we approached the M56 I got talking to mum and forgot to move over to car on South on the M56. And so we were on the M56 heading toward Chester. I was going to come off at the next junction, but as we traveled west we spotted a Bristol RE in the distance. We overtook it just as we got to the next junction and Matthew got a picture out of the rear opening window.

Crosville YFM 280L on the M56
It was just too late to turn off at the A49, and so we went to the next junction for the A56. We rounded the roundabout and then headed back to the M6. We headed south until we reached junction 16 and then got onto the A500. Matthew wanted to go South as far as the A34 in Hanford, and so we turned and turned again up Church Lane. We then went along New Inn Lane, and then called in at McColls on The Lea. We then headed home, getting back around 18:40...Mark.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Trip to the POPS rally 13-05-2012


198WedgwoodLongton BSSpecialPMT
198Longton BSWedgwoodSpecialPMT
62WedgwoodTrentham GardensSpecialStratford Blue
RM467Trentham GardensWedgwoodSpecialLondon Transport
55WedgwoodBarlaston GreenSpecialBournemouth
A506 FSSBarlaston GreenWedgwoodSpecialNorthern Scottish

Today was the POPS rally, highlight of the North Staffordshire bus calender! We had always planned on being at this event, the Wardle double decker running day was an added bonus. I opened Matthew curtains around 09:00 revealing another fine sunny day. Matthew got up around 10:00 and we were ready just before 11:00. we picked up uncle Dave and then drove onto Wedgwood. When we arrived we brought a program and a local fleet list book. The first hour or so was spent looking at a few of the buses and Matthew was spending his money on books, DVD's and photos. Just before 12:00 we decided to catch a bus The Midland Red Olympian EEH 902Y was heading to Stone, and we just missed it. However behind that was PMT 198 on a mystery tour. The driver said it was going to take approximately 30 minutes and as we have yet to have this bus we decided to do it. We got on required 198 and off we went. the bus took the usual route to the A5035 then turned towards Trentham. We turned at Magdalen Road and then headed through Blurton along Beaconsfield Drive and onto Blurton Road. The bus actually went within a few hundred yards of our house! We then turned up Longton Hall Road and we guessed at this point it was probably going to the transport interchange at Longton. Sure enough we arrived in Longton and the driver said we could jump out and take a picture or two before returning. So we jumped out and did just that.

Mystery destination. PMT 198 in Longton
After getting back on, we rode back via Longton Hall Road, Blurton Road, Church Street, Trentham Road and back to Wedgwood. on the retun journey we worked out could either do required PMT 604 to Hanley (12:30) for dinner or we could required Routemaster RM467 to Trentham (12:35) for dinner. As we were approaching time was passing at it had gone 12:30, We passed 604 at the site entrance. As we turn toward the arrivals stop, we could see the Routemaster ready for departure. We got off and took a picture of PMT 198.

PMT 198 back at Wedgwood
By the time we got to the stop the bus had gone. as there was a small gap, Everyone sat down near the stop whilst i took the shopping back to the car. When I got back Straford blue 62 was at the depart stop. I look at the timetable and realised that this was the next Trentham. So I asked Matthew if he wanted to do this and he said yes. He took a quick shot of this required bus before we jumped on.

Statford Blue 62 at Wedgwood
We sat down over the offside rear axle and off we went. This is a very nice bus and was well filled with enthusiasts. This year the Trentham service was running to the drop off point for coaches by the retail village, as opposed to the old gate. This take a good mile off the journey as the return services used to have to run to Hanford to turn back to Wedgwood. I think if this continues it could be a good thing. It will save on fuel costs plus possibly get a few more passenger visit the event who have just come to Trentham for shopping. The buses when entering the site go around the outside of the car park before heading back to the coach drop off point. Straford 62 when along passed the car park and then turned back. As it turned it clipped the curb and made a loud bang as it dropped off. There then came a loud scraping noise from under the off side rear axle. I thought that perhaps it had tipped the curbstone and then dragged it along under the bus. When we stopped most people jumped out with a few going to inspect the bus. Matthew got off and took his picture.

62 at Trentham Gardens
As we were taking a few pictures, we heard someone saying that the exhaust had fallen off and was being dragged along. we decided it was time for dinner and a toilet stop. We headed to the riverside dinner and we ordered dinner. Matthew of course want a cake for afters too. I took a picture of him with a very chocolaty face as he tucked into a slice of fudge cake. We then walked back to the coach drop off point to wait for a return service. we photographed a couple of coaches before required RM467 appeared. Matthew got a picture before we boarded.

LT RM467 at Trentham Gardens
We climbed the stairs and we had an enjoyable trip back. It's nice to view the Staffordshire countryside from an elevated position on a double decker bus. As we traveled along, we passed PMT 860. I had looked for it on the timetable, but it wasn't supposed to be working. A closer look at the timetable revealed that it must have worked the 14:05 to Trentham, taking over from Stratford blue 62's duties!

RM467 at Wedgwood
When we got back mum went off to do a little birthday present shopping whilst we worked out what we could do. We thought that perhaps 860 would work Stratford Blue 62's next duty, which was the 15:00 to Stone. There was a Barlaston circular at 14:30. We could do this and still be back for 15:00 so we decided that this was going to be the move. the circular was going to be Bournemouth 55 & Northern Scottish A506 FSS. we had been on A506 FSS when it was in Glovers colours, so we decided to do the required Bournemouth bus. If there was a stop in the middle, we could always swap. a few minutes later the 2 buses pulled up on the stop. we boarded Bournemouth 55 and off we went. We headed out towards rough close and then swung back into Barlaston, turning when we reached the village green pointing back towards Wedgwood. The buses did stop to allow for pictures and to allow passengers to swap between buses if desired. Matthew got a picture of Bournemouth 55.

Bournemouth 55 at Barlason Green
He took another one for good measure...

Bournemouth 55 at Barlason Green
Then he took one of Northern Scottish A506 FSS before we boarded it for the return journey.

Northern Scottish A506 FSS at Barlason Green
The journey back was down a narrow country lane that has speed bumps, is very dark due to being tree lined and is the same road in which we spun the car on ice back in February. The buses stopped under the tree for an addition driver change. Our bus was then driven past Bournemouth 55 for a photo on the same curve where we had spun the car. The buses then swapped over there order again and we drove back to Wedgwood

A506 FSS at Wedgwood
When we got back it was around 14:50 so we had a short wait for the Stone service. Matthew went on a few buses and took pictures before we saw Turners 10 pull up on stop. We asked the driver if this was going to Stone and it was. there was slight disappointment that it wasn't PMT 860, but it was nice to ride on this double decker again. The route out was via Trentham and the A34. turning into Stone from the roundabout just South of the town centre. There was a quick stop and we got off to take a picture.

Turner's 10 in Stone
We boarded the bus and after a minute or two we set off back North. The return journey was via the A520. we passed through Lightwood before turning by The New Florence towards Dresden. We then took the A5035 back to Blurton before turning left to wedgwood. When we got back Matthew took a further picture of this bus.

10 back at Wedgwood Stone
Back at Wedgwood buses were starting to leave and so we headed back to the car. As we drove uncle Dave back we put the Stoke match on the radio. Stoke were losing 1-2 to Bolton but Stoke drew level after Peter Crouch was allegedly brought down by Bogdan. Walter leveled from the spot and that is how the match ended. Bolton were relegated. We had got home at around 16:30. Matthew started to watch his new DVD's whilst I listened to the end of the match. And that is how this enjoyable but tiring weekend finished...Mark.