Friday, 22 May 2009

Trip to Kidsgrove 22-05-2009


W591 YBNBlurtonChell HeathCharterZ carz
MIB 978Chell HeathHanleyCharterCopeland's Tours
MIB 978HanleyChell HeathCharterCopeland's Tours
W591 YBNChell HeathBlurtonCharterZ carz
60183Smallthorne, Robinson Avenue (opp)Kidsgrove Town Centre, Queen Street (adj)6First Potteries

Matthew had his usual school transport LDV minibus W591 YBN, Whilst at school, he went to Hanley and back on Copeland's Tours Coach MIB 978. He then returned home on W591 YBN.

Back in this part of 2009, we spent a few Fridays after school driving to Smallthorne, where we could choose from a few different services for Matthew to catch. We caught either the 6,21A,29 or even a Bakers 9. On this occasion we set of as per usual after the bus dropped Matthew home from school. just before we arrived at the usual stop, we past a D&G bus on the A53.

D&G Optare Solo 71 on a #19 to hanley (matt)

When we arrived at the stop Matthew took several photos before he choose to ride on a bus...

Bakerbus 198 on a #9 to Biddulph (Matt)

First PMT 40165 on a #21A Ball Green (Matt)

First PMT 40014 (now allocated to Chester) on a 6A Biddulph (Matt)

Eventually, Matthew decided to catch the much travelled 60183 (formerly of Manchester and now allocated to Rock Ferry), with it's distinctive black 'W'.

60183 0n arrival in Kidsgrove town centre (Matt)

Shortly after this 60183 was transfered away... (Mark)

Friday, 1 May 2009

Trip to Ball Green 01-05-2009


W591 YBNBlurtonChell Heath CharterZ carz
MIB 236Chell HeathChester Zoo CharterCopeland's Tours
MIB 236Chester ZooChell HeathCharterCopeland's Tours
W591 YBNChell HeathBlurton CharterZ carz
40116Smallthorne, Robinson Avenue (opp)Ball Green, Wilding Road shops (adj)21AFirst Potteries

Matthew had is usual bus to School. Matthew went to Chester Zoo and back on Copeland's Tours MIB 236. He returned home on his usual bus.

Another Smallthorne trip after school. Back in 2009, the final 3 step entranced Darts in the First PMT fleet had been soldiering on for over a year. Matthew had noticed their demise before I had, and at one stage he would only travel on a step entranced Dart. About a year after this phase had ended, Matthew had clocked up quite a few miles on Darts 40115/6/26. The current phase of bus travel was to travel to Smallthorne and take the First interesting bus North to wherever.

We set off around 4:30 and when we reached Heron Cross we passed an ex PMT Dart which Matthew photographed out of the car window.

Ex First PMT Dennis Dart MIB 783 on a Copelands #40 Longton - Fenton Circular in Heron Cross (Matt)

20 or so minutes later we arrived at the stop in Smallthorne. Straight out of the car 40116 appeared and I knew he would want to catch this! A quick phone call was made to tell mum where to pick us up, and off we went...

40116 in Smallthorne (Matt)

One of the last few buses still with the grey and red moquette, Matthew as always took a few pictures inside.

The view forward inside 40116 (Matt)

15 minutes later we arrived at the Ball Green stop and Matthew took another photo of 40116. It is the one and only time we've been to Ball Green on the bus, and why else would anyone go there?

40116 on arrival at Ball Green (Matt)

Not the last time Matthew rode on 40116, but certainly the the one and only time he's done a step entranced Dart to Ball Green. On the way home we passed another step dart, 40126 in Blurton.

40126 in Blurton (Matt)

So, 2 of the 3 PMT Darts seen out today, plus another 1 on a Copelands service. (Mark)