Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Trip to Shrewsbury / Newcastle 06-11-2018


YJ62 RCOFentonShrewsburyCharterZ Carz
YJ62 RCOShrewsburyFentonCharterShelton Care Group
DY08 FFXFentonLongtonCharterShelton Care Group
DY08 FFXLongtonNewcastleCharterShelton Care Group
DY08 FFXNewcastleFentonCharterShelton Care Group

Today Matthew was in the residential unit and he was going to his day service. He was also going to Shrewsbury later on. Matthew got up around 08:00 and had toast for breakfast. before Matthew went to the day centre he watched buses out of the window. whilst waiting for the time to go to the day centre, we saw Z Carz YN11 AHJ going towards Hanley.

Z Carz YN11 AHJ in Fenton
Also seen was an unidentified blue minibus WF15 ??? going towards Hanley.

WF15 in Fenton
Around 09:00 we set off on bus to Shrewsbury. We went downstairs and we saw transport for our trip it was Z Carz minibus YJ62 RCO. We set off onto Temple Street and we turned left onto Christchurch Street. We turned left onto City Road we saw First Potteries 67654 on a #11 to Hanley. We ran down the hill under the railway line and then we got onto the southbound A500. We did the A500 right to the end and then we turned left onto the A519. We ran for a couple of hundred yards and then we turned right onto the A5182 by the Eddie Stobart depot. We ran Westwards along the the road until the end until we joined the Southbound A53. we ran through Whitmore and Baldwin's gate and then we joined the A51 by The swan with Two Necks. A couple of hundred yards later we turned left onto the A53 again. We ran through Loggerheads and then we went around the North side of Market Drayton. We crossed the A41 at Tern Hill. We were now out in open countryside and we ran along the fast newer sections of the road to Shawbury. Once we passed through the village we ran to the edge of Shrewsbury and then we stopped at a pub called the Two Henrys. For dinner Matthew had gammon, egg & chips washed down with a glass of Coke. For afters Matthew had Bakewell tart & cream. Afterwards Matthew went to the toilet. After we had finished we returned back to the day centre in Z Carz YJ62 RCO. We set off onto the A53 and we returned Northwards via Shawbury, Tern Hill and Loggerheads before we crossed the A51 by the Swan with Two Necks. We continued North through Baldwin's Gate and Whitmore. We turned right onto the A5182 and then we ran north up the A500. Northbound A500. We continued North to Stoke and we came off the A500 onto City Road. We ran up under the railway line and up the hill. We turned right onto Smithpool Road and left onto Temple Street. Once back at the residential unit Matthew went up to his room to use his computer and chill out. We saw E-zec patient transport YJ16 GGV going towards Stoke.

E-zec patient transport YJ16 GGV in Fenton
Also seen was First Potteries 63175 on a #11 to Hanley.

First Potteries 63175 in Fenton
After a short while we saw Copelands's Tours MIB 978 going towards Longton.

Copeland's Tours MIB 978 in Fenton
For tea Matthew had shepherd's pie followed by a Bakewell tart. Later on we went out. We went down the stairs and transport for the trip was on Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX.

Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX in Fenton
We got on the bus and we set off onto Temple Street right onto Christchurch Street. We turned right onto Station Bridge Road and we followed the road around onto Heron Street. We went through the traffic Lights onto Blurton Road. We joined the Eastbound A50 and we came off at Longton. We turned left onto Baths Road and we parked up in the car park near to Argos. Matthew went to Argos and brought some stuff. Once we had finished we went to Newcastle in Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX. We got on the minibus and we turned right into Baths Road and we turned right under the railway line onto King Street. We ran through Foley and into Fenton and we went forwards onto City Road. We continued down the hill and we joined the A52 to go under the railway line into Stoke town centre. After crossing over the A500 we entered Stoke and we went around the one-way system. We ran up Hartshill Road and we continued down George Street into Newcastle. We ran along the A527 and we went North up the A34. Near to the KFC we turned left onto Robertson Avenue. We crossed forwards onto Douglas Road and forwards to the disco. We spent some time at the disco. Matthew went to the toilet and a glass of coke. After doing some dancing we returned to Fenton on Shelton Care Group DY08 FFX. We ran back to the A34 and we went South into Newcastle. We turned left onto the A527 and we ran up to the Jubilee Roundabout. We ran around the one-way system onto George Street and we ran into Hartshill. We ran down Hartshill Road into Stoke and we went around the one-way system onto Church Street. We crossed over the A500 and onto City Road before going under the railway line. We climbed the hill and we turned right onto Smithpool Road. We turned left onto Temple Street and back to the residential unit. When Matthew got back he went up to his room. He used his computer and watched music videos on the Television. Later on Matthew had a bath and then had toast for supper. He then chilled out in his room until bedtime around 23:00... Mark.

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