Saturday, 13 January 2018

Trip to Market Drayton / Nantwich 13-01-2018


NSU 531FentonMarket DraytonCharterStanton's of Stoke
YS09 LWVMarket DraytonNantwichCharterZ Carz
GK02 NWJNantwichFentonCharterZ Carz

Today Matthew was in residential and he was going to his day service. He was also going out for a trip on the bus to Market Drayton. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast and orange for breakfast. Matthew chilled out in his room for a while whilst waiting to go out. We saw D&G Bus 119 on a #1 to Meir.

D&G 119 in Fenton
We also saw D&G Bus 113 on a #1 to Park Site.

D&G 113 in Fenton
A few minutes later we saw First Potteries 67159 on a #23 to Hanley.

First Potteries 67159 in Fenton
For dinner Matthew went out to Market Drayton. Transport arrived an it was Stanton's of Stoke minibus NSU 531. We set off onto Temple Street and we turned right onto Station Bridge Road we saw First Potteries 67154 on a #23A to Hanley. We continued onto Heron Street and through Heron Cross onto Blurton Road. We went through Blurton and forwards onto Church Road before turning right onto the A5035. We crossed over the railway line into Trentham. At the roundabout we turned right onto the Northbound A34. We turned left onto Whitmore Road and at the traffic lights we went forwards over the A519 onto the A5182. We ran for a few miles and at the end we turned left onto the A53. We travelled through Whitmore and Baldwin's Gate and we crossed over the A51 by The Swan With Two Necks. We continued Sooth Westwards through Loggerhead and we went around Market Drayton on the by-pass. At the next roundabout we came to the pub. In the pub Matthew went to the toilet and then had a glass of Coke. For dinner Matthew had an all day breakfast followed by chocolate fudge cake and ice cream. When it was time to go back Matthew got on board Z Carz YS09 LWV. We set off onto the A53 and we ran Northwards through Loggerhead. We continued North up to the A51 where we left. We ran through Woore and Bridgemere and Northwards up to the edge of Nantwich. We ran into town along the B5074 and we turned left into Pratch1tts Row. We turned right and we stopped at Morrisons. Matthew did his weekly shop and we returned to Fenton and it was Z Carz GK02 NWJ. We set off onto Pratch1tts Row and we turned right onto B5074. We ran forwards onto the A51 and we ran Eastwards to the A500. We ran fastwards South of Crewe. We crossed under the M6 and we continued Southwards through Talke and Longport. We continued through Etruria to Stoke and we came off the A500 onto City Road. We ran up into Fenton and we turned right into Smithpool Road. We turned left onto Temple Street and back to the residential unit. Matthew went up to his room to use his computer. Later on Matthew had a KFC for tea. He had chicken burger and fries washed down with a cup of Coke. Later on Matthew chilled out in his room. Matthew used his computer and watched music videos on the television. Later on Matthew had a bath and then had toast for supper. He then chilled out in his room until bedtime around 23:00... Mark.

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