Friday, 13 February 2009

Trip to Fenton 13-02-2009

Bus From To Service Operator

W591 YBN Blurton Chell Heath Charter Z carz
W591 YBN Chell Heath Blurton Charter Z carz
MIB 783 Longton Hall Road Christchurch Street, Fenton 40 Copeland's Tours
40170 Christchurch Street, Fenton Ladybank Grove, Blurton 23 First Potteries

Matthew did his usual transport of W591 YBN to School and back.

Another Friday after School run out, we gave Matthew a choice of a couple of buses to do and he chose to do the 40 which worked out well because we could do a bus back home too. We drove down to Longton Hall Lane to ensure that he actual got to the bus and then waited for the service to appear. Out of the grey murky horizon appeared MIB 783.

Copelands Tour's MIB 783 on Longton Hall Road (Matt)

We did the bus down through Heron Cross and Mount Pleasant and then alighted in Fenton opposite the town hall in Christchurch Street. We didn't have to wait long before 40170 appeared on a #23 service.

40170 in Christchurch Street (Matt)

We got on the bus and did it to Blurton. When we got to Blurton Matthew got another picture.

40170 in Blurton (Matt)

We then had the long walk home. Matthew had scored both buses on this occasion...Mark