Saturday, 26 June 2010

Trip to Newcastle-under-Lyme 26-06-2010


40152WolstantonNewcastle BS98First Potteries

I was taken out on the bus by respite today. I did 40152 to Newcastle but didn't get apicture. I did get a picture of 40151 though.

40151 in wolstanton (Matt)

when at Newcastle I got a ride back in a car.The bus set down in , but we decided to stay on another stop to avoid taking Matthew through the busy streets. Next stop was in front of the tower which was probably even busier. A short walk along the front and we were in a quiet side street adjacent to the stop for the '6' where a slightly irate mum had been waiting for 25 minutes. Everyone else went back to the car via the toilets and I went to the take away / restaurant on the townside corner of Coral Island for 2 portions of chips to share before we set off home. We left around 18:00 as we left town we passed on Yeadon way, having finished it's duties for the day. Considering how chaotic everything was, I think it was a fairly successful trip. All 5 buses were photographed by Matthew and we managed to ride on

Friday, 11 June 2010

Trip to Alton Towers 11-06-2010


65004Alton TowersWerrington PO32AFirst PMT

Today was a trip organised for a website support parents of disabled children. The webmaster had secured a number of ticket for a group of children and their carers to visit Alton Towers. We drove up to Alton Towers and we all met up in the area between the the monorail and the main gate. When everybody had arrived we went in and sorted out the tickets. We spent around 3 hours in the park and we met up and had dinner with some of the other parents. Despite queuing for some of the bigger rides Matthew got board so we only actually went on the Charlie and the chocolate factory and squirrel rides. After diner Matthew was en to ride on the monorail. this was so he could look at all the coaches parked up. We returned on the next monorail back and then Matthew want to look at the coaches a little closer. we had a wander around and here are some of the pictures he took.

X11 BLC at Alton Towers (Matt)

NX03 AEK at Alton Towers (Matt)

YIL 4386 at Alton Towers (Matt)

L641 AYS at Alton Towers (Matt)

At this point matthew didn't want to return into the park, so we decided to let Matthew catch the bus to Werrington whilst mum drove up there to meet us. the next Hanley bound 32A was 65004.

65004 at Alton Towers (Matt)

So moved arranged, I mum to to meet the 32A, whilst Matt and I caught the bus. It was then all back to the car for snacks and to drive home...Mark

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Trip to Stafford 05-06-2010


2306Chell Road, StaffordBaswich1Arriva Midlands
2306BaswichGatehouse Theatre, Stafford1Arriva Midlands
65033Chell Road, StaffordThe Crown, Stone101First PMT

We promised matthew a short trip out today if the weather was favorable. From a few suggest local destinations matthew chose to go to Stafford. we drove down to stafford and we took up our usual position on the wall outside Sainbury's. We sat and took a few pictures...

3737 in Chell Street Stafford (Matt)

D&G 3699 in Chell Street Stafford (Matt)

Eventually matthew chose to do 2306, I think he likes this batch of darts because of the dark red moquette.

Inside of 2306 in Stafford,(Matt)

We did this circular ended service out to baswich and then straight back again. the return stop was outside the gatehouse theatre, so we walked back through the town centre to Chell street.

2306 in Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford (Matt)

We sat and took some more pictures for a while until we headed homeward.

D&G 110 in Chell Street Stafford

We agreed with mum to meet outside the crown in stone as we jumped onto 65033 on a service 101 to Hanley. What we didn't realise is how long this service takes! By the time we got there mum had arrived, driven round the town and parked up again and was about to give up! The 101 running via the back of Stone and pastthe industrial estate adds another 15 minutes onto the journey. eventually we met up and sped off Northwards towards home...

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Trip to renew the bus pass 03-06-2010


40373Church Street, StokeHanley BS23AFirst PMT
60201Hanley BSThe Avenue, Kidsgrove34AFirst PMT

Matthew's bus pass ran out yesterday, so we planned on renewing the pass and possibly going somewhere with him. By the time Matthew had got up and dressed today, we had ruled out going anywhere distant. First we took him to have his hair cut (mum didn't want his new picture with long messy hair), and then we drove down to Stoke to visit the one stop shop. Paperwork shown and new photograph taken, five minutes later he had his new bus pass.

First thing to do was to have a late dinner, as he had only had two rounds of toast for a late breakfast. So we went to the Cafe across the road from the one stop shop. We managed to get a window seat and Matthew watched buses go by as he ate his dinner...

Scraggs Blue bus PUI 5558 in Church Street, Stoke (Matthew)

After dinner it was obvious to us that Matthew wasn't going to accept just picking up the bus pass and he wanted to ride. Having first told us that he wanted to do the 24 to Hanley, Matthew choose at 23A that was parked opposite awaiting time. Had he been more patient, he could have had step entranced D&G dart 31 towards Newcastle (L170 CKH), which we passed going up College Road.

Inside 40373 (Matthew)

40373 in Hanley bus station (Mark)

When we got to Hanley, I persuaded him to go up to the balcony whilst he thought about which bus he wanted to catch next. Unusually, there were two double deckers parked up (31518/9), a rare site in Hanley these days.

31519 in Hanley bus station (Mark)

When 60201 rolled into the bus station, Matthew decided he wanted to do this bus. It was on a 34A to Kidsgrove. I have never done this bus service throughout before, Hanley to Kidsgrove via Newcastle. What an epic journey! This run takes over an hour! It didn't help that it was boiling hot and bus kept stop to wait time. When the bus stops, the cooler air stops! Eventually around 17:00 we arrive in Kidsgrove...

60201 disappears into the distance (Matthew)

60205 in Kidsgrove (Matthew)

After we arrived in Kidsgrove, we walked the long way to the car park where mum was waiting