Thursday, 31 December 2009

Trip to the shops in Hanford 31-12-2009

Matthew hadn't been out much due to one thing or another, so we took him to the shops. Whilst mum purchased his favourite Wrights Pie sausage rolls, plus a few other essentials in the nearby Co-op, Matthew took a few bus pictures. As soon as mum appeared from the shop, Matthew sprinted to the car as by this time he was frozen! Enjoy the pictures...

60012 on a #21 to Hanley. (Matthew)

Ex Chester 40137 0n the #22 to Longton. (Matthew)

Another ex Chester bus, 61245 on the #21 Hanley. (Matthew)

61245 on the #21 Hanley. (Matthew)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Trip to Leek 06-12-2009


MIB 783Hanley BSLeek BS16Copelands
65040Leek BSHanley BS18First PMT
66843Hanley BSStoke Station25First PMT

Due to one thing or another, and the recent poor weather, we have been unable to take Matthew out as often as we would have liked to. The weather today was quite good, so we decide to take Matthew out for a few trips out on local buses. The plan was to let Matthew catch the Copelands #16 to Leek and then work something out from there...

We got to Hanley bus station at around 13:40, about 20 minutes before the #16 was due. Matthew photographed the copelands bus whilst it was sitting at the bottom of the bus station. Matthew sat relatively good whilst we waited for the bus to come onto stand.

He also photographed a few other buses the best of which was 40022 sitting in the late afternoon sunshine. MIB 783 rolled up and we promptly boarded this bus for a brisk run up to Leek. At Leek we had around 30 Minutes to kill, Matthew sat good as gold and ate sausage sandwiches!

At a little after 15:00 the bus for Hanley turned up 65040. We did this to Hanley and another quick run, the afternoon sun was in our faces most of the way there! As expect, when Matthew got off the bus he wanted to go on another. he could have either travelled on the #23A to Blurton or the #25 Keele bus.

Whilst he was deciding which bus to take, he also photograped the Green D&G bus 118 that does the service #118 between Hanley and Buxton.

Matthew chose to do the #25 Keele bus as far as Stoke Station. This was the first time Matthew had been on one of these new buses since they arrived in the Potteries during the summer of 2009. We got off by the station where mum was waiting for us to drive us home...

(Mark) photograph by Matthew