Saturday, 28 April 2012

Trip to Heron Cross 28-04-2012


40375Heron CrossLadybank Grove, Blurton Corner23AFirst Potteries

today Matthew started the day in respite and we were on our way home from a holiday. It had been arranged for Uncle Dave to stay over at our house to wait for Matthew, whilst transport had been arranged for Matthew to come home some time in the morning. Due to a mix up the transport never came! Somebody saw the transport arrange on a Saturday and presumed it was a mistake and and canceled it. He got up around 07:00 and then had some breakfast. around 09:00 Whilst waiting in Heron Cross he went to the local shop and brought a few things such as some pop and a cake. On the way back we saw First Potteries 42727. we saw Wardle Transport 1647 going to Alton Towers pick up one of his friends. He also had some cake whilst he waited for something to happen. Some time in the morning Uncle Dave received a phone call telling him he had to come down to pick Matthew up! Uncle Dave walked up from Blurton as he had no change for a bus and then picked up Matthew with his bus pass just after 12:00. They then walked up to Blurton Road to wait for the bus back. Whilst there we saw First Potteries 40003 on a Hanley bound #23 service.

First Potteries 40003 in Heron Cross
A few minutes later a Newstead bound #23A bus appeared and we got on it. It was First Potteries dud 40375.

First Potteries 40375 in Heron Cross
After a short ride up to Blurton we got off and Matthew got another picture of this fine bus.

First Potteries 40375 in Blurton
They then walked back and wait for us to return from our holiday. When we got back a little after 14:00 I had to show him all the pictures I had taken whilst away, and we had a take away delivered so we had time to sort a few thing out. After tea we settled down for the evening before going to bed...Mark.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Trip to the Snowdome 22-04-2012


W187 RREHeron CrossJohn Street, HanleyCharterZ Carz
FJ10 BJXJohn Street, HanleySnowdome, TamworthCharterAiming High
FJ10 BJXSnowdome, TamworthJohn Street, HanleyCharterAiming High
T131 SGAJohn Street, HanleyHeron CrossCharterZ Carz

Today Matthew was in respite, but he had also been accepted to go on a trip to the Snowdone with Aiming High. We made arrangements for them to take him to Hanley. In Heron Cross Z carz W187 RRE arrived. A step entranced minicoach with 20 seats. It had a very nice interior, it even had a radio! Matthew would have set off around 09:30 to get to Hanley at 10:00. he had Z carz W187 RRE to Hanley. Scraggs 42 step Entranced minibus 42 was on the #16 to Leek. This was a bus he had been on before when it worked his college transport. In Hanley we saw First Potteries 60011 heading into town. Matthew transfered on Aiming High FJ10 BJX, another bus that he has been on before. He got a picture before he got on.

Aiming High FJ10 BJX in John Street, Hanley
In Hanley was Acton Coaches BXI 33 drove to Shelton. According Matthew the route they took to the Snowdome was through Shelton was Acton Coaches BXI 33 to going Blackpool onto the A500 to Hanford and then on the A34 towards Stone. South of Stone they got onto the A51 and then went through Lichfield to the A5. Matthew saw Arriva Midlands 3728 in Cannock on a #74 service. They stopped for fuel at the Colwich filling station.Harvest Energy. Londis shop for Coca Cola and mint Aero for a snack. They got back on minibus. They then did the short distance into Tamworth and to the Snowdome. They would have arrived just after 11:00. Matthew had a great time on the Snow in Tamworth. He went to the snowplay section of the Snowdome. They also did some ice skating. They also visited Starbucks Coffee lounge for a drink and a cake. Aterward on the way home, we saw the coach Dudleys M750 VYB on the tiny little screen at the front of the coach. we saw Watts Coaches M677 KVU too. we saw Edwards coaches LUI 7923 aswell. He returned back on FJ10 BJX, via Cannock, A5 and then onto the M6. They got back in Hanley around 16:00 where Z Carz T131 SGA was waiting. there are 24 seats in this bus. Someone came to meet him in Hanley where he transfered onto Z Carz T131 SGA inside of this bus again to go back to Heron Cross. He was back in respite by around 16:30 where he had his tea...Mark

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Trip to the Black Lion 21-04-2012


42726Heron CrossLongton Hall Road23First Potteries
40137Longton Hall RoadTrent Vale, adj Woodlands Rd22First Potteries
40176Trent Vale, opp Black LionHanford opp Man in Space21First Potteries
40137Hanford opp Man in SpaceBlurton Road, Blurtn22First Potteries
40169Blurton Road, BlurtonHeron Cross23First Potteries

Today Matthew went to the Black Lion again. Matthew was in respite so we arranged for a PA to go with him. He got up at 07:00 and had breakfast whilst he wait for the time when his PA arrived. At 12:00 the PA arrived and they set off to the bus stop in Heron Cross. Whilst there we saw Wardle Transport 1454,1450,1455.1453. If fact we saw the whole fleet. Wardle put on a special bus parade for him. Even the one that weren't fit to work were towed past on the back of a truck. They Walked to Heron Cross to wait for the Blurton bus. Copeland's tours MIB 783 was seen working on the #40. When the bus turned up it was required 42726.

First Potteries 42726 in Heron Cross
The bus was done to Blurton where Matthew was able to get another picture of this bus.

42726 in Blurton
Matthew visited the BP garage. They then crossed the road to wait for the 13:05 from Longton to Newcastle. After a short while the #22 turned up and it was Ex Chester 40137.

First Potteries 40137 in Blurton
They did this bus to the other side of the Black Lion and got off to Walk back.40153 was also seen on the #22 service. He then got another picture of the bus. Trip between stuff.

40137 in Trent Vale
Whilst out Matthew had his usual dinner of Sausage Chips Egg and Beans with Toffee pudding for afters. After dinner they walked to the stop opposite the Black Lion. The bus turned up and it was required 40176. Matthew got a picture of this bus.

First Potteries 40176 in Trent Vale
Out and about Copeland Tours Coach MIB 246 was also seen. Matthew visited the Co-op. The bus was done to the Man in Space in Trentham where he got another picture of this beast.

40176 in Trentham
Whilst waiting for the #22 he saw 40150 heading towards Newcastle and also another 61244 was seen on a #21. He also saw 40751 did the following #21A.

First Potteries 40751 in Trentham
Ex First Manchester 34069 is a great bus. After a short wait the #22 appeared and it was 40137 again.

First Potteries 40137 in Trentham
When he got off he got another picture of this bus.

40137 in Blurton
The journey was swift. The final leg of the trip from Blurton 30038 is a beast and it was 40169. He got a picture of this before he go on it.

First Potteries 40169 in Blurton
They did the bus to Heron Cross before walking back to the respite unit for his tea. He had a bath later and then chilled out before bedtime..Mark

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Trip to Newcastle (Newcastle 80) 15-04-2012


2405Blurton, opp Ladybank GroveNewcastle BS22Wardle Transport
66843Newcastle BSNewcastle BSCharterFirst Potteries
RML 2518Newcastle BSNewcastle BSCharterEx London Transport
66843Newcastle BSNewcastle BSCharterFirst Potteries
66843Newcastle BSNewcastle BSCharterFirst Potteries

Today was the 80th year celebration for the Newcastle depot. We has know about this event for over a month but it took a while to get firm details this event. Advertised as having a 'shuttle service to the depot' and also a 'free vintage bus service' we thought this day was going to be really good. The main emphasis of the day was that the proceeds from the shuttle service were going to help a young girl go to America to have an operation to help her walk. Matthew was up at an unheard of time of 08:30 today, and we planned on getting to Newcastle on the Wardle Transport #22 service which is 10:32 from Blurton on a Sunday. The weather was fine but a little chilly. We got ready for around 10:00 and we went to fetch Uncle Dave. We missed the #22 going towards Longton so we did not know what it was going to be. The usual bus for this turn is a short Optare Solo. We got back to Blurton around 10:25 and then we waled over to the stop to wait for the bus. After a could of minutes we could see it in the distance and we saw it was for the first time a Dennis Dart. As it got closer we saw it was 2405.

Wardle Transport 2405 in Blurton
A quick check of the page revealed it was required so that was a good start to the day. On the bus was John Lovatt, a bus and railway enthusiast for many years and know to most people locally. We chatted for a while whilst we traveled over to Newcastle. This was the first time we had done this service in this direction and it seemed very strange when the bus drove into Trentham Gardens! After doubling back and traveling through Trentham and Hanford, we headed into Newcastle via the hospital. When we got to Newcastle Matthew waited for the bus to empty before getting a shot of the inside of 2405.

Inside 2405
Early signs were good, Preserved PMT 198 was on the stand next to 2405, and a Routemaster was stabled in the middle of the bus station along with 60069 and 40180. Matthew jumped on 198 and we were told we could sit on the bus but it wasn't going anywhere today and that it was a static display. There was a box of goody bags with a commemorative pamphlet with information about the Depot. Matthew wanted to help himself but I told him he had to wait until he was on the shuttle bus to get one. Someone told us that the depot shuttle was going from stand 7 and it would be about 10 minutes and so we decided to go to the bench at the bottom of the bus station to wait and to take a few pictures. 66843 rounded the corner an we got a picture of it.

First Potteries 66843 in Newcastle bus station
Surprisingly it pulled onto stand 7 and we saw a crow gathering so we knew it was going to be the shuttle. A quick check of the check of the page we could see that it wasn't a required one. The bus loaded up and we set off up to the depot. As we traveled a gentle acted as conductor and we paid for our 3 tickets. We pulled in through the gates and stopped at the edge of the shed. The manager of the depot got onto the bus and then proceeded to give a talk about the depot. Inside the depot there were a number of buses in the main shed receiving attention. 61144 was having its floor rebuilt. 34311 was having new seats for the new school term. 40015 was having it monthly inspection. 40145 was having a gearbox and engine change. 30034 was having a new alternator fitted. 65733 was there with a broken window. There was a also an ex PMT Leyland National 279 which was parked in front of 34311. Outside the depot at the front Were Scania's 60013 & 60015, and the two Ex Chester Dennis Darts with Plaxton bodywork were also there, 40136 & 40137. A few minutes later we left the depot and return to Newcastle bus station. When the bus emptied out Matthew got a picture of the inside of the bus.

Inside 66843
As we were getting off we heard the conductor say, "Shall we go with the double decker on the next trip?". So we decided to go again. As it was a rear entranced bus the bus loaded up in Stubbs Street instead of Stand 7. Whilst we waited we bumped into an old railway friend Steve Cotton. The Routemaster came around and it was required RML 2518. We got on and we went upstairs. We waited for the conductor and we paid our money again. and off we went to the depot again. The manager got on and we had a similar talk to the last trip before returning back to Newcastle bus station. We waited patiently for the top deck to empty and Matthew got a picture of the empty bus.

Inside RML 2518
We then walked around the bus to get a good picture of the outside of the bus.

RML 2518 in Newcastle bus station
When we got back we decided to have a walk down to the Ironmarket to have a look at the other buses on static display. We had a walk around, took pictures and even sat on some of the buses. One of the vehicle parked up was 'Gold Service' vehicle 65026.

First Potteries 65026 in the Ironmarket
After a while we walked back to the bus station via Wrights Pies where we picked up a couple of sausage rolls and some drinks. We walked back to the bus station and sat on the bottom bench whilst eating our food. We also took a few pictures such as 65706 traveling down Stubbs Street.

First Potteries 65706 in Newcastle bus station
After we had eaten, I asked Matthew what he want to do and chose to do another tour. The next tour was 66843 so we got on and did another lap of the depot. When we got back i was expecting Matthew to choose to do another bus, but he wanted to go have a look at the static vehicles on the Ironmarket again. He went and sat on all the buses and coaches on which he could including sitting in the driving seat of a couple of the vehicles. We then returned to the bus station, to try and do another bus out to somewhere. Wardle Transport 2203 was working the #94A to Audley and Wardle Transport 2260 was working the #41 to Clayton. We thought Matthew was going to do 2203 so we called mum to ask her to come out and meet us. Matthew was holding on in the bus station hoping something else would work. We sat on PMT 198 for a while, and we saw RML 2518 arrive back from the depot and then stable up. The conductor said that it had finished for the day. Matthew was holding on and holding on hoping something else was going to work. Just before 13:45 the driver of 66843 asked us if we wanted to go again, and with this probably being the last trip Matthew decided he wanted to do it. He took one last picture as we left the depot of the vehicles at the front and then we headed back to Newcastle.

First Potteries 60013 & 60015 in Newcastle bus garage
We got off 66843 just before 14:00 and we sat at the bottom of the bus station again. Mum called to say she was parked up on the A34 and to ask where she wanted us to meet her. As Matthew could decided what to do we decided to get picked up from the bus station. Within a few minutes mum appeared and we got into the car. We went home via the Chemist in Shelton,Uncle daves house to drop him home, and then Costcutters in Blurton where Matthew stock up with drinks. We got back home around 14:30. I went out around 15:08 to get a picture of 2405 as it was the first Dart on the service #22. As we had had a very busy weekend we decided to call for a take away tea. I spent most of the evening writing the Blog before Bedtime...Mark.

Trip to Southport 14-04-2012


7651Kew P&RSouthport, Lord Street stop HCPR2Arriva NW&W
7637Southport, Lord StreetAinsdale49AArriva NW&W
3090AindaleCarr Lane49AArriva NW&W
2291Carr LaneAinsdale49AArriva NW&W
7637AinsdaleCarr Lane49AArriva NW&W
7636Carr LaneSouthport, Lord Street46Arriva NW&W
3044Lord StreetChurchtown, adj Peel Lane49AArriva NW&W
7655High Park, adj Roe LaneSouthport, Lord Street43Arriva NW&W
7652Southport, Lord Street stop HCKew P&R SouthportPR2Arriva NW&W

Today we planned on going on a relatively simple trip, so we gave Matthew a few choices of places where he had been before. Of the places we gave him he settled for Southport. There wasn't much research done for this trip, but I did download all the Arriva Southport timetables to my phone, along with the Southport route map. Before the trip I also checked the Dennis Dart forum, and it seemed some of the new stock had been temporarily loaned out to do shuttle services at Aintree and so some of the older buses were working. It was a fine spring day, and as we were attempting to be back around 17:00 we set off earlier than usual today at around 10:30. We picked up mum's friend on the way and today we filled up with LPG in yard near festival park as it was cheaper than our usual garage. There was congestion on the A500 near Wolstanton due to an accident at the Asda turn off and there was further congestion at he end of the A500 due to roadworks. The M6 North was busy too but we kept moving all the way to the M58 where we cam off. Having seen Matthew looking at the Ormskirk Morrison's Menu on their website, I decided that we could call in here on the way to Southport as it was on the route. We arrived a little after 12:00 and we were sat down and eating around 12:30. For dinner Matthew had an All Day Breakfast and Coke and a lemon meringue for dessert. We left Ormskirk about 12:50 and we were at the Kew Park and Ride site just after 13:00. We parked up and waited for the bus. Matthew used the facilities and the bus rounded the corner. It was a Marshall Dart, and as it got closer we saw it was Arriva NW&W 7651. A quick check of the page and I saw it was dud. Matthew rushed out of the toilet and then we got on the bus.

Arriva NW&W 7651 at Kew P&R
We rode the bus into town. It took a route on which we hadn't been on before and it we appeared in town next the railway station. We got off the bus on Lord Street and Matthew got a picture of the inside of this refurbished Dart.

Inside 7651
As we were staying local, we decided to go to Southport station and pick up Saveaway ticket for the bus today. After picking up tickets we returned to Lord street and waited on the Southbound side of the road for something interesting to turn up. We saw 7636 heading Northwards on a #43 and we also saw 2291 on a Northbound #49A. After a few minutes we could see a Marshall Dart heading South in the distance. As it got closer we could see it was on a #49A. As it got closer still we could see it was required 7637 and so we decided to do it.

Arriva NW&W 7637 in Lord Street
We booked to Ainsdale as we knew the move. On the way towards Ainsdale we passed at least one Marshall Dart going the other way. We got off outside the Co-op in Ainsdale and Matthew got another picture of this bus.

7637 in Ainsdale
After a quick visit to the Co-op for a drink and a chocolate bar, we crossed over the Road to wait for the return service. We could see it was a new bus approaching so we knew there was a very high chance it was required. As it got closer we could see it was required 3090.

Arriva NW&W 3090 in Ainsdale
As it was almost empty as we got on, Matthew got a picture as we boarded.

Inside 3090
As we were on something new, we decided to try something new. As we went North we passed 7563 on a #44 to Formby. We got off on Carr Lane so we could check out what was on the #43's and #46's too. We got off and almost immediately we saw a Wood Vale bound #49A with 3044. After a couple of minutes a #43 appeared and it was disappointingly 3089. We decided to wait for the next #49A as was only 12 minutes away and it might me something good. The time went quickly and eventually 2291 appeared.

Arriva NW&W 2291 on Carr Lane
We got on and I checked to see if we had been on this before. As we traveled south I checked the #44 timetable to see whether we might pass 7563 on the #44. As far as I Knew we hadn't passed it and it was due do we got off.

Arriva NW&W 2291 in Ainsdale
We crossed the road to wait for the #44. We must have missed it because the next bus to turn up was 7637 on the northbound #49A. As we didn't know if we had missed it we decided to do it. As we got back onto Carr Lane the next #46 was parked up and we could see it was required 7636 so we got off at the next stop. We got off and raced down the road the stop. I tried to get Matthew to slow down but he wouldn't! My phoned leapt out of my pocket and bounced a couple of times and Uncle Dave who was bringing up the rear picked it up for me. When we got there the driver wasn't even in the cab! After catching our breathe we got on and Matthew photographed the inside of the bus.

Inside Arriva NW&W 7636
We booked to Southport with the intention of catching something towards Crossens to get 7563 back South. As we started off we passed required 7655 on the following #43. The #46 come into town on the A570 and it goes back out turning left just before the railway station. What I didn't know is that it doesn't stop on Lord Street! We didn't get off at the first stop because we wanted Lord street. Whilst we were there 7654 pulled up behind us on a #44 Crosens. We didn't get off because we thought we would get it around the corner. We pulled into Lord street but we stayed on the right hand side of the lane. As we waited to turn right 7654 went passed us to our left so that wasn't going to happen. We stopped over a block away, and Matthew got another picture of her.

7636 in Southport
We walked back to Lord Street and we decided to go North still. The Next bus was a #49A Crossen with 3044 so we decided to do it. As I checked the map and then realised the #49A went a completely different route to the #44 so the move was never going to happen. So i thought about 7655 which was required and where we could meet that. According to the Arriva map, the #43 route ends at the junction of Roe Lane, which I figured out just before we turned. We rang the bell and got off at the next stop.

Arriva NW&W 3044 in Churchtown
After Matthew got a picture we head back to High Park, stopping at the Spar shop on the way. We went to the stop towards Southport and he said it was "out of use, please use the stop in the other direction". Pretty much as soon as we ot to the right stop, 7655 rounded the corner and pulled up.

Arriva NW&W 7655 in High Park
We got a picture and waited for the driver to ready the bus for the return journey. We got on and Matthew photographed the empty inside too.

Inside 7655
We knew it would be our last bus before we returned so we contacted mum to tell us to meet us in Lord street next to the monument. We did the bus back into town and got off outside the Arriva office. We walked back to Lord Street and Matthew wanted to visit a bookies on the way and he didn't even place a bet! When we met up with mum we had just see a PR2 go along Lord Street without stopping which was 7651. Apparently the PR2 doesn't stop on Lord Street, only on the A570 and just up from the railway station. As we had missed a bus Matthew got a few more pictures including on of 2110 working a PR1 service.

Arriva NW&W 2110 on PR1
7673 was seen heading North and Arriva Enviro 200 2144 was also seen working PR1's. We had seen 7652 working the PR2 earlier so we knew this would now be our bus back to Kew. We waited just up from the railway station around 16:00 and eventually as predicted 7652 appeared.

Arriva NW&W 7652 on PR2
We di the bus back to Kew which takes a different parallel route back. When we got back to the facility, Matthew took a picture of the inside of this beast.

Inside 7652
Back in the car we set off. Matthew tucked into his sausage roll and we headed back through Ormskirk and then back onto the M58. The road was a little clearer than earlier and so we made good time. We went straight down the M6 to the A500 and we didn't have to stop for LPG. We dropped off mum friend around 17:40 and we got home around 17:50...Mark.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Trip to Uttoxeter 11-04-2012


PAG 512AUttoxeter BSCatchems Corner184Phil Smiths Travel
61239Blythe Bridge, adj Greenacres AvenueMeir Broadway6First Potteries
4895Meir BroasdwayUttoxeter BSX50Wardle Transport
2217Uttoxeter BSPennycroft Road4Arriva Midlands
2217Pennycroft RoadUttoxeter BS4Arriva Midlands
2288Uttoxeter BSUttoxeter railway station402Arriva Midlands
2242Uttoxeter railway stationUttoxeter BS402Arriva Midlands
4777Uttoxeter BSFenton, adj Travers CourtX50Wardle Transport

Today I had another day off so we planned to go back to Uttoxeter and this week to cover the #184. We set off around 12:30 and today we direct to Uttoxeter. We saw 40147 on a #22 service and then we got to Uttoxtere arriving at 12:55 just before the 13:00 to Weston Coyney. On Arrival we saw East Staffs Mobility Link minibus MX04 KND in the car park by the shopping arcade. We then walked around to the bus station to wait for the bus. The bus arrived around 13:02 and loaded up promptly. It was a plain white Mercedes minibus, required PAG 512A.

Phil Smiths Travel PAG 512A in Uttoxeter
We got on the bus with the other eight passengers and the bus driver recognised us from last time we did the service which was probably close on 3 years ago! As we left Uttoxeter we passed Wardle Transport 4895 which we knew should be our bus back to Uttoxeter. We sat near the back ans then enjoyed the hour or so ride from Uttoxeter through the east Staffordshire countryside to the Blythe Bridge area, When all the regular passengers got off we moved to the front and chatted to the driver. We did the bus to Catchems Corner and then Matthew got another picture of this bus.

PAG 512A at Catchems Corner
We then crossed over the road and waited for the #6 to Meir. The bus was due around 14:20 and due in Meir at 14:26. The bus turned up slightly late, probably due to the roadworks in Blythe Bridge at the moment. It was dud First Potteries 61239.

First Potteries 61239 at Blythe Bridge
As he bus pulled away I thought we could always get off by Tesco, but the bus takes a different route in the week than it does on Sundays, so it went around the roundabout and onto the A50! I was a little bit panicked at this point thinking we might miss the bus in Meir, When we arrived we hadn't seen it turn across us, so it probably hadn't got there yet. We jumped straight off 61239 and trooted across the road to the stop on the opposite side of Broadway. 60073 was parked up at the stop awaiting time before returning back to Hanley. We asked a lady if she had seen the X50 and she hadn't. We only had to wait a minute or so and the bus appeared up the ramp as expected required Wardle Transport 4895.

Wardle Transport 4895 at Meir
We then had a 30 minute journey back to Uttoxeter on the top deck of this express service. The slower bit of the journey goes through Meir Heath. We passed 4776 on the run back down the hill, meaning we should have required 4777 later on. The bus then goes back across the A50 to Blythe Bridge and then back onto the A50 from the other side. The bus then storms the 8 or so miles Eastwards to the edge of Uttoxeter, before doing the last mile or so from the JCB the lower saloon of the bus.

Inside 4895
factory on the side road. The plan now was to do a circuit of the #4 town bus service and then catch the #1 to Sudbury to meet the 15:15 from Derby. When we got into Uttoxeter bus station the #4 was already I the bus station, and so we got off the Wardle double decker and filed off into the queue for the town service, which was required Arriva Midlands 2217 which we saw last week. We booked to the midpoint an when we reached there I got up to book the return tickets back to town. As the bus returned into town Matthew got a picture of the empty bus.

Inside Arriva Midlands 2217
When we got back the plan was to do the #1 to Sudbury which was required 2136. Matthew had seen another bus which I thought was either spare or on Layover, which was Arriva Midland 2288.

Arriva Midlands 2288 in Uttoxeter
2288 left the bus station and despite telling Matthew it was 2136 or wait 30 minutes for the bus home, Matthew decided to wait. The Trent Barton Swift service came in, which was 737. He also wanted to do that and I told him he couldn't because we couldn't get back Home. A few minutes later 2288 reappeared and went on stand to work the #402 to Burton. When I was researching this trip i had considered possibly doing this bus to the railway station but the return service didn't seem to stop at the station. Matthew wanted to do 2288 but we didn't have any way of getting back so I called mum to see if she could give us a lift. As we got off Matthew got a good picture of the bus.

2288 by Uttoxeter railway station
As we waited for a lift back We looked at the timetable and it also appeared that the return service didn't stop at the station. I decided it would be a good idea for us to walk up the ramp to the main road to make it easier for mum to find us. As we walked up we saw a bus heading our way so we ran back to the bus stop. The bus was required Arriva Midlands 2242.

Arriva Midlands 2242 by the railway station
As we traveled back into town I called mum to tell her we had got a bus afterall. She wasn't best pleased with me! So we got back to the bus station around 15:50 and we had around 15 minutes to wait for the X50 back homewards. Mathew had gotten a picure of he inside of 2242 as we got off.

Inside 2242
The first bus in was the Derby bound bus which we had ridden on last week 4776.

Wardle Transport 4776 in Uttoxeter
then our bus appeared and it was as predicted Wardle 4777. Matthew got a picture before we boarded. 2242 then got ready to do the #428 Lichfield service.

Wardle Transport 4777 in Uttoxeter
We texted mum to let her know we were on our way homewards, so she could drive to the other end to meet us. The journey back was fast.We saw Wardle 2407 on a #7 in Meir. We got into Fenton,passing 61555 on a Hanley bound #26. Around 16:50, we got off Matthew got another picture of 4777.

4777 in Fenton
It was then back to the car for sausage rolls and then driving home. We got into the house around 17:00...Mark.