Thursday, 22 January 2009

Trip to Middleport 22-01-2009

Bus From To Service Operator

W591 YBN Blurton Chell Heath Charter Z carz
W591 YBN Chell Heath Blurton Charter Z carz
11 Middleport‎ Upper Huntbatch, Hanley 39 Wardle Transport

Matthew had his usual transport to school and back in the form of W591 YBN.

Back then we would give Matthew a couple of choice of buses which we do on a Friday afternoon. Tonight Matthew chose to do the #39. We set off up the A500 and drove up from Longport towards Middleport. It took a bit to find the bus, as it was parked up in what seemed like the middle of nowhere in an industrial estate! When we found it, mum dropped us off and we crossed the road after getting a picture. It was Wardle Transport 11 and it was just going dark.

Wardle Transport 11 in Middleport about to work the #39 to Hanley (Matt)

We got on the bus and and it seemed to take a strange route. it spiraled out of Middleport and then went into Burslem. we went behind the old Somerfield and then headed across Sandbach Road and towards Sneyd Green at th top of Sneyd Green it turned in towards Birches head and did a loop until it headed into Hanley. I called mum and arranged to meet in Upper Huntbach Street. On a previous Friday when we had taken Matthew into Hanley he had gotten really upset when we tried to leave. As we got off the bus Matthew photographed it empty.

Inside Wardle Transport 11 (Matt)

We then headed home and Matthew updated his Fotopic...Mark.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Trip to Crewe 02-01-2009


MIL 2173Crewe BSChesterton, Dragon Square127Stanways

Matthew was in the middle of his Stanways phase, and we saw this as the perfect opportunity to take him to ride on the Fridays only #127 Crewe chesterton service. we drove to Crewe and parked in the Delamere street car park opposite the bus station. Mum went to do a bitt of shopping and we had arround 30 minutes in the bus station, in which Matthew took a few bus pictures.

7644 between duties in Crewe bus station (Matt)

7612 on a #6 Shavington service in Crewe bus station (Matt)

MIL 2173 just before working the service #127 to Chesterton

Having boarded the bus, we did this all the way to journeys end, Dragon Square. Whilst in crewe mum had brought a new computer desk for Matthew which was currently across the back seat. Whilst we were adjusting the package in the car, Matthew spotted a woman across the road and made a run for it, as he went he narrowly missed being run over by a lorry. Needless to say having scared us half to death Matthew got a bit of a telling off! Still at least he didn't get hurt.