Friday, 31 May 2013

Trip to Trent Vale 31-05-2013


40150Magdalen Road, BlurtonTrent Vale, opp Chubb Way (Unmarked)22First Potteries

Today Matthew had a playscheme arranged for the morning, so we decided to take him on a bus to Trent Vale too. Matthew got up around 08:00 havig toast and orange juice for breakfast. He chilled out on his computer until around 09:30 wen mum took him up to Chell Heath. They turned onto the A5035 and then onto Stanley Matthews way. The went onto the westbound a50 and then onto the northbound A500. We saw Wardle transport 4652 on a #30 service on the A500. North of longport they turned onto the A527 Tunstall by-pass which they did over to High Lane. Off high Lane they turned down Spring bank road and into Heathfield school. She dropped him off at 10:00. Whilst there he did various thing including baking some chocolate cakes which he of course ate whilst he was there. We also spent some time outside where he was able to see buses go past. some of his sightings include bakerbus 183 & 250 on the #9 and 41495 on a #21. I picked him up from Chell Heath around 14:55. Matthew went to the toilet and then we departed. We went back via Spring Bank Road. As we turned onto Spring bank Road we saw Wardle Transport 4891 on another #61 turn. Te route back was a reverse of the rote in. High Lane, Tunstall by-pass, A500, A50, Stanley Matthews Way. Outside the Britannia stadium we saw Wardle Transport 2963 on the Plumline. We got home around 15:15 and we had a quick toilet stop before walking down to the stop on Magdalen Road. We had left the bus pass at home so we had to go back and fetch it. We returned to the stop at the exact time the bus was due. Luckily traffic was heavy today so the bus was a few minutes late. I had seen the turn early I the day so I knew the bus was going to be First potteries 40150. It turned up a round 5 minutes late and it was 40150 as predicted.

First Potteries 40150 in Blurton
We got on the bus and sat near the back. This is a bus that Matthew had done before but hadn't. He hadn't been on it for a long time, the last he did it was when he had respite in Parklands more than two years ago!. It was very warm and Matthew was glad I made him leave his jacket at home. The bus turned onto the a5035 and then onto New Inn Lane. We passed 40148 on a Longton bound #22 and we stopped on New Inn Lane to let someone off and the bus cut out! The bus was quickly restarted and we carried on to Wilson Road and Church Lane. We then got onto the A34 and then headed to Trent Vale, and then turned onto Harpfields Road. As we passed the Black Lion pub we had seen mum parking the car. We got off the bus and then Matthew took another picture of 40150 as it carried on to Newcastle.

First Potteries 40150 in Trent Vale
We walked onto the A34 towards the Black Lion. As we walked down we spotted a Scania in the distance. It was 65040 on a Hanley bound #101. He got a picture as it headed away.

First Potteries 65040 in Trent Vale
We walked to the pub car park and met up with mum. Inside Matthew had his usual brunch and toffee sponge pudding with ice cream. this was washed down with coke and blackcurrant and soda. Whilst we ate we saw a number of #101 including two the rarer Scania's for this service 65003 and 65004. We left the pub around 17:00, setting off to pick up uncle Dave. We headed down the A34 and onto the A500. As we joined the A50 we were alongside Wardle Transport 2260 on a #350 service. We headed to Heron Cross and after picking up uncle Dave We headed back through Heron Cross into Blurton. We got hone around 17:30. We then chilled out watching telly ad eating snacks. He also spent time on his computer and watching bus DVDs before going to bed around 23:30...Mark

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Trip to Rudyard Lake 29-05-2013


FJ10 BJXShelton, opp Cemetery RoadRudyard LakeCharterAiming High
FJ10 BJXRudyard LakeHanley ParkCharterAiming High
FJ10 BJXHanley ParkShelton, adj Cemetery RoadCharterAiming High

Today Matthew had an Aiming High trip arranged. Matthew got up just after 08:00 and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. They sat off around 09:30 onto the A5035 past the hem Heath pub. They continued onto New Inn Lane and followed First Potteries 40154 along on a #21A to Bradeley. They stopped at the Wrights Pie shop n Hanford and picked up some mini sausage rolls to put i his packed lunch. Shopping done they carried on down Mayne Street and onto the Northbound A34. At Hanford roundabout they tuned right onto the Northbound A500. They did this up to Shelton New Road where we turned and then parked up at the Crossroads building. He said goodbye to mum and went into the building to use the toilet. When everyone was ready they went out to the bus, which was the usual aiming High vehicle for Shelton FJ10 BJX.

Aiming High FJ10 BJX in Shelton
Matthew and friends got on the buses and they set off towards Rudyard Lake. They went along Shelton New Road up to Snow Hill and onto Broad Street. We passed 40373 on a #21 service. We went onto the ring road which we did around to Bucknall New Road. We went down Limekiln bank and turned left onto Leek Road. We then carried on along this road until we reached the A53 Which we did forward to Leek. We went trough the town and onto the A523. We saw First Potteries 40383 on a #18 service. We carried on along the A523 to Rudyard where we off parked adjacent to the lake. We stopped at the visitors centre, where Matthew went to the toilet. We then walked over to the boast which we were going to be using today. It was a twin hulled, rowing boat.

Matthew's boat for the day at Rudyard Lake
We sat in the boat and we decided that today we would row over the lake in one single long session. Part way along Matthew got bored with rowing and he threw his oar into the lake. After the oar was retrieved he decided from this point on he was just going to relax and let everyone else do the work. He got a picture of cattle grazing close to the shore of the lake.

A view from the boat
They headed back to shore and then we had our packed lunch was down with more orange juice. They had a bit of time to spare, so after visiting the toilet again they set of back to Hanley Park. They headed down the A523 into Leek. We saw 40375 on a #18 service. We then did the A53 to Badderley Green and then onto Leek Road. We passed Wardle Transport 2038. We did Leek Road down to Botteslow street before cutting across Lichfield street into Shelton before parking up in Hanley Park. After 30 minutes here they returned to the minibus and headed back across Stoke Road to the Crossroads building. He went inside to use the toilet and photographed the sink. We picked up at 15:00 and we drove from Shelton New road to the A53 to pick up some LPG. Whilst we were filling up we spotted First Potteries 34158 on a #34 to Audley. After getting LPG We carried o Along the A53 to the A500. We did this south to the A50 and then to Longton. There were a few buses parked up by Z Carz today. was there as well as mini coach W344 WNS.

Z Carz W344 WNS in Longton
We also saw recent arrival W221 CDN.

Z Carz W221 CDN in Longton
Then we spotted a new vehicle to Z Carz, Mercedes minibus M372 NWN.

Z Carz M372 NWN in Longton
We turned passed the Willow Row compound to see if there was anything there. Lightning minibus FD53 UNX and MJ03 DPU were inside the building. T408 JUX was also there. We got back onto the A50 and headed to heron Cross where and then picked up uncle Dave. We picked him up and we headed through heron Cross through Blurton. We got back home at around 16:00. around 17:00 i went to fetch some food for tea from the chip shop. We had sausage chips and gravy. Matthew had a chill out on his computer before we went to uncle Dave's around 20:20. We went via Blurton Road and Heron Cross. Here we drank pop, ate custard creams, watched telly and listened to music on uncle Dave's computer. Around 22:00 we left uncle Dave's and got onto the A500. We Headed South to the A519 where we got onto Whitmore Road. We went down to the A34 and then onto the A5035 we stopped at Nat West to use the cash machine and carried on along the A5035 and to home. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until going bed until around 00:00...Mark

Monday, 27 May 2013

Trip to Hanley / Kidsgrove 27-05-2013


2531Newstead, adj Magdalen RoadLongton TI22Wardle transport
60063Longton TIHanley BS6BFirst Potteries
61531Hanley BSKidsgrove Town Centre, adj Queen Street7First Potteries
65732Kidsgrove Town Centre, opp St Johns RC Primary SchoolHanley BS20AFirst Potteries
2410Hanley BSEndon, adj The Plough Hotel18Wardle Transport

Today we decided to go out for a few hours around tea time. Matthew got up around 11:00 and had some toast and orange juice for breakfast. Matthew chilled out on the computer and i went to view the buses on the local services First Potteries 40030 & 40373 were on the #23/23a turns and Wardle Transport 2531 was on the #22 turn. Non of the buses were required, but we didn't have anything better to do so we decided to go out. We had a late dinner of Chicken and potatoes around 15:00 followed by lemon meringue cheesecake. Around 16:20 we set off to the bus stop. As it was now raining we walked to the stop on the A5035 as it has a shelter. Around 16:35 the bus turned up and was Wardle Transport 2531 as expected.

Wardle Transport 2531 in Blurton
We got on the bus and sat at the back of the bus. This could have possibly been the last Sunday #22 bus into Longton. Unless someone steps in and agrees to run this service from next week, or the council suddenly find some money this Sunday service may never run again. The journey was swift and over all too soon. We got to Longton and the last five people got off this bus and then Matthew took a picture inside this vehicle.

Inside Wardle Transport 2531
We waited around the side of the bus station for the bus to set off to Newcastle for the last time. The bus pulled off stand and paused in the bus station wist Matthew took a picture.

Wardle Transport 2531 in Longton transport interchange
We let 61556 on a #26 to Newcastle go, we also let 60004 which was on a #6B to Blythe Bridge go too. 60063 pulled into the bus station on a #6B to Longton so we decided to get on it.

First Potteries 60063 in Longton transport interchange
This bus was not required, but it was a long time ago when we last had it back in July 2009! We sat down at the back and there was only one other person on this bus. I can't remember anyone getting on this bus either. The bus went down King Street and Victoria Road. We crossed Joiners Square and went into Hanley up Lichfield Street. When we got to Hanley bus station Matthew waited for the one person to get off the bus and then he photographed the empty 60063.

Inside First Potteries 60063
We got off the bus and Matthew visited the toilet. After a bit of a wander around Matthew sat down and had a small bottle of Limeade and most of a Galaxy Caramel which he shared with me. We saw an interesting Ex Chester Scania which I thought was required, First Potteries 61531. It was going to Kidsgrove on a #7 so we decided to gt on it.

First Potteries 61531 in Hanley bus station
We sat down near the back. The bus was quite well filled. As we went off it turned out not to be required, but he had only done this us once before. We set off out of Hanley along High Lane and through Smallthorne. Here we passed 61553 on an inbound #7 short from Chell. We carried on through Packmoor and into Kidsgrove from the east side. When we arrived we were the last 2 people on this bus. We got off and took a picture of the inside of the empty 61531.

Inside First Potteries 61531
Matthew visited the public toilet here, and then we walked onto the a50 to see when then next bus to Hanley was due. It had just turned 18:00 and the next bus, a #20A was not due into 18:28. We decided to visit the Moorland Takeaway and have a portion of fries between us and 2 cans of Coke. We checked out the time of the next #34A (18:29) and then we walked to the bus stop outside Kidsgrove job centre to sit and shelter whilst we ate the fries. Matthew wouldn't let me have a can of Coke, but he did let me share his. We waited for the bus, keeping an eye out in the other direction for the #34A which was due at roughly the same time. Both buses turned up at the same time, both a coupe of minutes late. Ours came first, and it was dud First Potteries 65732.

First Potteries 65732 in Kidsgrove
We sat down near the back. First Potteries Dart 40144 appeared on the #34A service. 65732 is bus we had done back in August 2011. We set off towards Tunstall along the A50 picking up plenty of passengers on the way. i was really impressed when it stopped on Kidsgrove bank and pulled away from the stop with ease. We carried on through Tunstall passing First Potteries Solo 40026 on a #21 on Bradeley. We went trough Buslem and Cobridge and then into Hanley along Hope Street and Stafford Street. We pulled into the bus station and Matthew waited for bus to empty before getting a picture inside this fine beast.

Inside First Potteries 65732
So far we hadn't had much luck in picking up required buses. We sat down in the bus station and waited for soething intersting to turn up. required first Potteries 60060 was parked up and about to work something. Also first potteries 61238 came in aon a #6b to Blythe Bridge. Matthew turned this down and we shared another can of Coke whist we waited. The Wardle transport 2410 appeared on the doomed Sunday eveving service to leek. I checked the 'Buses have traveled on' page and found it was required. We decided to this and Matthew got a picture of this required Dart before we boarded it.

Wardle Transport 2410 in Hanley bus station
We got onto this bus and there was one other person on this service. Matthew took a picture from half way down the bus before we sat down.

Inside Wardle Transport 2410
We set off at 19:15 out of Hanley towards Sneyd Green. We passed First Potteries 65037 near the Berwick pub which was sitting with the rear engine cover open. We headed onto the A53 and then turned towards Leek. The bus took no time to run up to Endon where we had arranged to meet mum. As we stood up to get off Matthew photographed the blue lighting in this vehicle.

Lighting inside Wardle Transport 2410
We got off and waited for mum to appear. Mum turned up about 10 minutes later and we got in the car. We headed back down the A53 and then divert to Captain Kooks, but it wasn't open today. We then headed into Hanley along High Lane and then around the ring road to Broad Street. We stopped at Chunky Chicken and Matthew used the toilet here. To eat Matthew had a chicken burger and fries was down with orange Tango. After we had finished we drove home Via Stoke Road, The A500, the A50 and Stanley Matthews Way getting back around 20:45. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:30...Mark

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Trip to Ashton / Hyde 25-05-2013


40403Ashton BSHazelhurst, nr house 14 Hazelhurst Road/Matlock Avenue39First Manchester
40403Hazelhurst, nr house 14 Hazelhurst Road/Matlock AvenueAshton BS39First Manchester
40380Ashton BSHyde BS346First Manchester
19120Hyde BSAshton BS330Stagecoach Manchester
40382Ashton BSHazelhurst, nr house 14 Hazelhurst Road/Matlock Avenue38First Manchester
40382Hazelhurst, nr house 14 Hazelhurst Road/Matlock AvenueAshton BS38First Manchester

Today we were going back to Ashton-under-Lyne. We had planned on returning here after our brief visit there earlier in the month.. Research consisted of asking on the Dennis Dart Forum which services were best to see the remaining Ashton Darts, and to check the weather which was for a warm sunny day. Matthew got up just before 11:00 today, and had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set of a little later than usual today around 12:30. We drove onto the A5035 and ten onto Stanley Matthews Way. We headed onto the Northbound A500 and onto the M6. The traffic was going slow. A few miles North we passed Z Carz BV51 BNO heading South. Once we left the M6 and headed up the A556 the traffic situation improved. We got onto the M56 and went on the Anticlockwise M56 up to junction 23. We tried to find a place called Hanson cafe whilst we were on the move but we didn't succeed. So we got back into the car and drove around to Water Street and parked up there around 14:15. As we walked to the us station Matthew got a picture of Stagecoach Manchester 36427

Stagecoach Manchester 36427 in Ashton bus station
We ended up having some food from a sandwich place that was on the edge of the bus station. Matthew went to the bookies to use the toilet and as we walked up we saw First Manchester 31929 on a #333 service.

First Manchester 31929 in Ashton bus station
We then came back to the sandwich shop to choose a Cake. Matthew had a sausage bap and a can of Coke and then ate a Bakewell slice. We sat in the bus station to eat it. whilst we ate we saw First Manchester dart 40374 on a #389 service. We finished eating and said goodbye to mum. We walked up to the end of the bus station and we saw 40382 on a #38 circular. We took pictures and then it pulled off so we missed that on. We then decided to wait to see what was on the #39 circular. whilst we waited we took a few pictures. We took one a picture of Stagecoach Manchester 22098 #7 to Stockport.

Stagecoach Manchester 22098 in Ashton bus station
Just before 15:00 required First Manchester 40403 made an appearance on the #39. We walked around to get a picture whilst a driver change took place.

First Manchester 40403 in Ashton bus station
We bought our System One bus tickets and sat down near the back. The journey isn't that long so we decided to do an out and back trip on this us. We left the bus station and turned right onto Wellington Road. At this point we passed 40406 displaying #346 on the front. We carried on up Penny Meadow and onto Whiteacre Road. We came onto Queens Road and onto Palace Road. We also passed 40384 on a #331 service. We then reached the top circle of the route on Hazelhurst Road. The bus returned back along Weymouth Road, Kings Road and Curzon Road rejoining the common part of the route on Whiteacre Road. When we got Back Matthew waited for the bus to empty before getting a picture of the inside of 40403.

Inside First Manchester 40403
As we came into the bus station we spotted 40380 on a #346 about to depart. Rather than waiting 15 minutes for 40382 on the #38, we thought we would tried and get down to 40380 before it departed. We walked briskly to the opposite end of the bus station and got a picture of 40380.

First Manchester 40380 in Ashton bus station
We walked over to the bus and got on it. We sat near the back and the bus set off. The #346 doesn't take the most direct route to Hyde, It travels to the East of the two towns and diverts East up Talbot Road and back into Hyde along Victoria Street. As we traveled down we passed First Manchester 40374 heading north on a #346 service. We got to Hyde in around 30 minutes and we got of the bus and walked around the side of the bus station to get a picture of 40380.

First Manchester 40380 in Hyde bus station
Matthew visited the toilet in the bus station and then we had a walk around taking a few bus pictures whilst we waited for something to turned decent to turn up back to Ashton. There a few Stagecoach Enviro 400's coming and going with one such vehicle being Stagecoach Manchester 19235.

Stagecoach Manchester 19235 in Hyde bus station
We walked around the other side of the bus station and sat by the Bridge over the M67 taking a few bus pictures. We decided to check out the shop in the bus station but it had closed 40 minutes early around 16:20 instead of 17:00 as it was supposed to. We saw First Manchester Solo 53148 on the #389 to Ashton, but Matthew didn't want to catch it. He took a picture of it instead.

First Manchester 53148 in Hyde bus station
There was now nearly a 15 minutes gap in the #346 service. He had turned down a Stagecoach Enviro 400 and a First Manchester Solo on the #346. We then spotted required Stagecoach Manchester 19120 on a #330 to Ashton and I asked Matthew if he wanted to catch it and he said yes. He took a picture of it from the door of the stand behind the bus.

Stagecoach Manchester 19120 in Hyde bus station
We walked up to the bus and got on it. We sat upstairs and the bus set off. The bus takes a very direct route from Hyde to Ashton through Dukinfield along Victoria Road. We left around 16:30, and I worked out if we could get back for 17:10 we would have another shot at riding on First Manchester 40382. The journey took less than 15 minutes. We saw 40403 leaving again on the #39 so we went to the toilet in the betting shop and then went to the top of the bus station to take pictures. Whilst we waited for 30382 to appear Matthew got a picture of First Manchester 37453 on a 348 service.

First Manchester 37453 in Ashton bus station
We saw 40382 had arrived on Stand P, and Matthew got a picture of the bus.

First Manchester 40382 in Ashton bus station
As we were about to cross over to get on 40382, an elderly gentleman dropped down to the floor in front of us. I thought he had had an heart attack, but he told me he had had too much to drink. With the help of another gentleman we stood him up, and then we rushed off to catch the bus! There was no way I was going to miss 40382 again. We crossed over and got on the bus, sitting down near the back. We set off on the reverse route tat we had done on 40403. The bus was empty by the time we got onto Queens Road. Here we passed 40374 again, this time on a #331 service. When we got back Matthew took a picture of the empty First Manchester 40382.

Inside First Manchester 40382
We walked back to the car taking a few more pictures. It was now around 17:40. When we got back to the car mum had got sausage rolls and Matthew had a drink of Vimto and another Bakewell Slice. We set off and turned left out of Water Street and followed the signs for Manchester until we saw the sign for the M60. We headed clockwise around the Southern half of the M60 through Stockport and then we joined the westbound M56. We did this to the A556 and then joined the Southbound M6. We then did the A500 down to the A50 and into Longton. At Z Carz tonight there were only 4 vehicles. Front of the row was LDV minibus R920 WNT.

Z Carz R920 WNT in Longton
This was followed by the Meredes minibus that we had seen earlier in the day, BV51 BNO.

Z Carz BV51 BNO in Longton
Behind then was buses from the taxi fleet X599 WDY.

Z Carz X599 WDY in Longton
Also present was airport transfer bus DL03 HHU.

Z Carz DL03 HHU in Longton
We then headed down Longton Hall Road and into Blurton. We saw First Potteries 42726 on a Hanley bound #23 and 40150 on a Longton bound #22. We got home at 19:00. For a late tea we had bangers and mash. Matthew then chilled out on his computer before bedtime around 00:30...Mark

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Trip to Bucknall / Festival Park 22-05-2013


1321BentileeBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
MIB 268Bucknall Newhouse RoadFestival ParkCharterCopeland's Tours
MIB 268Festival ParkBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterCopeland's Tours
1321Bucknall Newhouse RoadBentileeCharterWardle Transport

Today Matthew was in respite. He got up and had breakfast and around 08:30 the bus came to collect him for college. It was his usual vehicle Wardle Transport 1321.

Wardle Transport 1321 in Bentilee
we got on 1321 and the bus set off down Dividy Road and towards the A52. The bus went along Werrington Road before turning into Newhouse Lane and to college. After registration we had a trip out to the Festival Park. For the trip out college had chartered Copelands Tours MIB 268. Everyone loaded onto the coach and then we set off. The coach headed out onto the A52 and then up Limekiln Bank to the ring road. The coach then went around Hanley to Etruria Road and then down to festival Park. After a morning's bowling we had dinner. For dinner I had Chips and a drink of Coke. we the returned to the coach, Copeland's Tours MIB 268. The bus travel back up Etruria Road and around Hanley on the ring road. The coach then went down Bucknall New Road and onto the A52. Te coach then turned into Newhouse Road and then to college. In the afternoon Matthew had a cooking class and then after college Wardle Transport 1321 appeared to take him back to respite. The bus went back onto the A52 and then onto Dividy Road and to the respite place. He went to his room and whilst he waited for tea he took a few bus pictures. The first we saw Intercity Volkswagen minibus YK07 NYX.

Intercity YK07 NYX in Bentilee
We then saw Wardle Transport 1649 arrive too.

Wardle Transport 1649 in Bentilee
For tea Matthew had sausages and Mash with Carrots. For afters he had had a fudge flavoured yoghurt. He then chilled out and watched television. He also walked up to the local shop and brought a galaxy caramel. He chilled out a bit longer before having a bath and going to bed around 23:00...Mark

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Trip to the POPS rally 19-05-2013


3524WedgwoodStoneSpecialCity of Manchester
3524StoneWedgwoodSpecialCity of Manchester
1918WedgwoodGladstone Pottery MuseumSpecialMidland Red
CRG 103Gladstone Pottery MuseumWedgwoodSpecialCrosville
PWS 492SWedgwoodBarlaston GreenSpecialBadgerline
PWS 492SBarlaston GreenWedgwoodSpecialBadgerline
DRN 116WedgwoodStoke stationSpecialArriva London
DRN 116Stoke stationWedgwoodSpecialArriva London
124WedgwoodGladstone Pottery MuseumSpecialChesterfield
EHY 362Gladstone Pottery MuseumWedgwoodSpecialBristol Omnibus Co

Today was the highlight of Matthew's social calender! We checked the weather forecast the day before and was for sunny intervals. Matthew got up around 10:00 and I went to pick up uncle Dave before we were due to go out. Whilst I was out we saw Wardle Transport 2534 on the #22 service. Matthew had some toast and orange juice for breakfast. When we got back Matthew finished getting dressed and we set of to Wedgwood around 10:50. We got onto the A5035 and then turned onto Barlaston Road. When we turned onto Blurton road we passed Bluebird GSO 90V heading towards Stone. We got to the site and parked up near the visitors centre. The first thing we did was to go shopping! Matthew went to Dave Spencer and spent nearly £100. Whilst looking at the DVD's Matthew turned and photographed the coach B22 XKX as it passed.

Preserved coach B22 XKX in Wedgwood
Ths was a vehicle he saw and photographed from the bus in Endon back in April. He then went to MDS book and bought then new First book. He went around the other stalls and bought a few pictures of older PMT vehicles from the 90's. We then considered catching a bus. We had spied a nice Badgerline coach, and we had seen it was due to work the 11:45 to wedgwood. We walked up to the stop to wait for the bus but it appeared not to work this turn. As we waited Matthew got a picture of Greenbus 204 as it passed.

Greenbus 204 in Wedgwood
As we considered what to we saw a half cab double decker that we hadn't been on before, City of Manchester 3524.

City of Manchester 3524 in Wedgwood
We checked the book and found it was going to Stone so we decided to do it. We got on and sat upstairs. The sun had come out and the top deck was full. It was rather warm on the bus so I open a window. We set off to Blurton along Blurton Road and Barlaston Road. We turned onto the A5035 and headed to Trentham. At Trentham we turned left and headed south on the A34. Just south of Stone we turned left onto the A520 and ten headed into stone before stopping on Crown Street. We had 5 minutes before we were due to depart so we headed into the toilet. After he had finished he came out and got a picture of 3524 in Stone.

City of Manchester 3524 in Stone
The advertised route for this service was back via the A520 to Lightwood, but this service went along Newcastle Road and back onto the A34. We went back up to Trentham, a,d then back to wedgwood via the A5035, Barlaston Road and Blurton Road. When we got back we had another quick look around the buses. There was an intersting open top double decker that had had Wardle Transport lettering on the side in the style of a London Transport bus.

Wardle Transport JTF 218F in Wedgwood
We also saw an interesting East Lancs bodied leyland Olympian, Midland Red 1918.

Midland Red 1918 in Wedgwood
A quick check of the book saw that this bus was due off in a few minutes at 1315 to the Gladstone Pottery Museum. Whilst we had traveled to Stone and back, mum had gone home to get here phone and had also made some sandwiches. We waited at the stop and sure enough a few minutes later 1918 appeared at the stop to work the Gladstone service. The interior was similar to the batch of Dart we completed when we visited Shrewsbury back in Feb 2012. We went upstairs and sat down. The bus set of along the Blurton Road, Barlaston Road route onto the A5035. Instead of going left to Trentham we turned right towards Longton. We reached the edge of Longton and then we crossed over the A50 and then went into Normacott Road and then the museum in Chadwick Street. The timetable was such that the buses had a layover so you could make the bus 2 buses in front. Dud Devon General 537 had done the 1245 from Wedgwood. This was at Gladstone when we arrived on the car park, but it pulled of before we got off. That was OK though, as we had done this bus earlier in the year to Adderley Green and back when we did the Hanley Finale Day back in February. A few people stayed on Midland Red 1918 even though it had got a 35 minute layover. Matthew did get a picture of the empty downstairs of the bus before he got off.

Inside Midland Red 1918
We had a approximately 15 minutes before the next departure which was required Crosville CRG 103, so we decided to have a picnic whilst we waited. We ate luncheon meat sandwiches, and Matthew had a banana and an angel cake to. This was washed down with a drink of a bottle of Coke. Te bus had been parked on the other side of the car park near Uttoxeter Road. Just before time the driver of CRG 103 started up the bus and drove it over to the bottle kilns so he and all of us enthusiasts could get a picture of the bus in front of a local historic landmark.

Crosville CRG 103 at the Gladstone pottery museum
After everyone had taken pictures we loaded onto the bus and waited for the next arrival, which was the City of Manchester double decker we had been on earlier in the day. We set off back across the A50 and then back to Wedgwood via the A5035, Barlaston Road and Blurton Road. When we got back to Wedgwood, Matthew waited for this vehicle to empty before getting a shot inside this very nice bus.

Inside Crosville CRG 103
We had another walk around the buses on the site. Matthew spotted the door was open on the Badgerline coach that we had tried to do earlier and so he took a picture inside this vehicle.

Inside Badgerline PWS 492S
We then looked to see if there was another working for this bus today. It was due to do the 1435 Barlaston Green circular. We had a few minutes and so we walked around the bus again to get a few more pictures. We saw one of the new D&G Optare Solo SRs so we took a picture of it.

D&G 6 in Wedgwood
There was somebody on board so we asked if we could go aboard to have a look inside this bus. The somebody was Chris from the Staffordshire and Merseyside Yahoo bus group, the D&G correspondent. Matthew also got a picture of the inside of this bus too, with its rather nice leather seats.

Inside D&G 6 in Wedgwood
We walked back to the stop to wait for the Badgerline Coach. It turned up and Matthews camera was a little slow and so he didn't get a good picture at this point. We formulated a plan to do this bus up to the green and then catch the next service back, which was required Royal Blue single decker OTT 43. The bus however didn't visit the green and stop. The us went onto Blurton Road and turned right. However, instead of going on towards Barlaston, the bus turned right onto Longton Road and then headed back to the site down Queen Mary Drive. It was a short run, but at least we did get to ride on this beast. When we got back to the site, Matthew was able to get a good picture of the bus.

Badgerline PWS 492S in Wedgwood
We immediate spotted one of our favourites about to work a shuttle to Stoke railway station. So we took a quick picture of Arriva London Dart DRN116 before crossing the road to get on it.

Arriva London DRN116 in Wedgwood
We sat down near the back of this stylish Dart. The buses headed off onto the A5035 and then went down Blurton Road to Heron Cross. We then did the A50 Link road and Victoria Road. At joiners square we saw Maritza minibus KP06 XGN. We followed the minibus down Leek Road and then we turned onto Station Road to the railway station. After a quick photo stop at the station we returned back via Stoke Road, the A500, the A50 and then back into Heron Cross. As we traveled back we realised that we had missed out on a ride on Bristol VR double decker VVV 952W, which was on it's was to Stone. We went back along Blurton Road, Barlaston Road and the other Blurton Road before returning to Wedgwood. When we got back Matthew waited for the bus to empty to get a picture inside this fine example of a Dart.

Inside Arriva London DRN116
It was coming towards the end of the day and there weren't many options left. There weren't many other required buses out that were due to work. We were about to do required PMT 805 XVT when Matthew decided he wanted to go to the toilet. As it was a local bus we decided to let it go and we waled over to the visitor centre to use the facilities there. On the way we saw Chesterfiled 124 parked up on the bus turning area.

Chesterfield 124 in Wedgwood
We used the toilet and then walked back to the stop, the 1600 to Gladstone was due to be dud Olympian GFM 104X. Chesterfield 124 pulled up at the bus stop and we didn't know what it was working. We overheard that it was replacing GFM 104X on the Gladstone run so we got on and went straight upstairs. At this point the bus was lightly loaded so he got a picture of the top deck behind him as he sat down.

Inside Chesterfield 124
The bus set off along the same route as we had done early on Midland Red 1918. As we joined the A5035 we passed VVV 952W on the inbound Stone service. We got to the Gladstone in good time. It was the penultimate run, so we got off and took a picture and decided to wait 10 minutes for the return of the last run of the day. This bus was booked to be required Bristol Omnibus decker EHY 362. We let Chesterfield 124 go and kept our finger crossed. Matthew ate a rice crispy squares bar and drank a can of Fanta whist we waited. We went to the end to wait for the bus and whilst there we worryingly saw a single decker go up and past the museum and ten return back towards Longton. The 1630 departure time came and went and around 5 minutes late we were relieved to see bus come around the corner!

Bristol Omininus EHY 362 at the Gladstone pottery museum
We got on the bus and sat upstairs. We went back along the A5035 and headed into the site. We passed quite a few buses as the vehicle were starting to leave for the day. We got back to the site and PMT 866 (60100) was stopped opposite our bus.

First PMT 60100 Wedgwood
We had a quick walk around the site and took a few more pictures of the buses leaving. We walked back to the car to meet mum and then we set off back. Blurton Road, Barlaston Road, A5035, Blurton Road and onto Heron Cross. We dropped uncle Dave off home and we decided to have a chippy tea as we it was getting late. We drove along Smithpool Road and stopped at the chip shop there. Matthew had a burger and chips and we drove back via City Road, The A50 link Road and Heron Cross, getting back around 1730. matthew ate his burger and chips and watch some of his new DVDs. After having a bath he chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 23:20...Mark