Saturday, 29 June 2013

Trip to Mansfield 29-06-2013


22799Mansfield BSPleasley, opp Anthony Bek SchoolProntoStagecoach East Midlands
17709Pleasley, opp Pit LaneMansfield BS23Stagecoach East Midlands
33214Mansfield BSLadybrook, opp Annesley Way6Stagecoach East Midlands
33849Ladybrook, opp Annesley WayMansfield BS6Stagecoach East Midlands
18044Mansfield BSShirebrook, Market Place (Stop 3)23Stagecoach East Midlands
18043Shirebrook, Market Place (Stop 1)Mansfield BS12Stagecoach East Midlands

Today we decided to return to Mansfield. This was our first return here since the new bus station opened at the end of March. Research consisted of looking at the Stagecoach website, looking at the Nottinghamshire County Council website and looking at the British Bus Publishing book to see what is currently allocated to Mansfield. From the rear of the book (page 135) we saw that there was one Olympian (dud 16456) and one East Lancs bodied Dart (required 33214). There were also 10 Tridents of which all but 17738 were required, and 23 other dart of which all but 2 were required. We also checked the weather and it was for a mild grey day with sunny intervals. Matthew got up around 10:00 and he had toast and orange juice for breakfast. We set off around 11:30 today. We headed into Longton on the A5035. here we saw Z Carz M372 NWN going to Bath parked up in the distance at the depot. We got onto the A50 and headed East. Many miles later we hit the M1 and then went North. At junction 28 we left the M1 and went onto the Northbound A38. We followed the road to the edge of Mansfield and we saw required Dart 33214 on a #6 service. We then followed the Sat Nav to a car park on Toothill Road. We missed the turn the first the around so we had to do another circle of town! We parked up and started to walk towards the bus station. We walked onto Clumber Street to head towards the bus station and we saw this ADL Trident 18120 on a #28B service to Eakring.

Stagecoach East Midlands 18120 in Mansfield
We carried on through town and had our dinner at the same place as last time the Gala cafe. After visiting the toilet Matthew sat down to have a breakfast washed down with Fanta. We finished eating around 13:45 and we walked to the new bus station. First impressions of the bus station were great, it had much more passenger space that our local bus station, nearly as many stands and cost a fraction of the money! we visited the travel desk and picked up a few timetables as well as the really useful Stagecoach Mansfield Move bus guide. We saw a Chesterfield bound Pronto and Matthew decided he wanted to do it. It was required Stagecoach East Midlands 22799.

Stagecoach East Midlands 22799 in Mansfield bus station
We purchased out Dayrider Plus tickets got on and sat down on this busy service near the back. It was quite well filled and Matthew wasn't able to take a picture inside this bus. We traveled through town and then onto Chesterfield Road South. we decided to travel up to Pleasley which was the furthest point we could travel to and still get a choice of buses back to Mansfield. As we sat awaiting time at Mansfield we removed our jackets at it was really warm on the bus. The journey was swift and the bus emptied a little, but not enough for him to get a picture inside the bus. we passed the roundabout at Pleasley and turned left so we decided to get off the bus here. Matthew got a picture of Stagecoach East Midlands 22799 as it sped off into the distance.

Stagecoach East Midlands 22799 near Pleasley
Behind the bus stop we could see a path heading away from the footbridge in the photograph so I guessed that this path headed back into the village. We headed back onto Chesterfield Road and Pit Lane back toward the village. There was a Mansfield bound stop opposite Pit Lane so we crossed the road to see if there was a timetable. There was only a Pronto timetable in the stop, so we were about to set off further into the village when we turned and saw a #23 service. I stuck my hand out and it stopped. It was required Stagecoach East Midlands Trident 17709. We had a bit of bother as I thought I had lost Matthew's pass so we brought him a Dayrider Plus ticket. He then went to say hello to someone who didn't speak English so it took a while before they understood him too! We sat down and I found his pass in my wallet so that problem was solved albeit being £4.70 down. We traveled into town back down Chesterfield South Road. It seemed to take a little longer going South on the double decker. When we got back Matthew waited for the bus to empty and took a picture inside of this beast.

Inside Stagecoach East Midlands 17709
He also took a picture of the outside of 17709 through the glass of the bus station too.

Stagecoach East Midlands 17709 in Mansfield bus station
We didn't see anything immediately that wanted to do, so we decided to have a walk around the outside of the bus station and take a few pictures. We walked out of the bus station and we saw required Stagecoach East Midlands Dart 33834 on a #14 service to Kirton.

Stagecoach East Midlands 33836 enters Mansfield bus station
We crossed over the bus station entranced and walked around the outside of the bus station to take a few pictures. Matthew got a picture of one K&H Doyles full length Darts on layover. It was required W975 ETW.

K&H Doyle W975 ETW in Mansfield bus station
We also saw another of the Stagecoach East Midlands Man / Enviro 300's leaving the bus station towards Nottingham. It was required 22774.

Stagecoach East Midlands 22774 in Mansfield bus station
Next we saw required K&H Doyle Trident T183 CLO move into one of the layover spaces.

K&H Doyle T183 CLO in Mansfield bus station
At this point we saw dud Stagecoach East Midlands 16456 arrive on a #28B service from Eakring. Required 17737 also made an appearance and was about to do the 15:00 to Newark. Stagecoach 16456 parked up in the layover area. We walk back to the bus station with the intention of catching 17737. At this point Matthew wanted the toilet. whilst he was in there 17737 departed for Newark. That didn't matter too much as whist he was there required East Lancs Dart 33214 reappeared so we decided to do that. Matthew got a picture through the glass before we got on.

Stagecoach East Midlands 33214 in Mansfield bus station
We got on and sat down near the back of the bus. It was still on the #6 circular service to Ladybrook, so we decided to do the bus until it was empty, or until it started to fill again before we got off. We set off out of town and onto Bancroft Lane. we then went onto Ladybrook Lane before starting to circle the estate. People started to get off the bus, unfortunately one person got on, so we waited for the bus to nearly empty and then Matthew got a picture inside 33214.

Inside Stagecoach East Midlands 33214
We got off at the next stop and we had 15 minutes to wait. We passed the time by having a mini picnic at the bus stop. Matthew had a can of Fanta and a squashed Milky Way. It was warm and there was bright sunshine. We checked the time of the next #23 from Mansfield and we saw that it was due off 5 minutes after we got back into the bus station. We then spotted the Dart approaching. It was required Stagecoach East Midlands 33849. Matthew got a close up of the bus as it came onto the stop.

Stagecoach East Midlands 33849 in Ladybrook
It was empty as we got on the bus so he got his picture there and then.

Inside Stagecoach East Midlands 33849
After sitting down near the back We carried on around estate and back on Ladybrook Lane and then back into town. when we got there we saw required 18044 on stand for the #23 to Langwith so we decided to jump on this bus after Matthew took a picture

Stagecoach East Midlands 18044 in Mansfield bus station
We went upstairs and we had a couple of minutes to wait. whilst we were there we saw an Olympian that we didn't know was there. it was required Stagecoach East Midlands 16455. We also saw Mc Ewens N711 LTN which we think was working the bingo bus service. The bus set off along the Chesterfield South Road. and through Pleasley The bus then headed over to Shirebrook. As the bus emptied a little Matthew got a picture of the front of the bus.

Inside Stagecoach East Midlands 18044
The bus got to Shirebrook and we could see another double decker in the streets nearby. We got off and took a picture of this fine beast.

Stagecoach East Midlands 18044 in Shirebrook
Almost as soon as we had taken the picture of 18044 we saw another bus come on stand just behind it. It was required stagecoach East Midlands 18043 on a Mansfield bound #12 service.

Stagecoach East Midlands 18043 in Shirebrook
We got on and went upstairs. We had planned on going to the shop in Shirebrook but seeing this bus had changed our minds. The bus was empty upstairs so he got a picture as soon as he sat down.

Inside Stagecoach East Midlands 18043
The journey back was on the #12 was longer. We set off towards Warsop though open countryside and then through an housing estate. At Warsop we paused for a minute or 2 before setting off South through Mansfied Woodhouse and into town. When we got to Mansfield we met up with mum. We took him to the shop and Matthew brought some Coke, 3 Crunchie's for a pound and a toffee flavoured yoghurt. Matthew then visited the toilet before we left the bus station. Mum had moved the car to a nearby 30 minute waiting area so we walked across to there and got in the car. We had already purchased sausages rolls and matthew washed one down with a personalised bottle of Coke. We drove out of town on the A38 and to the Travelodge to drop mum off. She told us to wait for a coupe of minutes and after she had dropped some stuff of she asked us to take her to the Speed the Plough pub where uncle Chris was waiting. We dropped her off and headed back to the A38. Part way along this road towards the M1 we saw Trent Barton 474 on a 'Nines' emerge from the road to the right whilst we were stopped at the traffic lights.

Trent Barton 474 near Sutton
We followed the bus for a short while. It eventually turned into the East Midlands Designer Outlet. At the next junction we joined the southbound M1 and we did this down to Junction 24A. On the A50 we saw a number of buses and coaches. At uttoxeter we saw Wardle Transport 4695 running empty of an X50 service. We also saw Royalls Travel G231 LDW heading East near the JCB factory. At the Meir Heath junction we passed preserved SUX 476X with ribbons attached, I'm guessing it had been attending a wedding! We also passed Copelands TIL 4508, the Ex Tappins Plaxton Paramount coach. At Longton we came off the A50 to go visit the Z Carz depot. First we saw airport tranfers minibus Z Carz MJ03 DPU, which we have never seen in daylight before!

Z Carz MJ03 DPU in Longton
Also there was DAF minicoach W344 WNS.

Z Carz W344 WNS in Longton
We check to see if there was anything in Willow Row, and when we saw there wasn't we set of down Longton Hall Road. We saw First Potteries 40011 on the #22 to Longton looking like it had been involved with a collision with a tin of blue paint and not cleaned off properly! We got home around 18:45 and Matthew ate his toffee flavour yoghurt whilst he waited for his tea. We had a late tea of bangers and mash with carrots and this was followed by a piece of cheesecake. We then chilled out watching Glastonbury on the telly and Matthew used his computer before going to bed at the unusual time of 11:15 on a Saturday night which surprised us all...Mark

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Trip to Chorley 22-06-2013


33472Chorley TITowngate, Tesco (Stand F)109Stagecoach Lancashire
47331Towngate, opp Job CentreChorley TI109Stagecoach Lancashire
15566Chorley TIWhittle-le-Woods, by Hardacre Lane125Stagecoach Lancashire
15563Whittle-le-Woods, by Moss LaneChorley TI125Stagecoach Lancashire
MX58 ABOChorley TIBuckshaw Village, opp Old Worden Hall‎14Tyrers
47329Buckshaw Village, opp Old Worden Hall‎Chorley TI109Stagecoach Lancashire

Today we decided to visit Chorley. We had picked up a leaflet on fares around Chorley after traveling on the #125 service last week and this is one of the reasons why Matthew chose Chorley. We didn't do too much research on this trip, other than have a quick look on the Stagecoach website and to check the weather. The weather was down as cloudy with heavy rain showers. Matthew also had a cookery class at Heathfield too, so mum set off around 09:20 to pick up her friend on the way. They went along the A5035 to Dresden and turned onto Belgave Road. They turned right onto Lightwood Road and then right onto Highland Drive. After picking up mum's friend we drove up to the A50 which we did up to the A500. We then went along the a500 up to the A527 Tunstall by-pass. We did this to the end and onto High Lane and down spring Bank Road to Heathfield. Whilst he was there he made a tuna salad wrap and also made a marble cake. After cooking he went into the hall and spent time in the soft play area. I packet the trip bag and came up to fetch Matthew. We set off around 1145 and went down Stanley Matthews Way and onto the A50. we then did the A500 to Etruria to pick up some LPG. As we were in Etruria we decided to go to Heathfield via Smallthorne. We did the A53 up to Sandbach Road and then to Smallthorne roundabout. Here we saw First Potteries 40010 on a Ball Green bound #98 service. We carried on down Smallthorne bank and then left onto Chell Heath Road. We had heard that the M6 was running slow heading North so we decided to eat locally whilst the road cleared a little. we had seen the cafe nearby so we asked if it was still open. having found out that it was we went to fetch Matthew from Heathfield. It was his last time here as he was now too old to attend these classes so he said goodbye to some of the great people that had spent time with Matthew during his many days in and out. We drove to the cafe on Spring Bank Road and parked nearby. Matthew had a breakfast and toast with some squash to wash it down. After eatting. Around 13:00 we left the cafe and got back in the car. Matthew had a can of coke and looked at his marble cake. As he had just had a big breakfast he decided to save it until later to eat after his post bus sausage roll. We headed back onto the A500 via the A527 and North to the M6. The northbound traffic was still moving slowly and as we joined the M6 we saw Caledonian Travel coach LSK 509.

Caledonian Travel LSK 509 on the M6
We caried on North through slow traffic. It cleared around junction 18 and it was quite beyond junction 21A. we came off at junction 27 and went via the A5209, past the BP petrol station which had a Costcutters, A5250, Boundry Lane/Pepper Lane, A49 and then the A5251. At the end of the A521 we turned left onto the A6. We did this north past the Interchange and then we parked in the flat iron car park just off the A6. We walked up the the bus station and Matthew used the toilet. After he had finished we were considering catching Stagecoach 15567 which we had been on before. The we saw required stagecoach Lancashire 33472 on a #109 service.

Stagecoach Lancashire 33472 in Chorley Interchange
We booked Chorley dayrider plus tickets and sat down near the back of the bus. We set off to Euxton and over the west coast main line. we then headed north to Buckshaw. The bus was sparsely filled, but because of how people wee arranged Matthew was only able to get a phot0 of the back few seats.

Inside Stagecoach Lancashire 33472
We carried on through Buckshaw and then into Leyland. Whist we were on the bus there was quite a heavy shower. I was getting wet from an open window which was half way down the bus. The rain stopped just before we got of the bus. It was a nice wide pavement and he was able to get a really nice shot of this ALX Dart.

Stagecoach Lancashire 33472 in Leyland
We checked the bus stop to see if this was where we caught the return #109, It wasn't of course, but as we looked we saw this fine example of a Pulsar 2 belonging to Fishwicks.

Fishwick's YJ60 GHF in Leyland
We walked around the corner to the right stop, (the stop opposite was out of use, the reason for which soon becomes apparent). There was no shelter at this stop and it started to rain a little. We saw Fishwicks YJ09 CWF heading in the opposite direction. The rain stopped again and then the bus we wanted appeared around the corner. It was required Stagecoach Lancashire 47331.

Stagecoach Lancashire 47331 in Leyland
We got on and Matthew was trying to honk the horn. the driver did it for him on this occasion. It was a well filled Solo and we sat near the back. As the bus headed through Buckshaw it did empty out a little. By the time we got to Chorley the bus was nearly empty. At the interchange the bus finished emptying and Matthew got a picture inside this bus.

Inside Stagecoach Lancashire 47331
On an adjacent stand was required Stagecoach Lancashire 15566 on a Preston bound #125 service. We decided to do this so Matthew got a quick picture before we got on the bus.

Stagecoach Lancashire 15566 in Chorley Interchange
We got on the bus and sat upstairs. The top deck was nearly empty but there were people dotted about front and back. We headed through town and onto the A6. We then headed North up to the hospital. When we got to Whittle-le-Woods we saw a convenient stop we got off. Matthre took another picture of Stagecoach Lancashire 15566.

Stagecoach Lancashire 15566 in Whittle-le-Woods
We walked down to the total garage which had a Spar shop. Matthew used the toilet and then e brought 2 bottles of Coke, a Milky Way and a Galaxy Caramel. As we walked back to the crossing we heard a noisy vehicle approaching, It was a Tarmac steam lorry and it thundered past at great speed!

Tarmac steam lorry in Whittle-le-Woods
We crossed the road and walked to the stop. Whilst there Matthew had a Milky way and one of his bottle of Coke. We then saw a Preston bus approaching. It was Preston Bus 20776.

Rotala Preston Bus 20776 in Whittle-le-Woods
Right behind this was the #125 service. It was dud Stagecoach Lancashire 15563.

Stagecoach Lancashire 15563 in Whittle-le-Woods
We got on the bus and sat down on the top deck. We followed 20776 down and into the hospital. There was only one other person on the top deck and they got off on the edge of town near B&Q. Matthew took a picture of the top deck at this point.

Inside Stagecoach Lancashire 15563
We carried on into town and into the bus station. e got off the bus and Matthew used the toilet again. He also decided to visit the travel office and he picked up a timetable for the Transdev #124 service. We were about to do a #125 towards bolotn when matthew decided he wanted to go on a Tyrers bus. It was required Tyrer's MX58 ABO. Having worked out where the bus was going we got on and sat down near the back. The bus headed north as if on a #125 but didn't call into the hospital. Just North of the hospital the bus turned left into what looks like an industrial estate called Buckshaw village. At the end of this was a housing estate. When we got to the end of the housing estate we were on the familiar looking Central Avenue. The bus was empty so Matthew took a picture inside this nice example of a Solo.

Inside Tyrer's MX58 ABO
He also got a good picture of the outside too.

Tyrer's MX58 ABO in Buckshaw village
We got off and we were a little worried that we were gong to have to wait nearly an hour. Luckily that was for the Fishwick's #109. The stagecoach service was due any minute. It turned the corner and we could see it was a Solo. It turned out to be required Stagecoach Lancashire 47329.

Stagecoach Lancashire 47329 in Buckshaw village
We got on the bus and sat down near the back. The journey back was swift and we got back to and when we got back Matthew photographed the inside of the 47329 to.

Inside Stagecoach Lancashire 47329
We carried on into town and into the bus station We spotted Transdev 212 on a #124 to Blackburn.

Transdev Lancashire United 212 in Chorley Interchange
We walked around the bus station and took a few pictures of buses. One such bus was Arriva NW&W 2678 on a #362 to Wigan.

Arriva NW&W 2678 in Chorley Interchange
We walked around to the car where mum was waiting, with Wrights sausage rolls and a can of Irn Bru followed by his marble cake. We set off back via the A6, A5251, A49 and onto the M6 at junction 27. We headed South and the road was clear so we made good time. We headed onto the A500 and then onto the A50. here we saw former Procters coach HIL 7615 pass us. we got off the A50 at Longton to see the Z carz depot. There were 4 buses parked up on the spare ground First was Z carz DAF mini coach W344 WNS.

Z Carz W344 WNS in Longton
The we saw BV51 BNO which we haven't seen for a week or two, a regular school bus.

Z Carz BV51 BNO in Longton
R920 WNT was parked at the back and finally, relative newcomer W221 CDN was there too..

Z Carz W221 CDN in Longton
We turned Willow Row where we saw Volkswaggon minibus DX55 WGE parked up.

Z Carz DX55 WGE in Longton
We carried on around onto Longton Hall Road and then into Blurton. On Beaconsfield Drive we saw First Potteries 40179 on a #23 service. We got home around 19:00 and We had a late tea of bangers and mash followed by cheesecake. Matthew then chilled out on his computer until bedtime around 00:00...Mark

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Trip to Abbey Hulton / Newcastle 20-06-2013


1321BentileeBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterWardle Transport
MIB 270Bucknall Newhouse RoadNewcastle Adventure PlaygroundCharterCopeland's Tours
MIB 270Newcastle Adventure PlaygroundBucknall Newhouse RoadCharterCopeland's Tours
1321Bucknall Newhouse RoadBlurtonCharterWardle Transport

Today Matthew was going to college. He started the day in respite. He got up at 05:00 and had breakfast of toast and orange juice and got ready for college and then the bus appeared. It was Wardle Transport 1321.

Wardle Transport 1321 in Bentilee
The bus set off down down Dividy Road and into Bucknall. The bus then went down Newhouse Road. After registration is transport to the adventure playground today was Copeland's Tours MIB 270. The coach set off onto Newhouse Road. They then up to Hanley up limekiln Bank. They went around Hanley to Snow Hill and then along Shelton New Road. They then went down George Street into Newcastle and ten into the adventure playground. After a session in the playground they returned to Bucknall They headed out of Newcastle and up George Street to Shelton New Road. They then went up the the Hanley Ring Road and then down Limekiln Bank. On the A52 the turned onto Newhouse Road and into college. For dinner Matthew had chicken and chips with chocolate fudge cake for afters. Matthew went to say hello to someone. After a party with cake and and an afternoon swimming session Matthew went outside to see Wardle Transport 1321 waiting for his trip home. The bus went onto Leek Road in Abbey Hulton before heading through Bucknall Leek Road to Joiners Square. They then Went Victoria Road and through Fenton. They went along Christchurch Street and trough Heron Cross and then home around 16:00. He hadn't got is camera on him because it had been left at the Wardle Transport depot, so we jumped in the car to go fetch it! We headed onto the A5035 and headed East. At the lights by Newstead we caught up with Wardle Transport 1321 and waved before we set of to Longton. We then saw A16 BNT. We went around Longton past the Gladstone Pottery Museum and passed The Sea Lion and onto Anchor Road. We went up anchor road and along Mossfield Road to the bus depot. Mum went into the office and collected his bag and camera. When he got his camera he took a picture of the Trio of Dennis Trident parked up at the front of the depot.

Trident Trio: Wardle Transport 4891/6/8
Inside the depot we could see Wardle Transport 2259 receiving some attention. Also parked up were minibuses 1501 & 1455. We set off out of the gates and we passed several more vehicle returning to the depot. We saw solo 2547, Olympian 4652 and tri-axle Olympian 4545.

Wardle Transport 4545 on Mossfield Road
We turned onto Anchor Road and we passed his old college transport Wardle Transport 1450.

Wardle Transport 1450 on Anchor Road
We drove down into and around Longton and then we went passed the Z Carz depot and there wasn't a single bus there. We did see Z Carz T408 JUX as we headed on the A5035. We drove along the A5035 and then home for a short while. Around 18:00 we set of down the A34 and into Trentham. We dropped off few books and then went onto the A34. We went to the Trent vale MacDonald, but the drive through had closed for refurbishment, aswell as most of the car park??? We headed to the Longton MacDonalds along th a34, A500 and A50. After picking up his food we headed back via Heron Cross and Blurton Road. Matthew ate his MacDonalds and chilled out on his computer. He headed off to bed around 23;30...Mark.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Trip to Bolton / Horwich 15-06-2013


15563Bolton BSHorwich, Church Street/Brown Cow (W-bound)125Stagecoach Lancashire
15583Horwich, Church Street/Brown Cow (E-bound)‎Bolton BS125Stagecoach Lancashire
15567Bolton BSWallsuches, Chorley Old Road/Mill View Lane (W-bound)125Stagecoach Lancashire
15575Wallsuches, Chorley Old Road/Mill View Lane (E-bound)‎Bolton BS125Stagecoach Lancashire
22403Bolton BSWesthoughton, Market St/Westhoughton Church (Stop E)559Stagecoach Manchester
21242Westhoughton, Market St/Westhoughton Church (Stop D)Bolton BS540Stagecoach Manchester

Today we went to Bolton we had also planned to go on the to Bolton - Preston 125 service. We checked the weather for today and it was for sunshine and showers. The night before we were due to go we decided it might be a better idea to go on a slightly shorter trip, so he could ride on more buses. We agreed to go to Bolton another time in the near future and we decided to visit. Matthew got up around 10:00 and had toast and orange juice. We set off around 11:30 passed the He Heath pub and down Stanley Matthews Way. We headed North to Etruria to get LPG. We then headed long the A53 towards Newcastle and then cut over to the A34. We stopped at grandma's for a very brief visit and then we carried on North up to the A500. We joined the Northbound M6 and went up to Bolton via the M62, M60, M61 and then the A666. We headed into town and parked near the railway station. We had already decided that we would eat at a cafe called Trinities on Newport Street. We walked over the railway bridge and we in the cafe. It was a perfectly positioned lace for watching buses at the interchange opposite. Matthew used the toilet and then sat down to have a small breakfast followed by a chocolate cake. After we saw First Manchester 61141 on a eating Matthew decided he wanted to catch buses fro the main bus station so we set off through town. On the way we saw Stagecoach Manchester 19638 on a #22 service to Stockport.

Stagecoach Manchester 19638 in Bolton
We walked in to the bus station and we saw First Manchester 60115 on a #8 service to Manchester and 60067 on a Withins service.. In the bus station Arriva NW&W 2464 was on layover. We didn't have to wait long before we saw our first #125 service. It was required Stagecoach Lancashire 15563.

Stagecoach Lancashire 15563 in Bolton bus station
We got on the buses and booked system one tickets which we could use to do the bus as far as Horwich. We went upstairs and sat down after Matthew had taken a picture of the back of the bus.

Inside Stagecoach Lancashire 15563
We set off around town and then along Chorley Old Road. This route was familiar to us from time we did Darts and an Arrow on the #519 back in June 2012. We went beyond Montserrat and into new territory. We decided to get off the bus on the edge of Horwich and we got up and got off the bus outside a pub called The Brown Cow. We crossed the road and realised that the service had a 10 minute frequency and that we wouldn't have to wit for long for the next bus back to Bolton. A few minutes later required Stagecoach Lancashire 15583 made an appearance.

Stagecoach Lancashire 15583 in Horwich
It had now started to rain so the catching of the bus was well timed. On the journey back we passed First Manchester Enviro 400 33734 on a #519. The others that we had seen so far had all been Volvo B7RLE single deckers. We got back to Bolton and Matthew waited for the top deck to empty before getting a picture of the inside of 15583 too.

Inside Stagecoach Lancashire 15583
We decided to go and visit the toilet before catching the next bus so we walked to the tardis style toilet in the bus station which was out of use, and then we walked to the market. After we eventually found and used the toilet we walked back to the bus station. Whilst we were walking back to the #125. We spotted First Manchester 60214 on a #572 service.

First Manchester 60214 in Bolton bus station
We walked over to the stop and we saw there was already a #125 service on stand. It was required Stagecoach Lancashire 15567.

Stagecoach Lancashire 15567 in Bolton bus station
We got on and sat upstairs. The bus was quite well filled so he didn't get a picture this time. We decided not to go quite as far so we could try and get an extra bus or two in before we left. This didn't quite work out. We passed a bus just before we got of and then crossed the road. We checked the stop and the service had now began to get more sparse so we had to wait around 12 minutes for the next bus back to Bolton. The bus appeared down the road and it was required stagecoach Lancashire 15575.

Stagecoach Lancashire 15575 in Wallsuches
We got on and sat down upstairs. We headed down through Montserrat we saw passing 33734 again on a #519. We arrived in Bolton and Matthew photographed the inside of 15575 too.

Inside Stagecoach Lancashire 15575
We then decided to have a walk around the bus station. We saw another Scania in the form of First Manchester 60172 on the #562 withins circular. On layover were Arriva NW&W 2464, 2454 and also Marshall Dart 7617.

Arriva NW&W 7617 in Bolton bus station
We also saw stagecoach Manchester 22403 parked up with #559 on the front. when we came back around it had gone so we checked put stand L were the #559 departs from. We decided to do this bus to Westhougton, A place that we had been before back in January 2013 from Wigan. We jumped on and we didn't have time to take a picture as we got on the bus. It was quite well filled so Matthew only got a picture of the rear seat.

Inside Stagecoach Manchester 22403
The route of this service on or parallel to the A579 and then on the A6 into Westhoughton. he us was a little slow leaving town tough traffic but when the service got into the back streets and back onto the A579 it soon quickened up. We got to the stop opposite the market in Westhoughton and then got off and took a picture of this bus.

Stagecoach Manchester 22403 in Westhoughton
We crossed the road and Matthew used the disabled toilet here. We then walked up to the co-operative food store here where Matthew had a Milky way, a can of Coke and a chocolate gateau. We saw Arriva NW&W 2733 on a returning #714 to Bolton. We didn't have to wait long before we saw the next #540 to Bolton which was required Stagecoach Manchester 21242.

Stagecoach Manchester 21242 in Westhoughton
We got on the bus and sat down near the back. It seemed odd getting on Stagecoach bus that had first bus seating inside. The route of the #540 was more direct route along the A58 and then the A676. We also passed an old Olympian which is now a burger van! We got into the bus station and Matthew photographed the inside of Stagecoach Manchester 21242.

Inside Stagecoach Manchester 21242
Arriva 2733 was on the stand in front of us. I thought had seen one of these #714's in front of the interchange earlier so asked the driver if he was heading in that direction and he said no. We set of to walk back to where the car was parked and we stopped to take a few bus pictures on the way. one of those buses was First Manchester 60183, a bus that we had back in May 2009 when it was an Adderley Green allocated bus. we also saw First Manchester 33711 on a #8 service.

First Manchester 33711 in Bolton
We saw mum on the opposite side of the road. She had drive up to meet us and had parked at the side of the job centre. We got in the car and headed out of town towards Bury. We then turned onto the A666 which we did South to the M61. We did the M61 onto the anti-clockwise M60. We did this to the M62 and then onto the M6. As we headed South over Thellwall viaduct, we saw an unusual lookiing Mercedes minibus. We passed the mini coach which was SK06 BTF. A few miles down the road we let it go passed us and Matthew got a picture of it.

Majestic SK06 BTF on the M6
We carried on South and onto the A500. We did this to the A50 and to Longton. There were 5 buses parked up this evening The first was Scania coach d104 XAN and next to that was LDV minibus M420 UEH.

Z Carz M420 UEH in Longton
Next to that was green Iveco minibus HX51 HRU.

Z Carz HX51 HRU in Longton
Next to that was the DAF mini coach W344 WNS.

Z Carz W344 WNS in Longton
Finally was airport transfer minibus DL03 HHU.

Z Carz DL03 HHU in Longton
We carried on down Longton Hall Road and we decided to stop at the St Marys chip shop in Blurton. Matthew had sausage, chips and gravy and a couple of bottle of pop. We went hoe and got back just before 20:00. After eating his chips Matthew had some of the Chocolate Gateau he brought in Westhoughton earlier. He then chilled out on his computer before bedtime around 00:00...Mark.