Friday, 9 September 2011

Trip to the Britannia Stadium 09-09-2011


1450BlurtonAbbey HultonCharterWardle Transport
1450Abbey HultonmBlurtonCharterWardle Transport
2404Britannia StadiumStanley Matthews Way, Blurton500Wardle Transport

Matthew is back at college and the new term brought a new operator on his transport. We did get a letter telling us it was going to be Wardle, but the information was contained within the text of the letter and on the fold of the page! When it turned up we were totally surprised, The bus of the moment from April 2010 appears to be Wardle Transport 1450.

Wardle Transport 1450 on the College Transport (Matt)

Today he had the vehicle to college and back. After we had been up to the Bleeding Wolf for tea tonight after being back an hour or I asked matthew if he wanted to go and cover the 500 again tonight to which he said yes. We set off a little later than usual around 21:15 and we walked down getting to the Brit at 21:45 a mere 5 minutes before the bus was due. After a very brief sit down the bus appeared on the A50 ramp. Matthew got up and required 2404 rounded the corner. After the 3 or 4 minute journey to the other end of Stanley Matthew Way we got off the bus and then crossed the road to see the bus again after it turns at the roundabout to work the return journey. Matthew then got a shot a t the bus stop.

Wardle Transport 2404 in Blurton (Matt)

After that we crossed back and got one from the other side...

Wardle Transport 2404 in ready to work the #500 to Norton (Matt)

Another walk and we were home ready to look at our latest pictures...Mark

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